Monday, 5 October 2015

Trends For A Normal Person This Autumn

I love clothes. I love shopping, and buying new clothes. I love looking at clothes and I spend more time than I like to admit, thinking about clothes. However, I'm no fashionista. I look at some of the stuff that's 'popular' in the shops and wonder if the designer or buyer was high when they put in their order? This can result in two things - I'm either really late to the party with new trends that are a bit...different, or I'm right, and they don't catch on.

When it comes to clothes, I'm just your normal twenty-something. I like to look nice, I put effort in to look nice, but I'm not 19 anymore and I don't want to dress like I'm trying to be. I also have a son, and  I feel like I owe it to him to not have a mother who looks like mutton dressed as lamb (as my own mothership used to say). I've learnt that looking good isn't about showing as much skin as you can get away with (and then more) or wearing outfits which leave nothing to the imagination. My idea of looking good, is looking classy, like it's not actually just taken me an hour to get ready, and most importantly, looking good is about feeling good for me.

As I've mentioned before, I'm not one of these fortunate people who can pull off flats well. My platypus impression is on point when doing so! So for me, it's all about heels. Small, medium and high. I'll take them all. For Autumn, I'm all about ankle boots with a medium heel. A little bit of heel to give you a shimmy (oo-er) but not too high that cobbles become an issue. My son's school has cobbles all around it, I'd absolutely stack it if I wore anything too high, so i'm reserving my right to stick to medium heels for day-wear. So there.
Team a neutral shade with jeans and you'll get away with anything. Ash shades, tan, neutral greys etc. will match with blue, black, white jeans so you don't need to break the bank buying a pair in every colour (unless you're minted - I'm not. Boo).

Heels. Well, more specifically, points. I'm a real shoe lover. Points have always been my favourite. They go with any outfit, they give you the height and the classy, elegant style never gets old. Teamed with work wear, home wear and casual wear - points are always, on point. (Wow, I went there). Points are a wardrobe staple, so I don't suggest restricting to one colour (plus I couldn't restrain myself if I tried!) Start with neutral and go from there. A neutral point will go with any outfit, then move into more colours/ patterns - drool. A pop of colour with some bright points is always a good idea, and I'm loving leopard print points with a neutral, simple outfit. A sexy pair of points add a touch of elegance and girlieness to any outfit.

A scarf. You know the things that your Grandma used to knit for you at Christmas? Or that your mum tried to get you to wear when it was 'chilly' but you were far too cool. I'm all over a nice scarf, the bigger and chunkier - the better. Not only do they look good, and instantly add a bit of jazz to a plain outfit, they also actually do keep you warm! Who knew, my mum was actually right!? Chunky knit scarfs are great for the cooler days, but big oversized scarfs in checkered patterns, or bold prints are looking fab too.

Dresses. My favourite type of clothing. Practical (you only need to iron one item instead of 2-3. Winner) and they look cute and feminine. And my momma always said that guys like girlie looks (I wrote that in a Forrest Gump style accent. I have no idea why?!). I love the babydoll style, or the oversized t-shirt style. They fit nicely at the top and then flow down nicely and hide my family inherited mahoosive hips...I'm also, all over stripes. I think i'll be buying quite a few like this! Bold patterns, 60's especially are also a winner, and a personal fav!

Ripped jeans. Yes, I know, this is one i'm late to the party with. At first, I was not a fan of looking like my jeans were older than most people AND cost a fortune when they looked knackered. But then my friend donned a pair of jeans that she ripped herself and suddenly I was converted. Cheap jeans, ripped yourself - good look that didn't break the bank. I'm now the proud owner of some, so at least I'm not that late to the party that the moment has passed...I hope!

So, there you have it - keep fashionable without breaking the bank, or looking like an idiot in some of the stuff on the catwalk! Well, that's my tip anyway!
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