May 18, 2020

The Importance Of Having a Great Scent In Your Home

The Importance Of Having a Great Scent In Your Home

If you love fragrance then you’ll likely be hooked on scenting your home as much as your body. And here’s why a great home scent is so important…

I’m a big fan of fragrance in any form – I have a huge perfume collection and I’ve found my preferences have really shaped it over the years. I know what I like and what I don’t when it comes to perfume: I’m all about musky, heavy scents with a sexy and seductive tone. Think: lots of sandalwood and vetiver and you’re on the right track. But when it comes to scenting my home, my tastes are completely different…

But what is the right scent for your home and why is it so important? Well, the right scent will be based on your preferences and will likely change with your mood. I know mine does. But the reason as to why we scent our homes is universal: the right scent creates ambience, sets the tone and can even alter your mood. For the same reason that you’d buy a Christmas scented candle to get into the festive spirit and you may buy something more fruit-based in the summer months…the right scent evokes a reaction and contributes to your mood. It’s also the perfect way to set the tone in your home on a daily basis.

One of my current go-to home scents is Clean Reserve Fresh Linens – which I have in both candle form and room spray. (There’s also a reed diffuser available to match.) The scent itself is perfect for the home – it’s light, romantic and airy – plus it’s relaxing and doesn’t overwhelm the senses. Unlike perfume which I love to be strong, I want the scent in my home to be delicate yet strong without overpowering you. It needs to be enjoyable to be around otherwise I’ve found myself with headaches or feeling a bit ill when the scent from a candle is too strong. This is why the Clean Reserve Fresh Linens Candle is perfect – it’s a beautiful scent that reminds me of hanging washing out to dry on a sunny day, and lazy Sunday mornings in bed with the windows open and fresh air sweeping in. Without a doubt it’s a happy fragrance that’s easy to be around and makes my home feel inviting and warm to visitors (or so I hope!)

Clean Reserve Fresh Linens Review
Clean Reserve Space Fresh Linens Review

On top of smelling absolutely stunning while being relaxing and calming in scent, Clean Reserve are also one of those brands working hard to reduce their carbon footprint. Their candles are all made with soy-blend wax and contain no parabens or toxins – which we all know are the no-no’s in candles these days. As well as this they’re vegan friendly and cruelty free so they’re a safe choice for your home and your health. (Each candle also has approximately 40 hours of burn time.)

In addition to the candle, I also have the matching Room Spray which I have to be honest about – I wasn’t expecting huge amounts from. I’ve never gelled with a room spray before, I’ve usually found them to last only briefly and for that reason I’d prefer a candle which gives off a scent constantly while in use. Not just for 5 minutes after a quick spritz. However, this one from Clean Reserve has a longer life when sprayed which means I’ve appreciated it a lot more. And on top of that the scent strength is stronger so it’s more impactful when you do use it. As a mama who’s going through potty training right now, it’s been invaluable and I think I might have turned the corner in my love/hate relationship with room sprays. A quick spritz over the room, just directly into the air is all you need and it settles within seconds giving an instant payoff. It’s the perfect quick fix and unlike a candle which needs time to burn and melt the wax to release the scent, this works fast when you need it to.

The right home scents will allow you to express your individuality while also putting a stamp of ownership on your house (it’s great if you’re in a rental property) so it’s something that’s very personal to the individual. But with great scents like Fresh Linens from Clean Reserve it’s easy to add your touch and set the tone in your home.

Shop the Clean Reserve Space collection at Space NK.

The Importance Of Having a Great Scent In Your Home

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