February 27, 2020

Jouer Essential High Coverage Concealer Pen Full Review & Swatches Of All Shades

Jouer Essential High Coverage Concealer Pen Full Review & Swatches Of All Shades

If you’re looking for a new premium concealer to try then I think you’ll be interested to hear about the new launch from Jouer

When a new complexion product launches, the first thing I want to know before anything else is how many shades they’ve created and what’s the colour selection like. I think we’ve seen one too many poor attempts from brands to launch a new face product with say 12 shades and 10 of them are white-mid tones. And in the current world we live in this just isn’t enough any more, and it’s not a good enough attempt from a brand to be inclusive. Hence why the very first thing I want to know about a complexion launch is what sort of selection they have – and no matter how much I love the brand, if it’s a poor attempt then it’s a no from me.

So when Jouer recently launched their Essential High Coverage Concealer Pen, I was more than a little impressed to see that as a brand new product, it was starting with 25 shades which in my opinion is a good place to start and gets the initial approval before even trying the formula. And the shade selection looked good too, which I like a lot. Although admittedly I didn’t expect any less from Jouer who have been one of my favourite brands for the past few years. In fact if you ever see me wearing a cute lipstick on my Instagram, then the chances are it’s a Jouer one as their liquid lipstick and toppers are in my top five favourites of all time. Quite a hard thing to beat for someone who’s make up collection is mamouth. But Jouer offer high performance products that come in beautiful, versatile and everyday shades – which you guys know is what I look for in my make up.

Jouer Essential High Coverage Concealer Pen
Jouer Concealer Review

Excitingly for me, their new concealer took me in a new direction with their products, as I’ve never tried anything complexion based from their range before. Despite having a LOT of their lipsticks and a few cheek products too, I don’t actually think I’ve tried their face base products at all, even though the foundation has been on my wish lift forever. So when the whole range of concealers arrived, I swooned hard and set to work on trying them out pretty quickly.

The Jouer Essential High Coverage Concealer Pen looks pretty much like perfection to be honest – it’s a gold stilo pen which pushes up from the bottom in a click-up motion to push the product tip above the edge of its holder. Pretty much like a clicky pen. And it’s been created to be:

>Gluten free

>Paraben free

>Cruelty free

>Vegan friendly

Which is another thing I look for in my products: things that meet the changing need of the beauty industry in these ways. Alongside this the formula itself is described as ‘high coverage’ so I was expecting a lot from my little pen. Jouer have clearly thought hard about this new launch because from the get-go it met every expectation I’d have of a new launch…and it didn’t disappoint. Unsurprisingly from such a lovely brand!

Jouer Essential High Coverage Concealer Pen Review
Jouer Essential High Coverage Concealer Pen Swatches
Jouer Concealer review and swatches
My review of the Jouer Essential High Coverage Concealer Pen

The formula itself is super creamy, I’m talking blend-like-a-dream creamy that glides onto the skin like butter. It’s light in formula so I knew when I swatched it for the first time on my hand that it would blend well on the skin because it’s got that dream-team combination of full coverage but light formula. Something that few concealers manage to actually achieve. I found that the coverage is perfect for all type of skin discolouration: blemishes, redness and uneven tone. As someone who battles hormonal blemishes a lot, I need a concealer to really do a full coverage job and these really do. I vary the shade for concealing depending on the foundation I’m wearing and if I’ve got a tan etc but whichever I use, I find the coverage is excellent, even and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin or look ‘cakey’.

The really telling part of this concealer, as it is with any for me, is how it performs underneath the eye. The skin under the eye is just so much thinner, it’s the first place we show the signs of ageing with fine lines and it’s usually a very different colour to the rest of the facial skin tone. I’m only 32 but I do have fine lines underneath my eyes, I have 2 kids so constantly have dark under eye bags and I also notice more and more that they look kinda, well, hollow! So I need a concealer that covers all these things without amplifying them. Which means I want my concealer to be light in texture but full in coverage and it can not under any circumstances fall into the creases of my eyes because as we know, that makes lines look far worse! This one did all of the things I wanted, and none of the things I didn’t and I can confirm it fully covers my bags, fills the lines without sinking into them and lifts the whole area. In fact using the fairest shade ‘snow’ has been my go-to for under eye highlighting in the contour step of my complexion make up. It’s perfect and really highlights all the key areas, especially under the eyes without making them look cakey or full of lines. I then pair with a medium shade such as Butterscotch and use that for the darker colour in my contour and I’ve found the most dreamy duo to sculpt my face!

Jouer Essential High Coverage Concealer Pen Review with swatches
Jouer Concealer Swatches

So as you can tell, I have zero complaints about this Jouer concealer!

While concealers aren’t usually my favourite step in make up application, this one has seriously impressed me with it’s performance, coverage and light but creamy texture. You could say I’m converted! It’s everything you could possibly want from your day-to-day coverage product as well as being perfect for contour and highlighting so it’s getting a full Lady Writes thumbs up from me.

If you want to buy direct from Jouer you can shop their website or visit Beauty Bay who stock their products here in the UK if this is where you’re also based too.

Full Review & Swatches Of All Shades

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  1. Sarah says:

    I have never tried any of their products, but definitely would love to at some point. I really like the sound of this new concealer.


  2. Sarah Jones says:

    I find your title to be slight misleading. I was expecting to see actual swatches and not just those on a piece of card, which probably look nothing like the actual shades anyway.

  3. Emma Boatman says:

    My concealer is just about to run out so this is timely! I’m looking to replace my beauty supplies with all things cruelty free going forward so this is perfect
    Em x

  4. I really like the idea of this concealer to throw in my bag for on-the-go!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

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