February 12, 2020

Getting Matchy-Matchy With The New His & Hers Fragrance From Mugler

Getting Matchy-Matchy With The New His & Hers Fragrance From Mugler

There’s a new duo on the horizon for the musky scent lovers…

When it comes to fragrance I’m all about musky perfumes. In fact I like my candles to be musky, my detergent and even my car scents. If ever there was any label to be given to me regarding my fragrance tastes it would be ‘musk lover’ through and through. And I’ve even begun to change my husband’s tastes to become something less citrus based and more musky as well. What can I say, I like what I like!

So in the spirit of keeping things musky I spotted a new release that I just had to check out recently. As you guys know, Mugler Alien is one of my staple scents. It’s the perfume in my collection that I’ve had for over a decade and I never let myself run out of it. It’s the ultimate in sensual and musky perfume that just makes me feel really feminine and sexy when I wear it. Plus it’s not like any other perfume I’ve ever tried before and I like to be a little bit different in my perfume picks. I want something that’s strong enough to make people pay attention and to linger in the air behind me as I walk – all good perfume should make an impression. Which is why it’s one of my own little trademarks – you’ll find it’s forever in my handbag, being spritzed all over and even added – just a tiny bit – to my hair.

So when I saw the new twist on the old classic, Mugler Alien Mirage, I knew it was going to be making its way to me instantly. Just the name of ‘Mirage’ made me like it as a first impression because scents with a name like that often have warming base notes and I love that in a fragrance too. And sure enough when it arrived I was every bit in love with it as I expected to be.

Alien Mugler Mirage Review

Staying true to the original with a heady base note combination, Mirage has the same unmissable woody element at its heart as the original Alien, but this time it’s twisted with smooth and warming white amber to make it very sensual and in-keeping with the mirage/desert theme. It also has tones of lotus flower to give it a lightness that’s floral and fresh so it doesn’t become too rich or overbearing, and it reminds me of fresh water when you’re on holiday. It’s also got notes of pink peppercorn for a little spice, to give it the edge we know and love from Mugler.

To match it there’s a male version called Alien Man Mirage which offers the same sultry and musky tone but with a more woody heart to allow it that transformation from feminine to masculine. Staying true to the original roots once again, it’s got a woody base with leather accord (the ultimate in sexy scents) and now the addition of patchouli which makes it richer and more sensual. It does also have a level of citrus in the blend which creates a freshness and lightness to the male version too, meaning it’s also not overbearing while still being impactful. And it’s this reason that my husband loves it – as a citrus scent lover, this combines my favourite (musky/woody) with his favourite (citrus) and it’s pretty much my ideal scent for him! And thankfully he likes it too.

Alien Mugler Mirage Review - For Him

I always love trying out the Alien Limited Editions but because it’s such an iconic scent for me, I’m always interested to see which new direction they can take with the fragrance. Considering I think the original is pretty much perfect, I’m always wondering how anything could improve it! And yet I’m never disappointed in the latest twists they create – especially this one which could be my favourite to date. While both His & Hers are warm and inviting variations, they’re unique enough to become a whole new chapter of Alien in my opinion.

While it’s done well in avoiding becoming a tropical scent, if you’re looking for something refreshing yet sensual, with an overall fragrance that will remind you of warm days, sand in your toes and sexy date nights then this is the scent for you. And for him.

Alien Mugler Mirage Review

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7 responses to “Getting Matchy-Matchy With The New His & Hers Fragrance From Mugler”

  1. The Alien fragrance looks amazing, I personally have not tried their fragrances before.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Ooh I’ve not tried a Mugler fragrance before but it sounds like I’d like this one. Love the bottles too! x

    Tiffany x http://www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  3. John Wharff says:

    I really want to try the original Alien Man! Do you have a link on that Chloe? My mum is a big fan of the iconic original and the scent always reminds me of her x

  4. I love a musky scent, they’re my absolute faves and I LOVE everything I’ve tried by Mugler <3

  5. heather says:

    I don’t think I’ve actually tried the original alien fragrance x

  6. Mel says:

    I adore Alien and their various versions. This sounds heavenly!

  7. Woody and citrus is one of my favourite scent combinations!

    Jasmine xx

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