December 3, 2019

For The Woman Who Deserves To Sparkle – The Best Jewellery Gifts She’ll Wear All Year Long

Christmas GIft Guide Jewellery Edit.

There’s nothing more heartfelt than giving the gift of jewellery at this time of year. And if you’re shopping for a women’s jewellery gift this Christmas, for a lady who truly deserves to sparkle all year long, then the range of beautiful Buckley Jewellery gifts will give you a great selection to pick from…

Nothing takes my breath away more than a hand-picked piece of jewellery from my family on special occasions. Knowing that they’ve chosen something that they think I’ll love, and tried to find something special means the world to me. And because I know that they all understand what I like, I know that they’ll never go too far wrong. As a typical girlie-girl I love sparkly things, pretty things and sentimental things. So jewellery shopping for me is about finding something sweet, pretty and sometimes a little bit sparkly.

If you’re shopping for ladies who deserve to sparkle that bit more this Christmas then you’ll no doubt be on the look out for extra special pieces. You’ll want to give something they can wear and enjoy all year long, rather than just for the festive season, because a girl who likes to sparkle at Christmas, will like to sparkle all year round! I found that Buckley have a whole selection of wonderful Christmas gifts to suit all styles and tastes, and their affordable-range means that you can give something unique and special without breaking the bank. Plus the collection is full of items that can be enjoyed all year long so it’s a winner all-round.

The Christmas Star Pendant Card is a great gift for those who deserve more than just a simple Christmas card this year. While suiting the need to write a lovely and heartfelt message inside, the card is adorned with a festive star pendant that’s embellished with super sparkly crystals and sits perfectly around the neck when worn. The card also has the London night skyline on the front and the star sits just above it so that it looks like the perfect Christmas night – it’s so festive. But when worn the pendant would look great no matter what the season, and the whole thing will only cost £12, so it’s a really affordable way of giving an extra special Christmas Card this year.

Christmas Star Pendant Card from Buckley

If you’re looking for a double whammy then the Starburst Pendant & Earring Set is perfect – and one of my favourites from this years Christmas collection from Buckley. The set features the most delicate and feminine necklace with three tiny stars – one silver plated, one rose gold and one gold toned, and there’s some sparkly crystals to make it look extra pretty. The set (£25) also includes a matching pair of star shaped, stud earrings with a dainty crystal in the centre so you can pull the whole look together when worn as a duo. Again, this set will work throughout the year and I think it’s versatile enough to be perfect for women and girls of all ages. Stars are my favourite on jewellery so this one is much loved by me.

Buckley London - women's jewellery gifts
Women's Jewellery Gifts This Christma - Starburst Pendant & Earring Set
Buckley Jewellery review

Alternatively if you’re looking for a great women’s jewellery gift that they can wear all the time, then I love how pretty and simple the Russian Trio Ring (£29.50) is. It’s a Buckley award-winner and it’s easy to see why because it’s simple design is stunning as the ring entwines three bands – one silver tone, one gold and one rose gold and there’s a few tiny cubic zirconia gems to really add some sparkle. It’s versatile enough to suit anyone and it could have a great meaning behind it for families of three if you wanted to.

A bracelet that’s perfect for everyday would be the Buckley Piccadilly Bangle, and at only £12 it’s the perfect dupe for some really expensive and often out-of-budget brands. It looks stunning when worn, it’s chic, simple in design, but so lovely when worn and stylish enough to go with any outfit. I’ve barely taken mine off in weeks. It’s also a bracelet-bangle mix, with the best of both. The rose-gold plated top goes all the way around the wrist and the toggle clasp means you can tighten it in place so it can fit all sized wrists. It’s one of those everyday items that works with all my outfits and I know the women you’re buying for this year will love it too.

jewllery gifts this Christmas
Women's jewellery gifts from Buckley London
Buckley Piccadilly Bangle

If you’re looking for women’s jewellery gifts and bracelets are what you’re looking for, and you want something a bit more detailed (or another bracelet to accompany the above and create a ‘stack’) then I would love to also recommend the With Love Bracelet Gift Set (£20.) This stunning bracelet has an adjustable toggle to make it fit and is made up of rose gold plated beads all the way round. It’s also got a gold tone and rose gold heart on the top, along with a silver tone heart full of sparkly crystals to add that extra bit of glamour. The bracelet comes in the most lovely and festive box, so you wouldn’t even need to wrap it, which is great if you need something special with wow-factor and you’re in a rush. I think this one will be brilliant for giving your nearest and dearest because it’s super special and very pretty. You can also shop the matching pendant and earring set if you would like to.

If you’re looking for stocking fillers and want something to knock their socks off, then Buckley also have a range of Christmas Baubles to pick from. I love the Adjustable Silver Bracelet version and it’s only £15 – another great value gift. The bauble itself is a solid bauble with the London skyline decorated on the front and the bracelet is housed inside in a lovely gift bag too – so it’s a wonderfully presented gift. The bracelet itself has silver tone beads all the way round and it’s adjustable so you can make it fit however you like depending on if you want it tighter or more loose. There’s also the most sparkly and eye-catching pendant style centrepiece filled with pretty crystals that really shimmer when they catch the light. It’s another brilliant everyday item that can be worn all year long and work with any outfit.

With Love Bracelet Gift Set
Top women's jewellery gifts

And finally, if you’re buying for your Mama this Christmas then I have the most perfect women’s jewellery gift to suggest: The Mama Script Pendant will touch every heart and is something so unique that you’ll be giving someone a gift they can cherish. Plus, script-style pendants are really stylish right now and I can’t imagine them going out of style, which means it can be worn day-in, day-out in the coming months. If you’re anything like me, and your child gave you this, you’d never take it off! It’s a way of celebrating motherhood whatever stage of it your at or celebrating your own mother in exactly the same way. Whether you buy for your Mama or your children buy it for you, one thing’s for sure: it will be your most treasured gift this Christmas.

Mama Script Necklace
Mama Script Necklace

So if you’re looking for a wonderful women’s jewellery gift this Christmas, there’s so much choice from Buckley that you may have to invest in more than one piece – everything is just so beautiful! And the budget-friendly prices mean that you can afford to treat yourself to an item or two at the same time. Or even maybe ask Santa to drop a little Buckley treat down your chimney this Christmas.

Giving and receiving jewellery during the festive season is something that’s so precious and adds a touch of elegance to any gifting. And making sure you pick pieces you can cherish all year long means that you can remember the occasion and the person in question no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Shop the whole Buckley Christmas Collection here.

Women's Jewellery Gifts for Christmas

**This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Buckley but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

Photography by Kaye Ford.

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  1. katy gilroy says:

    These pieces are all absolutely stunning, such amazing gift ideas too! x

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  3. All of these pieces are absolutely beautiful! All of your photos are STUNNING! xx

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    The three stars are beautiful! Such a lovely gift! 🙂

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