December 16, 2019

It’s A Bobbi Brown Shade of Christmas

Bobbi Brown Christmas

When Bobbi Brown do Christmas, they do it exceptionally well…

If ever I swooned harder than I did when the Bobbi Brown Christmas collection arrived, I’ve forgotten it. Because no collection has taken my breath away quite as much as this. I’m not surprised though because no-one does Christmas quite as well as they do. And in premium beauty they’re one of the creme-de-la-creme anyway, so their Christmas collection feels like a time for them to shine. And admittedly I’ve been enjoying the range for a few weeks now, and it’s taken me a while to show you all here on the blog but you’ll have seen it over on my Instagram a LOT in recent weeks.

Sharing the beauty of something from Bobbi Brown at Christmas is guaranteed to bring you a lot of brownie points as a gift-giver. But if you’re also looking for some treats to ask Santa for yourself then that’s more than okay too. Because how else would he know what shades to pick? And this year Christmas is a shade of Bobbi Brown…

Bobbi Brown Christmas 2019

With palettes, limited edition lipsticks, gift sets and more available, it’s time to bookmark your favourites and send the digital elves the right way. Here’s all the key items to consider when giving or hoping to receive Bobbi Brown this year.

If palettes are your thing like they are mine, then the In A Flash palette is a great one for Christmas. This New York City inspired palette has 12 different colours to work with every skin tone and a mixture of beautiful finishes to match, including metallic, chrome and matte. This palette was inspired by Fifth Avenue with its sparkly lights and festive vibrancy which is why its deep shades will pair well with party season looks. This palette would give you a dreamy eye look for Christmas and New Year celebrations and it’s got those stand-out shades to make a statement as well as some more neutral tones to work with in your crease and transition.

Bobbi Brown In A Flash palette

If you’re looking for something more suited to everyday eye looks then the Fever Dream Eye Shadow Palette is a good choice. A smaller palette with five shades, they’re all warm toned so easy to work with during the day. There’s matte, shimmer and metallic in here too so you could technically spruce up a daytime look to work at night as well, but the warmth running throughout is what makes this a Bobbi Brown special. Known for being those everyday neutrals and easy to work with shades, this palette is all your staple shades in one place.

Bobbi Brown Fever Dream Eye Shadow Palette

When looking for a palette that’s a bit special and breaks the mould, then the Luxe Gems Eyeshadow Palette is where it’s at. And trust me, there’s nothing more festive and special occasion than this one. A totally luxe looking palette in striking gold casing this one has seven jewel-toned shadows which may look blinding (they are) but have the most creamy texture which gives a stunning payoff. And the shades are party-favourites too, which means nights out, New Year’s Eve etc are all sorted in one place. If you want sparkle on your eyes and under your tree this year then this is the one to ask Santa to drop off. I don’t think you could get a more perfect palette for Christmas. Just look at it.

Bobbi Brown Luxe Gems Eyeshadow Palette

If palettes are your plan but not eyeshadows then the Luxe Illuminating powder is an alternative that’s going to make her smile shine. (See what I did there?) It’s the most impressive and frankly, beautiful highlighter that’s going to give a great festive glow that can last long into the New Year. In the shade Golden Hour it’s highly pigmented and strong enough to compliment any skin tone so I think it’s quite a versatile option too. The formula has a rich and creamy payoff that spreads across the skin like butter, so prepare to fall in love as you dash it across your cheekbones.

When it comes to Gift Sets, Bobbi Brown know that good things come in small packages, and that’s certainly true of the Soft Smolder Long Wear Eye Kit. If you’re giving a complete eye look in one gift, this should be it. The set contains three full sized cream eyeshadow sticks in both matte and sparkle finishes to help you go from desk to disco, but there’s also a deluxe travel size of the Smokey Eye Mascara which is a great one for everyday. A slick of this one lifts the lashes, coats them in a rich colour with no clumps and offers a good amount of extra umph too. This set means you can experiment with cream shadows in some great and neutral tones while also completing the look at the same time. Perfect.

Bobbi Brown Christmas Luxe Illuminating Highlighter
Bobbi Brown Soft Smolder Long Wear Eye Kit

If tools are on your list then nothing looks or feels better than the Bobbi Brown brushes for a luxe touch of make up application. As a set nothing beats the collections you can get at Christmas for a more affordable way to replace your old brushes with some sparkling new ones. I also find the brushes themselves from Bobbi Brow to give a great application because they’re the perfect density while also being soft to the skin. If you take your make up application seriously, as you should, then you’ll understand the value of applying it well to get the best finish and appearance. So why wouldn’t you want some of the much loved and luxe picks from Bobbi Brown?

Alternatively you might be wanting individual items to put in a stocking, or just as a little treat for yourself, in which case I have to draw your attention to the Luxe Jewel Lipstick in shade Tahitian Pearl. Have you ever seen a lipstick more eye-swooningly beautiful than this? No, I thought not. It’s a lipstick with a cream finish that’s coated in glitter and catches the light like you’ve never seen before. I’ve never seen a Bobbi Brown lipstick with this sort of finish and their lipsticks are one of my favourite formulas ever, so adding some sparkle made me a very happy lady. Plus it’s limited edition so you know it’s something even more special too. This is the lipstick I’m going to wear on Christmas day and I can’t wait to show it off.

Bobbi Brown Luxe Jewel Lipstick

You could also compliment the beauty of the lipstick with an individual eyeshadow, which is a great way of adding to your eye make up on a smaller level. The shade Opal Moonstone offers a pinky nude with gold that will adds some dimension to the lids and make them sparkle just as much as the lipstick above. Like I said, at Bobbi Brown, good things can come in small packages.

Bobbi Brown Christmas Picks

So if you want your Christmas to be a beautiful shade of Bobbi Brown this year then I’m sure you’ll agree there’s a lot to pick from. Plus right now if you shop on the website you’ll find a special offer for your choice of 5 free mini’s with each spend over £55. You can pick from lipsticks, skincare and much more, so it’s worth shopping just for that.

Stock up on beauty gifts with that luxury touch and treat yourself at the same time. No beauty lovers Christmas would be complete without Bobbi Brown.

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Bobbi Brown Christmas Review

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11 responses to “It’s A Bobbi Brown Shade of Christmas”

  1. Lisa says:

    I’ve not used much Bobbi Brown but only yesterday did I order my first lipstick from them. I’ve seen so much good stuff from them recently and the eyeshadow palette here is dreamy. It looks like they are really coming into their own and it just screams glamour!

  2. Tiffany says:

    I can’t believe I’ve not picked up anything from Bobbi Brown yet! Everything looks absolutely beautiful xx

    Tiffany x

  3. Heather says:

    Bobbi Brown products always look amazing – I need to try them x

  4. The Fever Dream palette is BEAUTIFUL! I’ve never tried anything from Bobbi Brown! x

  5. Daisy says:

    I’ve heard so much about Bobbi Brown but have never tried any of the products! I looove the Luxe Gen Eyeshadow palette! Those colours are right up my alley…even if I’m awful at makeup! Haha! Thanks for incredible gift guides as always!

    Daisy xoxo | TheDeeWhoLived

  6. Amie says:

    These products are absolutely beautiful!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  7. Boxnip says:

    Bobbi Brown is a brand that I actually want to explore more. These all look so beautiful! 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

  8. The Bobbi Brown Christmas collections are always so pretty and I feel like they never get talked about that much. Both of the first two palettes look beautiful! x


  9. katy gilroy says:

    the Fever Dream eyeshadow palette is absolutely beautiful, I want it!!! x

  10. Sarah says:

    I have never actually tried any of their make up but always heard good thangs about the range! x

  11. Erin says:

    The eyeshadow palette is so pretty! Had my eye on it since it launched and I am so tempted!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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