October 16, 2019

Legoland Florida: A Brilliant Day For The Whole Family

Legoland Florida A Brilliant Day For The Whole Family

Here’s our Legoland Florida review and all the reasons it was an amazing day, perfect for families and how it was made easier by pre-booking with Attraction Tickets.com

Living in the UK and having our own Legoland here, the thought of heading to the Florida park hadn’t really crossed my mind until I saw how great value the ticket prices were, which as the mother of lego-loving boys, was all it took for me to add it to our list of places to visit during our trip. Having a 9 year old who is obsessed with lego, we have a family passion for those tiny, colourful bricks so we’d been really looking forward to our pre-planned trip by the time the day arrived. Not just because Legoland is perfectly situated about 45 minutes outside of the heavy theme park area in Orlando (so it’s nice to get some different scenery on the way) but also because the travel is included via a free coach transfer when you book your tickets through Attraction Tickets Direct so there’s nothing to worry about it except having lots of fun. Plus, pre-booking tickets means you can use them at any time during your trip as they can be validated on any day which is really handy.

Having two boys with a big age difference (one aged 9 and one aged 2 ) means that it’s quite hard to find things to do that appeal to and cater for them both. Hayden (2) is still too small for a lot of the rides in the theme parks but he has such a huge admiration for josh (9) that he just wants to do everything his big brother does. So it’s very sweet but frustrating trying to find days out that they’ll both be able to enjoy equally. Our day at Legoland exceeded expectations for us all and gave us a great family day out that means I can’t recommend a visit highly enough.

Legoland Florida Review

We started the day early to make the most of it. The drive was quick, easy and upon arrival the security and entrance was equally as streamlined and within minutes we were inside the park. The entrance area that leads to the park has lots of shops and food places which is handy for stocking up on water, making a bathroom stop and having a browse before you hit the rides. We made mental notes of where we wanted to eat lunch and picked up our maps, and headed into the park to get going. Our visit was in October, so technically ‘off peak season’ so it was nice to be able to access all the rides in the park throughout the day without heavy queues. At most the queues were 10 minutes maximum, but usually we pretty much walked straight on with only a few minutes standing in line. It was a noticeable difference to lots of other parks where you can wait for over an hour per attraction. So in that sense it’s highly recommendable as you can get through the whole park quicker and repeat your favourite rides – something that’s rare in other parks.

Legoland Florida

The first area you walk into is Fun Town, which is themed like a lego town and it’s centrepiece is the Grand Carousel. Which looks exactly like the traditional two-tier carousels that you seen on tv and in films – except with lego horses and carriages of course! It’s a lovely and gentle ride to start the day with and seeing as the entrance feeds into this area, it’s the obviously starting point. We had a lovely ride that all of us could go on (no height restrictions for Hayden) and it was so nice to see both boys enjoy it so much.

Legoland Florida Carousel
Legoland Fun Town

Despite being the mumma to two boys, I still love all things girlie so we headed over to Heartlake City which is perfect for little (and big!) girls who love lego. Sadly the weather wasn’t on our side at the time so the rides were mostly shut due to the heavy rain but there’s a great horse and stable themed ride called Mia’s Riding Adventure which allows riders to pick their own horse and saddle up, riding it as it swings like a pendulum. Next time we visit I really want to have a go as it looked so fun. The whole of Heartlake City is a pretty and pink, girlie themed haven for the girls who love lego as much as the boys.

Mia's Riding Adventure Legoland
Mia's Riding Adventure Legoland

Next up we headed to Miniland which is always one of my favourite parts of Legoland to see. My imagination goes crazy thinking about the people who got to create all those amazing buildings and create whole replica cities. What an amazing job! All of the cities we saw in Miniland were highlighting some of America’s most well known places, taking a close look at major attractions and landmarks. We loved Miami, New York and Las Vegas especially. But the boys really loved the Speedway and Nasa Rocket sections which looked so cool and both had sound effects to make things seem even more realistic as they moved. We spent a fair amount of time walking around Miniland taking everything in as it’s fascinating looking at the amount of attention to detail that there is for everything.

Legoland Miniland

As you leave Miniland you walk right through the Star Wars Miniland section which was also crazily impressive with the level of detail involved. We saw some of our favourite scenes and then they also had huge life size version of some of the key characters which was really fun, especially with how popular Star Wars seems to be these days!

After this we headed to what would be my favourite ride of the whole park – the Safari Trek! I would also say this was probably Hayden’s favourite too as he loves animals. The ride is in a lego safari jeep and takes you around an actual safari – in lego form! There’s lots of huge animals on show and we loved the Elephants and Giraffes especially. This ride is a nice, slow paced one that’s great for little ones as there’s nothing scary or fast about it and they can count how many animals they see along the way. It’s not childish and Josh enjoyed it too and it was just a really fun ride for all the family.

Safari Trek
Legoland Safari
Legoland Safari Review

Opposite the Safari Trek is Coastersaurus which is a wooden tracked rollercoaster – this one was perfect for Josh! Themed around dinosaurs it gives the impression you’re rolling around a prehistoric dinosaur era but this time they’re all made of lego! As one of the bigger rides, you may queue slightly longer for this one but we had no problems and waited only minutes before Josh’s turn (Hayden was too short for this one.) I also felt quite impressed with this ride as it had separate and dedicated storage areas for your valuables while you rode, so you didn’t need to worry about losing your things on the ride itself.

Legoland Rollercoaster with Dinosaurs

A short walk further through the park brings you to Lego City which has a more city vibe than the initial Fun Town area you start in. There’s so much to do here including the famous Ford Driving School which allows guests to learn to drive their very own lego car and is split up into two parts – one for younger guests and one for older guests. Having two tracks is a great idea so that older children don’t get slowed down by little ones, and the smaller children have the space to learn and enjoy without being around bigger, faster lego drivers! There’s also the Rescue Academy, lots of restaurants to pick from if you want to eat or snack and also the amazing Flying School! This was not only Josh’s favourite ride of the whole park, but his favourite ride of the whole holiday and even though we’ve been on plenty of fabulous rides, he’s still adamant that nothing beats this one! The idea behind this one is that you’re learning to fly and you’re suspended in the sky with your legs hanging down and the coaster rolls around the track. Hayden was too short for this one, but Josh couldn’t have loved it any more!

Lego City in Legoland
Our Legoland Florida Review

After this we headed back to the front of Legoland to pick up some lunch. And of course we had to try some of Granny’s Apple Fries – they’re renowned! Unavailable anywhere else, these yummy snack sticks don’t disappoint! Cooked apple sticks, dusted in cinnamon and served warm with fresh cream, we added a scoop of ice cream to ours as a treat and I can confirm that they’re as delicious and moreish as they look! My personal opinion is that they tasted just like apple pie – but without the pie. I am already dreaming of how I can get some again as soon as possible – totally delicious.

Granny's Apple Fries
Granny's Apple Fries Legoland

When we’d all refueled ready for more fun we headed back into the park and hit The Lego Movie World which was a LOT of fun! Josh adores the Lego Movie and has seen it countless times – even watching it on the plane on the way to Florida and again on the way home. We’re big fans of the films so experiencing life-size versions of our favourite characters and attractions was so much fun and like we were living the film out in real life! Unikitty’s Disco Drop was where we started which is a ride that takes you up to Cloud Cuckoo land and drops you back down to reality really quickly – Josh had so much fun on this and there was no queue at all so he rode it several times while Hayden and I watched on. I loved how bright and colourful everything in The Lego Movie World was, especially this ride!

We then moved around the rest of the area seeing things like The Awesome Shop – which sold actual Awesome Sauce! If you’ve never seen the film this will be lost on you, but as someone who’s seen it a lot, finding real-life Awesome Sauce was so fun and we got some to bring home with us. There was also several themed food places and other shops, as well as Benny’s Play Ship which was a huge slide in the middle of Lego Movie World. All in all we loved this area and it was fun to see one of our favourite family films come to life in this way.

The Lego Movie World
Unikitties Disco Drop
Awesome Shop in Legoland
Awesome Sauce
Legoland Review in Florida
Legoland Florida Review

After all the rides and the shopping which had completely been worth the early start, we decided some down-time was needed and we headed to the play centre which is full of lego pits where the children can play and build to their hearts content. It’s great to get some out-of-the-sun lego action and gives a break for the parents! I enjoyed a drink and a cake while the boys built lego towers – the walls of the playrooms were lined with lego mats to be built upon so that was a lot of fun for them both.

Legoland Florida also has it’s own separate Waterpark. It’s accessible through the park so you can hit both in one if you want to. And it’s got lots of lego rides, themed cabana’s for hire, shops and restaurants for you to enjoy. So if it’s a super hot day then you can relax and cool off in the pools and splash around for some water lego fun. And you can also book both parks with one ticket via Attraction Tickets.com And you can also add on an overnight stay in one of the lego themed hotels if you want to!

Legoland Florida Waterpark

Our day at Legoland Florida was fantastic and I’m so glad we went. I half thought that just because I’d been to the UK Legoland that I wouldn’t need to visit the one in Florida but I was so wrong about that and we ended up having an amazing day. The park itself is the largest Legoland in the the world and it was clean, tidy, well managed and maintained and there was lego models absolutely everywhere so you never escaped the lego blocks! Which I’ve since learned is because there’s over 50 different rides, shows and attraction to pick from. So you’re sure not to get bored! It was fun with rides and attractions that could suit both my 2 year old and my 9 year old and it felt like a wonderful family day out. I can’t fault anything about it and highly recommend a visit.

When booking through Attraction Tickets Direct you’ll be able to pick from a ticket that covers both parks together or just the theme park. You also get that free transportation via coach that I mentioned so it’s really quick and easy to add Legoland to your trip itinerary. And I suspect you’ll love it as much as we did!

Legoland Florida Review

**This Discovery Cove Review is a sponsored post in collaboration with Attraction Tickets Direct but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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  1. Oh wow it looked amazing. I don’t think I have ever been to the one in the uk!!xx

  2. glowsteady says:

    Like you, I probably wouldn’t have even thought of going to the one in the US, but it looks so good! I’m glad you found something for both boys too, I can imagine the struggle of trying to keep Hayden entertained when he’s too small to do the other things. Miniland looks incredible! x


  3. How cute are these photos! Looks like you had an absolutely lovely day. I haven’t been to the UK Legoland before but I’m probably a bit old now! x

  4. katy gilroy says:

    I reeeeaaaalllly wanna go to Legoland now haha! Especially this one x

  5. Omg those apple fries! I am desperate to try those now! xx

    Tiffany x http://www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

  6. Boxnip says:

    This looks like such a good day out – you’re never too old for Lego! 😀

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    I want to try apple fries x

  8. Daisy says:

    This place looks so much fun! Now I wish I had a child so I could visit without looking weird! Haha!

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  9. Oh my gosh it looks like you had the most amazing time!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  10. Oh the boys look absolutely adorable! I can’t wait until Joshua is at Lego age! Especially as we’ve just had a Lego store opening too xx

  11. Mel says:

    This looks like such a great day for the family. I love your photos.


  12. Erin says:

    I’m jealous it looks AMAZING!! SO good!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  13. John Wharff says:

    Those family pictures are absolutely adorable. You’re so lucky to have the opportunity to head over to LegoLand Florida! John x

  14. omg this looks ridiculously fun!

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