September 3, 2019

Ten Different Reasons I’m Excited For Autumn This Year

Ten Different Reasons I'm Excited For Autumn This Year

Autumn is by far my favourite season and September always marks the start of it for me. Here’s ten different reasons I’m excited for Autumn this year

We’re going to Florida!

In October we’re going on the trip of a lifetime as a family to Orlando! It’s a dream come true for me to be able to take my children, as for years I’ve wanted to. Going right back to my time as a single mum when I would spend hours trying to figure out if I could ever save enough money to take Josh, who adored Disney Cars…Now that I’m finally able to take both of the boys I am so excited and feeling incredibly lucky to be doing some work out there which will make the whole trip possible. It’s a pinch me moment for sure and I’m more excited than the children ha!

Trend Change

I really wanted to try a few new style changes in my wardrobe recently and autumn is the perfect time to do it. I’ve always lived in skinny jeans but I’ve got some Mom Jeans now to try and mix things up. I’ve also finally embraced the high waisted and belt combo which makes me feel a little more fashionable. I think I just felt ready for a style change and cosy jumpers tucked in to Mom Jeans with belts will be the way forward. I can always add some cute heels to spruce the outfits up.

Scented Candle Season

I say it’s Scented Candle Season but actually I have scented candles on in the house all the time – just not quite as much during the summer as it’s too hot. During autumn though, I have them on the go all the time as it gives the house a nice cosy vibe and makes me feel all snuggly. My husband isn’t a big fan of them so I tend to burn them all day long and the scents last during the evening – winner!

Autumn excitement

Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon Everything

I know, I know. Such a cliche! BUT I love cinnamon at any time of year and I think autumn is the acceptable season to eat it constantly. I love apple pie with cinnamon and warm custard on autumn evenings – it’s such a homely, feel good treat for me. And seeing as no-one else in my house eats it, I can enjoy it all to myself! And then there’s Pumpkin Spice everything – the coffee’s I’m not that much of a big fan of to be honest but the cakes and treats make up for it.


I’m not the biggest believer in Halloween and I don’t usually like to celebrate it. I once sat through a talk about Halloween and the meanings behind it and it freaked me right out and put me off letting the children trick or treat nearly their entire lives. However there’s only so long you can do that before they feel left out so now we do a *little* bit of Halloween stuff as I’ve relaxed about it. This year we’re going to a Halloween party at Disney where Josh can trick or treat and dress up so it’s going to be magical for him.

Advent Calendars

I know this one is a Christmassy one but I always start my Advent Calendar unboxing videos on my YouTube channel in Autumn when they start to release. It’s some of my favourite content to create – I love those videos! I’ve got a couple live already this year so make sure you check them out – perfect autumn evening viewing.

What I love about autumn

The Perfect Weather

I love summer as much as the next person and I loathe being cold but I usually am. So I try not to moan about the heat because we get such short bursts of hot weather here in the UK that I don’t like to jinx it! But autumn to me is a lovely time of year in the UK for temperatures – on a good day it’s warm and sunny with a little chill so you only need a light jacket. You’re never cold and you’re never hot – perfect really!

Blog Events

Autumn is a great time as a blogger because all of the Christmas showcases start happening and I love Christmas so I don’t care how early they are! I love going to see what brands have got lined up for the festive period, and it always makes me so excited for the season. It’s like having the joys of Christmas without the freezing weather which is perfect for me.

Why I love the autumn season

Birthday Celebrations

Both myself and my husband have our birthdays in November and last year we didn’t mark the occasions at all really as we were saving hard for the wedding. This year I’m hoping we can get a day out (or a sneaky weekend away) because since he started his new job we don’t see each other in the week and it’s tough. So hopefully this will give us the perfect opportunity for some couple time – I really want to try Swings Crazy Golf in London (hint hint husband!)

Autumnal Colours

I’ve really tried to up my Instagram game in recent months and my new photo style lends itself to all the gorgeous Autumnal content I have planned! I love the colours that come with autumn – browns, golds, greens and oranges look so beautiful, especially outdoors when the leaves begin to change. I find it such a sentimental time and always go on lots of walks to take it all in. I’m hoping to capture some great shots of local places as the seasons change, not just for Instagram but also for my photography portfolio.

So a nice light hearted read from me today about my autumn excitement – what are you excited about for the new season?

10 Reasons I'm Excited For Autumn

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19 responses to “Ten Different Reasons I’m Excited For Autumn This Year”

  1. ofbeautyand says:

    I’m SO excited for autumn x

  2. I’m an October baby and definitely look forward to that in autumn too! And I’m definitely also ready for the autumn scented candles 😍 Becca x

  3. I’m so excited for Autumn! I’ve been waiting for so long and now it’s finally here. Love how early all things Christmas seem to start now too! xx

    Tiffany x

  4. katy gilroy says:

    can’t wait to see your Florida content gal x

  5. Roxie Watt says:

    You will absolutely love Florida. All my favourite childhood memories are from our family holidays there. It really is just as magical as you expect it to be.

  6. Yasss I’m so ready for Autumn and September marks it for me too! You deserve the trip of a lifetime! x

  7. glowsteady says:

    I’m so excited for autumn, I love everything about it. The colour, the new trends, foods, weather. I can’t wait! x


  8. I’m definitely ready for all the autumnal food (or though I’m not looking forward to Pumpkin Spice being everywhere as I’m allergic to cinnamon)

    Love, Amie ❤

    The Curvaceous Vegan

  9. I can’t wait to go pumpkin picking with the boys this year xx

  10. Daisy says:

    Ooo!! So many incredible things to look forward to especially the trip to Florida! I’m currently saving up myself to go either next year or the year after! I desperately want to see the Wizarding World! xD I love your look by the way…where did you get that dress?!

  11. Erin says:

    I LOVE autumn, definitely my favourite season! So jealous of your trip to Florida though that will be AMAZING!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  12. Mel says:

    I can’t wait for Autumn.
    Florida will be amazing!

  13. Sophie Laura says:

    This is a lovely post! You will have the most amazing time in Florida, its fab at Halloween!

    Sophie xxx

  14. Boxnip says:

    I love Halloween and before I became housebound we used to have a massive party each Halloween. I just generally the darker nights, being able to get comfy cosy under the duvet etc 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

  15. I can’t wait for Halloween and more snuggly clothes.

  16. Looks like your Autumn is going to be incredible!! <3

  17. Sarah says:

    Hope you have an amazing time in Florida! I loved going to Disney as a child xx

  18. John Wharff says:

    Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of the year, it’s the only time where I can feel comforted and relaxed.

  19. you look bloody beautiful & I totally am excited for a lot of these things too!

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