August 20, 2019

My Favourite bareMinerals Picks Of The Summer

My Favourite bareMinerals Picks Of The Summer

Quick and easy beauty picks from bareMinerals that found their way into my beauty stash this season

When it comes to summer beauty products you’ll often find yourself reaching for different things. In fact, any seasonal change will see your make up and beauty essentials switch around for a few months because key trends and styles change with the seasons. For example, in the winter I’ll often reach for plum lipsticks – which I won’t use at all during the summer. And in the warmer months I’ll usually wear less darker shades on my eyelids because I prefer a more ‘open eye’ look. And when I’m on my holidays I reach for far less products overall, relying on multi-taskers with my newly-found sense of calm and my embraced tan and improved skin thanks to the vitamin D…

This summer I tried a few bits from bareMinerals. You’ll remember I spoke about the amazing Complexion Rescue Tinted Cream/Gel over on a previous post which was a lovely summer addition to my make up bag. But along with that I thought bareMinerals were a stand-out brand to use more from on my holiday. Like most women, I tend to reach for far less in my beauty regime when I’m away. I relax more so I’m less bothered about make up etc, but also in the heat and with humidity etc I don’t like to ply my face with products that will just slide off 2 hours later. So I always streamline the products I take away – okay, I try to, but that rarely happens as I’m a huge over packer!

bareMinerals review

Anyway, because bareMinerals are a clean beauty brand that embrace all the things that are good for your skin, and reject all the things that aren’t from their formulas, it means they’re a great option for holiday beauty. And really, any other time you want to clog the skin far less, embrace a cleaner level of products and let your skin breathe while also wearing your favourite types of make up. For me, bareMinerals products allow me to enjoy wearing make up without the worry that my skin is suffering because of it.

So which key products did I enjoy the most? Well it’s hard to define favourites but of the products I tried, I have to say that the new Endless Glow range was a keeper. And I can’t stop raving about the Endless Summer Bronzer that is the perfect matte shade with a cool tone that worked perfectly on my skin. Considering the tone is on the cool side of colour it warms the skin naturally and subtly with a coverage that can be built up if you need something stronger. The powder gives full control over the depth of the bronzer so you don’t need to worry about cheekbones looking muddy. And because it’s such a creamy formula, it blends into the skin perfectly and creates a subtle shadow look that means it’s great for contouring as well as dusting all over if you prefer. I used this on my face and on my body when and where needed. I would say this is my favourite product in the range, what can I say? I love a good bronzer!

bareMinerals Endless Summer Bronzer Review
bareMinerals Natural Glow

I also adored the Fierce Endless Glow Highlighter which had a butter-like texture that was a joy to wear and apply. It was on par with my favourite normal highlighters so it’s since earned a spot in my everyday make up drawer – which proves how lovely it is. With a warm bronze/gold colour it perfectly accentuates the way the cheek bones and brow bones look, while catching the light in quite a strong way. It’s a great holiday highlighter for sure. Best on tanned skin, when I started to catch the sun I very much enjoyed wearing this. Alternatively you could try the BarePro Glow which is a mix between a blush and highlight in liquid form. If you go for the Whimsy or Joy shades they’re pink toned so they’ll act like a blush as well as a highlight – voila multi-purpose make up.

bareMinerals Fierce Endless Glow Highlighter
bareMinerals BarePro Glow

I don’t use setting sprays all that much – I go through phases where I love them and then phases where I don’t…It’s a love hate relationship! But the bareMinerals Dew Mist Setting Spray is one I’ve used in the past and offers a great summer finish to your make up. When you’re on holiday you want to embrace the bronze, tan, goddess-like make up style that’s going to show off your tan. And this setting spray does just that. It gives make up a dewy finish that looks natural and radiant and while it holds make up in place it also ensures that it increases hydration levels so your skin won’t suffer while wearing it. It’s also nice on a practical level for refreshing the face when you’re hot and bothered. A quick spritz cools things right down.

bareMinerals Dew Mist Setting Spray Review

So if you’re heading off on your holiday anytime soon and want to try some cleaner beauty in your make up bag then these would be some of the bareMinerals picks I’d recommend trying out. Summer beauty is all about embracing what feels natural, looks good and gives you a confidence boost and for me, these products do that perfectly.

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15 responses to “My Favourite bareMinerals Picks Of The Summer”

  1. Heather Nixon says:

    I want to try that setting spray! x

  2. Mel says:

    Ohhh they sound fab and definitely a great option for summer holiday makeup.

  3. BareMinerals is a brand I never really buy from. I’m not sure why because that bronzer looks beautiful.

  4. I’d love to try the setting spray! I’ve been after one for a while but just not known which brand to go with xx

    Tiffany x

  5. Boxnip says:

    Love the look of the bronzer. Looks a perfect shade for my skin tone too. 😀

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

  6. I love anything Bare Minerals. Such a good brand. Their new Joy blush is great

  7. Sarah says:

    I have been using BM mineral powder foundation for years but not tried any of their other products xx

  8. I adore Bare Minerals, their products are amazing!

    Love, Amie ❤

    The Curvaceous Vegan

  9. glowsteady says:

    The dew mist sounds incredible! Unfortunately I’m allergic to the mineral base they use in all Bare Minerals products so it’s a brand I have to skip. Such a shame because I like the look of so many of their products x


  10. katy gilroy says:

    ooooh I love Bare Minerals x

  11. Daisy says:

    These products sound perfect! It might be nearing the end of summer but I’m sure these would be great for Autumn too! xDD

  12. John Wharff says:

    Oooh I’ll definitely look into the Endless Summer Bronzer, and especially since it’s cleaner in beauty x

  13. I really want to try more from Bare Minerals but I don’t know where to start and they’ve removed our counter xx

  14. Erin says:

    Oh wow those bronzers look SO nice! I love the shade!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  15. that highlighter looks amazing!

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