April 5, 2019

The Nude Makeup Collection You Might Have Overlooked…

Diego Dalla Palma Nuda ReviewDiego Dalla Palma Nuda Review

One thing I think a lot of die-hard make up fans do, is fail to broaden their horizons when it comes to trying new brands and products.

It’s so easy to stick with the brands you’re loyal to, and I also understand that if you’re really in to beauty, then you’ve probably been round the block a few times and tried so many things that you’ve learned what you like, and what you don’t. I am certainly counting myself in this description! The risk you take with this is that you can occasionally miss a really great range, and in this case I’m talking about the new Nude collection from Diego Dalla Palma.

With so many nude products around, and whole collections now dedicated to perfecting that barely-there beauty look that everyone seems to adore these days, a Nude range isn’t new-news. Exciting none-the-less, but not new. So it takes a lot to turn my head when something ‘nude’ sneaks up. Which is why you can be forgiven for having missed the subtle introduction of the Nudissimo range. If you’ve overlooked it then I’m about to tell you why that’s an epic mistake – and it’s a range you’ll want to invest in…

The Nude Makeup Collection You Might Have Overlooked

Diego Dalla Palma Nuda Eyeshadow Palette

As spring approaches, this is the perfect opportunity to refresh your make up bag. The Nuda Palette from Diego Dalla Palma caught my eye because it’s a little bit different for a ‘nude’ range. And in a really good way! The palette itself has 12 shades and while it does contain those traditional matte neutral tones that you’d want to see, it also has some pretty impressive metallic shades which go out a bit deeper on the ‘nude’ spectrum. I like the way the colours in this push the boundaries of what we know as a true ‘nude’ palette. I’d say 80% of the shades are the sort of tones you’d expect – neutral, beige, champagne tones and the like, but then they’ve also popped in a few show-stoppers, like a dark khaki and some deep chocolate shades too. And those chocolate shades are beautiful because there’s a matte and then a matching metallic/shimmer. The colour combination gives you all the options for nude eyes – barely there, subtle lids and then the choice of an all-out smokey edge if you want. This palette is versatile enough to meet all the requirements and more.

Quality-wise, another reason you’ll want to grab this palette is that the payoff is lovely. The colours really cling to the skin and as a nude palette, I like being able to go to them on a quick-day when I need make up fast. They pay off well without a primer or base and they blend well too. The texture is quite powdery so you have a lot of control over the application – build it up for something strong looking or keep it gentle if you prefer. Between the colour versatility of this palette and the way it performs, it’s a massive thumbs up for me. And it’s nice to find a nude palette to love that doesn’t come from the usual brands you’d expect. (Although I wish the casing was nude/pink rather than black!) The Nuda Palette is only £29.50, so an absolute staple and good value too.

Nuda Palette from Diego Dalla Palma

Diego Dalla Palma Nuda Palette Swatches

To compliment the palette, Diego Dalla Palma have also created a range of matching lipsticks for their nude theme. The Nudissimo Lipsticks are six different shades of nude goodness and if like me, you love a nude or pink lip, then you’ll want to try these babies. The six shades offer a good range on nude lipsticks – I’d say they’re pretty perfect actually. With a good helping of pink in the shades, there’s no one colour that stands out to me as not fitting – which can sometimes be the case with nude lipsticks. These are all everyday tones, perfect for working with a more neutral, everyday lip colour and they have a soft finish that’s not glossy but not matte either – perfectly in the middle. So again, another reason they’re a great all-rounder.

Diego Dalla Palma Nudissimo Lipsticks

Diego Dalla Palma Nudissimo Lipsticks Review

Diego Dlla Palma Nudissimo Lipstick Swatches

The payoff again, is quite nice, it’s subtle and buildable so it’s the kind of coverage you find yourself wearing a lot more than expected. You’ll keep these in your handbag and realise you’ve very quickly used it a lot – that’s how easy and every day they are. The little staple lipstick of your dreams.

Considering nude collections aren’t new-news, this is one that’s really impressed me. The palette pushes the boundaries on the intensity of depth in the shades and the lipsticks are gentle enough for everyone to rock them. I can understand why a range may be overlooked at first, but once this one has caught your eye, you’ll see it’s winning in every way and why it’s a range you’ll want to invest in.

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The Nude Makeup Collection You Might Have Overlooked

**This post contains some gifted items but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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  1. Erin says:

    Those shades are STUNNING! Right up my street! I love nudes! 🙂

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. Emma says:

    I love the palette – they are calling my name!!
    Em x

  3. That palette is gorgeous! It’s so you too!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  4. Boxnip says:

    Ok that palette has my name on it! Especially at that price. 😀 The shades are just gorgeous. I like the nude lipstick shades too and I’m still yet to find the perfect nude for me. 🙂 x

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

  5. I really love the lipsticks from BM 😍 the shades are gorgeous and nudeology is definitely me xx

  6. These are all perfect shades for me! I love a nude!


  7. Mel says:

    I adore nude shades, this is such a beautiful collection


  8. You had me at the word nude. LOVE this collection! x

  9. Sarah says:

    I love a good nude lipstick xx

  10. Mollie says:

    Literally nude palette goals. Bobbi Brown is honestly one of the best brands

    Mollie | https://mollieclarke.co.uk

  11. I feel like I’ve veered away from nudes as of recent!

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