February 5, 2019

The Next Generation Of Nude Eyeshadow? (A Full Huda Beauty New Nude Palette Review)

Huda Beauty New Nude Palette Review

When it comes to nude eyeshadow, what colours come to mind? Naturally for me it’s the flesh colours: beige, soft caramels, champagne tones and the like. Anything that bears a resemblance to those sorts of tones, is the sort of shade I’d expect to find in a nude toned palette. I think Urban Decay did a great job with their original Naked series of palettes – adding a slight colour variation with one containing a very subtle pink tone throughout and another more focused on the smokey shades to accompany nude tones. Either way, for me a traditional nude palette contains some of the very best shades in your collection – the one’s you’ll reach for time and time again, as well as the ones for your transition and crease shades. Nude palettes are the little black dress of your make up wardrobe.

So when Huda Beauty announced the launch of their newest palette and said it was a nude one, I was super excited and waited for the colour reveal. The palette looked from the outside like it would contain the same sorts of shades as every other nude palette out there but we all hoped for that Huda twist we know and love.

Huda New Nude Palette Review

The packaging is a giveaway really and a little on the pink side, so I still don’t know why I was surprised when the shade reveal happened and it was so…pink! Of the 18 shade palette, I’d class only 6 shadows as being truly nude tones. Which isn’t what you expect from a Nude themed palette is it? I’m not disappointed, just surprised. The palette itself is super pretty and girlie with a lot to admire, I just didn’t quite get the Nude reference. But that’s what made me question – is Huda Beauty trying to reinvent what we know and class as a ‘nude’ palette with this?

One to think about, that’s for sure.

Anyway, as mentioned the palette has 18 shadows, but one is a concealer designed to help you cut the crease and create a really precision eye look. After that you get 10 true matte shades and four duo-chrome shades – which are the really special ones. These have pearl flecks within them that look almost white to the eye and aren’t like anything else I’ve ever seen before. After this there are 2 pressed glitters and one pressed pearl. The mix of finishes for me is what makes this palette truly special – it’s got such a huge mix of finishes to allow you to create eye looks that will suit any preference. Whether you like a soft matte eye or all-out glittery look, this palette has got you covered as far as it’s capabilities go. But at a cost of £56 for a palette, it needed something special to be able to justify the spend.

Huda New Nude Review

Huda Beauty New Nude Review

So how does it perform?

Well this is where things get interesting. I have several Huda palettes – the larger and smaller ones and I use them all consistently. So I’ve got a good handle on the formula you can expect from Huda. In my experience the smaller x9 palettes have the best formula. I have yet to try one that didn’t give great payoff and colour. I find the smaller palettes have less fall out and the mattes perform well without too much fallout. Which is rare in eyeshadow terms. So as a result I’ve added quite a few of them to my collection over the past year. The large palettes have notoriously had problems with the pigmentation and formula. People have discussed the way the shadows work, blend and of course the fall out. However I liked the Rose Gold Remastered a lot and found it performed a lot better for me than I expected. Had I purchased the original (which is the one a lot of people had problems with) then I may not have purchased further palettes from Huda, but fortunately by the time I was ready to try the brand, the Remastered was out and boasted a brand new formula. And it works for me.

Much like the other bigger palettes in the Huda range I find the mattes in the New Nude have a fall out that I find a bit annoying. It’s not huge and not the worst I’ve seen by far. But like I said, this palette cost £56 and I don’t like thinking of the wastage every time there’s fallout! For that price I think it can do better. It’s only average fall out, but you’ll notice it, so beware of that from the get-go. This is only in the palette though, when worn I notice very little fallout on my face – which I guess is the key. No-one likes eyeshadow under their eyes, right? So once you’ve been able to pick enough product up on your brush, you won’t struggle to get it to work it’s magic.

Huda Beauty New Nude Review

Huda Beauty New Nude Eyeshadow Review

And speaking of that magic, the payoff is nice. Really nice. Even the mattes are rich in colour and as mentioned before, this is rarer than you think. Naturally the more dimensional shadows have better payoff – I’m talking mouth-open-wow-payoff levels. One thing I tell everyone about Huda shadows is that when they try the shimmers etc they’ll never go back – and it’s true. I’ve seen very few brands create a formula with payoff this intense and I love it.

The glitters are a bit of a pain at first. I think because they’re pressed into the palette you expect them to stick, but they don’t. You’ll need a glitter glue on first to avoid the glitter falling out. You’ll find they apply initially with no glue, but within a few hours the fallout below the eyes is noticeable, so save the hassle and work with a glue from the get go. After that they give really nice payoff.

Huda Beauty New Nude Swatches

Huda New Nude Swatches

Having all of the different formulas in one palette for me is what makes the New Nude palette special. I love the fact that they thought to include a concealer for the cut crease, and I use it every time I use this palette. And I also love the pink tones running through the palette – it’s pretty and feminine. For me though this isn’t a true nude palette. The shades would need to be more beige, champagne and cream to tick that box for me, but maybe I’m just picky. For £56 it’s a pricey addition to your collection and although it’s a lovely palette and I love owning it, I just wish it wasn’t called a Nude palette, because to me it’s just not. It’s great for softer tones and everyday looks whether you like sparkles or matte looks, so it’s worth investing if that’s what you’re in the market for.

Oh, and don’t forget to read my post and see my video on everyday glam with a full face of Huda Beauty too!

Huda New Nude Palette Review

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14 responses to “The Next Generation Of Nude Eyeshadow? (A Full Huda Beauty New Nude Palette Review)”

  1. Boxnip says:

    This is such a gorgeous palette and I was wondering if there was much fallout and what the colour payoff was like. I think if I were going to spend, what to me is a substantial amount of money, on a palette, this would be the one I would choose. It’s simply beautiful! Loved the photos and review, and as always, your honesty. 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

  2. Some really great shades. Love the look of teddy xx

  3. Heather Nixon says:

    Such a beautiful palette! x


  4. This is a beautiful palette! Although I probably wouldn’t consider this “nude”. You’re right, it is very pink. Daydream is my favourite shade I think, although I love the glitters too!


  5. candice says:

    That eyeshadow palette is so beautiful

    Candice | NatalyaAmour.com

  6. Erin says:

    it’s SUCH a beautiful palette, it always looks almost unreal in the photos – but its so nice!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  7. It’s a gorgeous palette but it’s definitely not a nude palette. Id be interested to see what a pink palette from them would look like xx

  8. The glittery swatches look so good! I haven’t tried any Huda Palettes!

  9. That palette is just so dreamy! The shades are heavenly!

    Love, Amie ❤

    The Curvaceous Vegan

  10. Some of those shades are amazing – but I agree…it’s not really very nice!
    Em x

  11. terriheckley says:

    These are definitely the kinda shades I’m drawn too! x

  12. TAKE MY MONEY – I need those shimmer shades! x

  13. Mel says:

    This is absolutely stunning! I love the swatches and your photos are gorgeous as always.


  14. Laura says:

    This is my sister in a palette, she would absolutely love this! It’s gorgeous! x

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