January 17, 2019

Skin Targeting: Problem Areas & Solutions

Sunday Riley U.F.O Oil Review

This month the Cult Beauty Brand of The Month is Sunday Riley, which means all of your skincare buys from them comes with free worldwide shipping! Which is great if you love the brand, but also if you’ve never yet tried them out because it gives you a good reason to splurge and make a great skincare investment. Because that’s what skincare is – an investment. If you want to age well, look good and generally combat skin complaints, then it’s important you view your skincare as an investment, after all, you invest in your future, so why wouldn’t you invest in your future skin?

Seeing as Sunday Riley are currently Brand of The Month at Cult Beauty, it gave me the perfect opportunity to talk about skincare and targeting problem areas. We all have skin complaints that differ for each of us. Whether you have dry skin that lacks moisture, skin showing the signs of early ageing or even things like breakouts, large pores and things like oily patches. There’s so many ‘complaints’ we can find with our skin, which is why it’s important to treat the target areas individually. If you have one complaint under your eyes, and one for your cheeks then there’s no point buying one product to use all over and hoping for the best.

For a comprehensive and professional level of skincare, you’ll want to target your problem areas differently. Using all over cleansers and toners is fine – some products are designed to be used all over to clean, clear etc. But some target areas require different levels of care, so it’s important to introduce a comprehensive skincare regime to get the best looking and feeling skin you can. And why not start with Sunday Riley, the Cult Beauty free shipping offer means you’ve got no reason not to.

Sunday Riley Autocorrect Review

The Under Eyes

I’m going to start with the under eye area as my first target area. This is because even though I’m still relatively young, our eyes are the first area to begin to show signs of ageing. Which really sucks, right?! I’ve become almost paranoid about those fine lines looking deeper than I want them too. Plus I am always on the go: between my children, my business and working non-stop I struggle to switch off, and sometimes it affects my sleeping patterns. As a result I can get really dark under eye bags, the sort that just don’t look good no matter how much concealer I put on them. The Sunday Riley Autocorrect Brightening and Depuffing Eye Contour Cream is the best product from Sunday Riley for this area (and it’s exclusive to Cult Beauty) because it works with a two-pronged attack. It not only works to combat the puffiness you can see under the eyes, but it also works to brighten it too.

Together the depuffing, plumping and brightening works to create an overall brighter eye with less fine lines. Applied like a cream, I recommend using a small pea-sized amount and applying in dabbing motions with your ring finger. This is because using your ring finger gives bounce without pressure, meaning product is applied liberally without being forceful. (Little tip for you there!) The biggest thing you’ll notice with this cream is how much more awake your eyes look, even after a single use. The caffeine inside its formula works like a morning coffee for the eyes and really creates a visually awake look. With continued use you’ll notice the fine lines will look less deep and noticeable, and just give your under eye an overall smoother appearance. A good eye cream is essential for all skincare wardrobes, so if you’re worrying about your eyes as a target area then the Sunday Riley Autocorrect Brightening and Depuffing Eye Contour Cream is the product for you.

Sunday Riley Good Genes


Another thing people always worry about within skincare is ageing. We all worry about our skin showing signs of age – whether that’s the slow visibility of fine lines and wrinkles or the loss of elasticity as skin begins to sag and pull. It’s not easy to age graciously but I learned long ago that investing in good skincare was going to help the process, which is why I’ve been using anti-ageing skincare products for several years already. Considering our skin begins to lose collagen from the age of 25 upwards, it’s understandable to worry about ageing. But more than anything it should motivate you to try good quality products with high levels of things like hyaluronic acids in them.

The Sunday Riley Good Genes is a cream-like product that’s classed as a Glycolic Acid Treatment. What this means is that it’s the type of skincare product that acts like a peel to remove the top layer of debris and build-up on the skin. The cream is applied directly to the face, and be warned, it stings! It’s not painful but you’ll notice it. This is a sign that it’s working and penetrating the top layer of the epidermis (skin.) It works to break apart all the things that sit on the top layer and stick to the skin, completely removing them to reveal the fresh new layer ready and waiting below it. It’s like taking a brush and sweeping off all the dirt. You’ll notice skin looks clean and clear immediately after use, it might look a little red at first but when this settles you’ll notice a huge difference in the way skin looks. It’s brighter, fresh and new. And it feels so incredibly soft. Products like this are great for ageing as they remove things that sit in fine lines, so it stops them looking deeper than they need to. It’s also great for skin that’s exposed to a lot of UV and pollution too.

Sunday Riley Good Genes Review


I get asked a lot for product recommendations on things to treat breakout-prone skin. As someone who is prone to breakouts, I have tried so many things over the years to ease them, avoid them and combat them. I’ve learned that stress and diet are indeed the massive triggers everyone says, so it’s not just about treating the skin for this one, but treating within too. But one product I do recommend to everyone who is also prone to breakouts is the Sunday Riley U.F.O Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil. It’s one of my cult products for breakouts and I always turn to this when things are bad.

The U.F.O Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil is best applied before bed, or so I find anyway. Just a few drops in the palm of the hands and applied directly to the face works best. The hands will warm the oil and loosen it so it applies best and penetrates the skin. Containing high levels of salicylic acid – this is the wonder ingredient for battling breakouts. Because most breakout prone skin usually comes hand-in-hand with excess oil, the U.F.O oil is formulated to combat both. Which is why I love it so much – I have hideously oily skin. Combined with tea tree, which we all know is a great antibacterial that works well against spots, it can clean the area, soak up the excess oil and combat those pesky breakouts. I find this works to not only clear the skin but keep my breakouts reduced and looking less red. It’s like stopping them in their tracks when they start. I use this when I’m going through a breakout phase, but if you’re someone who suffers with breakouts all the time then you could easily use this every single day.

Sunday Riley U.F.O Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil

So those are the problem areas I’m working to target at the moment, and I think they’re quite common for women of my age so I hope you’ve found the science and skin targets interesting to read about.

As mentioned, Sunday Riley are a brand with a reputation for being one of the best at creating target skincare solutions, so I highly recommend you take the opportunity of picking some bits up from their range at Cult Beauty while they’re brand of the month.

All Sunday Riley orders get free worldwide delivery until the end of January.

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Skin Targeting and Problem Areas & Solutions

**This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Cult Beauty but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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  1. zoey says:

    I really want to try Sunday Riley – the U.F.O oil looks great!

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    I’ve heard a lot about these oils and think they sound amazing. Good genes looks incredible

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    I really need to try more from them, I really want to try good genes and UFO, they look incredible!

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    I really want to try some bits from Sunday Riley, the new Good Genes in particular sounds amazing! xx

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    I love to try out new things to get my breakouts under control! Thanks for sharing this.

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