December 23, 2018

How To Make It A Morphe Christmas With These Key Pieces

How To Make It A Morphe Christmas With These Key Pieces

It’s the best time of year isn’t it? Christmas, New Year and all those parties, family gatherings and the constant brunching and lunching with friends…I just love the festive season. And I can’t wait to use the time to try out lots of fun and festive new make up looks. I always try and make the effort when it comes to going out – and at Christmas and New Year I love a bit of sparkle! Glittery eyes, sparkly lips – you name it, I go all out! Because if you can’t max your make up over the seasonal period, then when can you?

This month Morphe are Brand of The Month at Cult Beauty – which means every single Morphe order gets free worldwide shipping – right through until the end of December. So you’re covered for both Christmas gifts and new make up for yourself at New Year. And the great thing about Morphe is that their products are of a professional quality but an affordable price, so you’ve got no reason not to treat yourself to some new festive make up. Personally I like to try new and fun eye looks and bold lips during this time of year, and Morphe have just the products to do that…

Morphe Cult Beauty

The best way to start making it a Morphe Christmas would have to be with the Bling Fling Brush Set, which is an 8-piece set and matching bag. Part of the Morphe Christmas range, it’s got maximum sparkle and makes the biggest impact. I don’t think I’ve ever owned more fancy make up brushes! They’re encrusted with black and sparkly diamonte around the handles, which means your brushes will look as jazzy as you! However they don’t just look the part, these brushes perform too. In fact, my Morphe eye brushes from Cult Beauty are some of my favourites ever. They blend perfectly but also pick up just the right amount of product for each use – and I find I get far less fall out when I use these on my eyes.

So a whole brush set is perfect for those festive and party season looks because well, they’re cute and they’ll work well. Also the Bling Fling set is one of those great all-rounders because it’s got brushes for the face and eyes: so everything you need to achieve your chosen complexion coverage and create some great matching eye looks. I love the Deluxe Crease Brush, it’s one of my favourites – with the Oval Shadow Brush in close second. I love my set as they’re monogrammed with my initials too, which makes them extra special.

Morphe Bling Fling Brush Set

Morphe Face Brush

Morphe Bling Fling Brush Set Review

Another way to make it a Morphe Christmas is with the 12-piece Molton Magic Lip Collection. I think these excited me the most of the Christmas range – it’s so nice to see Morphe do a full lip set that isn’t a liquid lip! This set has 12 different lip toppers, so they’re the product you put on top of your lipstick. I find they work best with a matte liquid lipstick once it’s set, and applied on top it gives a whole new dimension and a different tone to the lips. I use lip toppers every day so a full set from Morphe means your lips will sparkle and shine throughout Christmas and New Year.

The 12 shades vary in finish from metallic, shimmery and iridescent – so you’ve got a lot to work with, and colour-wise, there’s nude/clear tones, pinks, golds and some deeper red tones too – so you’ve got something to go with all your favourite lipsticks. I can’t imagine not using a lip topper now and for £29, it’s a great way to spruce up your Christmas lips! I’m going to feature these on my YouTube channel so keep an eye out!

Morphe Molton Magic Lip Collection Review

Morphe Molton Magic Lip Collection

After you’ve picked what sort of sparkle for the lips, make sure you’ve covered your eyes. Cult Beauty have some new and exclusive eyeshadow palettes from Morphe this month and they’re only £12 each – which means your January bank balance won’t hate you either! Each of the new palettes is a square shape with nine shades.  You can’t get any of these anywhere else, and the shades lend to a great smokey eye look for New Year – with the colours of your choice.

Morphe haul

The Gold one – 9A Always Golden – This palette is for the warm undertones of us. It’s the most stunning palette if you like warm golds. It’s got some great mattes for creating a blend and crease shade with Splendid and Aware, with Witness is good for the transition. Then Surprise has to be my favourite for those lid shades because it’s sparkly, so it’s going to pop a lot. Finished with Storm – the perfect black – for the smoke.

Morphe 9A Always Golden

Morphe 9A Always Golden Review

Morphe 9A Always Golden Palette Swatches

The Bronze one – 9B Bronzed Babe – Quite similar in colour choice but maybe slightly cooler toned in the shades, this is the one for those who like their brown eyed looks. I love Hang Ten for the transition, with the perfect cool brown Volcano for my crease. I deepen it with Midnight Dip, which has a small amount of shimmer too. Lid shades are hard to pick  a favourite from in this palette because Faux Real, Sunnies and Vacay are all sparkly and great for the lids. I think it depends how smokey you want to go. Like I said, this one is for the cooler skin tones.

Morphe 9B Bronzed Babe

Morphe 9B Bronzed Babe Palette

Morphe 9B Bronzed Babe Palette Swatches

The Bright one – 9C Jewel Crew – this one is for those who like their eye looks a bit brighter and more vivid. It’s still got a lot of similarities with regards to the warm tones and orange/brown colours but it’s got a brightness to it that the other don’t. So if you like more colour on your eyes, this is the palette for you! Start with Stone Fox and Rock Out for your Transition and then use Chocolate Diamond for the crease. Rose Quartz is perfect for the brow bone and Purple Reign for the lid if you like red/purple tones.

Morphe 9C Jewel Crew

Morphe 9C Jewel Crew Palette

Morphe 9C Jewel Crown Palette Swatches (1)

Between the three palettes you’ve got every preference covered but more than that, you’ve got those key colour requirements in each palette – transition, crease and lid shades. All perfectly matched to compliment the other shades in the palette. The great thing about Morphe shadows (as well as the super affordable price) is that they perform well. The pigmentation is rich with a high colour payoff and their texture means you avoid a lot of fall out. The shimmers are really creamy and one swipe is all you need for maximum effect. The mattes are also creamy, but with more powder. It’s a delicate powder though so it still gives full control over the application.

Added with the Lip Toppers, these palette mean you’ve got some perfect key looks for the season that will help you look super sparkly and gorgeous this festive season. Make it a Morphe Christmas and Cult Beauty – especially because’s Santa’s elves will deliver free until the end of December!

Happy Shopping!

Morphe Cult Beauty**This post contains some gifted items but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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  1. Those brushes are absolutely stunning! I’m a sucker for some amazing brushes!

    Love, Amie ❤
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  2. Erin says:

    The brushes are SO cute! I love how they are personalised too!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. Mel says:

    Those brushes are gorgeous! Love the personalised touch!

  4. Faux Real is my favourite shade! So pretty! x

  5. The brushes look so good xx

  6. These all look amazing – I love the personalised brushes!
    Em x

  7. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how many those brushes are! xx

  8. ofbeautyand says:

    I haven’t tried anything from this brand but I’ve heard great things x

  9. I love those brushes! it’s so cute that they are personalised!

  10. terriheckley says:

    Oh wow I NEED those brushes! x

  11. Boxnip says:

    Oooo those brushes are just simply gorgeous!! 🙂

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip

  12. I’ve recently been drawn to a few of their palettes

  13. Laura says:

    Oooo I love these, their palettes are always gorgeous. I can see why they have such a hype about them. x

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