November 28, 2018

Showcase: The Whole Skinnydip Christmas Collection

The Big Squeeze Bath Syrup Trio

If you’re anything like me, you’ve snuck into Boots multiple times already to look at all the gorgeous Gifts they have on their famous 3-for-2 range. When my local boots starts to get theirs out in early October, that’s always the mark of Christmas beginning for me and I shameless stalk past regularly just waiting for the Christmas section to open. And when it does, I don’t need an excuse to browse and make mental lists. Lists of what I’m going to get everyone in the family, and lists of what I’m hoping Santa will leave under my tree…

A stand out range this year is from Skinnydip – the packaging called to my inner girlie girl with a cool and sophisticated edge. It looks gorgeous and not too young – or old. But perfect for the teenagers, the millennial – and anyone else who loves cute and kitsch gifts. But not only does each item in the range look good, but the prices mean it’s great for Secret Santa, stocking fillers and under-the-tree gifts.

Stocking Fillers

Starting with the Stocking Fillers, there’s so many to pick from! But I’ll start with the I’m The Bomb Bath Fizzer Set. This gorgeous gold bath bomb comes like a piece of honeycomb that you break off and pop in the bath for a scented and shimmery bath time. Naturally, the sassy-pants at Skinnydip also wrote on the packaging ‘Uh Huh Honey’ to match the theme – a sentiment not lost on me! This smells lovely and it’s only £6 – nifty right?

Skinnydip I'm The Bomb Bath Fizzer Set

Next up, I was really excited to see some make up in their collection of gifts this year and their Power Pout Lip Kits are gorgeous and such great value at £8.50 each. Lip Kits are all the rage in the lip stakes because you don’t need to guess around for a perfectly matching lip liner and lipstick, they just come together and make things much easier. Plus, for those of us who religiously line our lips, this is so handy. There are three colours to pick from: Solid gold, Huh Honey and Shell Yeah. The lipstick is a matte with full coverage and a light texture, and the liner is a pencil with a rich payoff. I was surprisingly impressed with these and how well they performed!

Skinnydip Power Pout Lip Kits

Skinnydip Power Pout Lip Kits

I have to say that my personal favourite of the Skinnydip Stocking fillers is the Bubble Trouble Bath Soak. I had one similar last year and was so gutted when it ran out! This year’s variety is even prettier and looks just as kitsch in an American milk-style carton. Also only £8.50, it’s a rich and gorgeous smelling bubble bath – it’s got a fruity but relaxing scent to it and I intend to get a few more of these before Christmas to stock up on before they sell out! You can’t beat a good bubble bath.

Skinnydip Bubble Trouble Bath Soak.

Gift Sets

This year Skinnydip have spoiled us with their Gift Sets – there are so many amazing ones to choose from. The Spritz Me Baby Body Mist Trio is a great one and so versatile because who doesn’t love a good body mist? This set has three different scents for only £10 and each is 100ml – so it’s great value. The names are the same as the Lip Kits: Solid gold, Huh Honey and Shell Yeah and they all smell sweet and feminine and they’re the perfect handbag size as well. And I love the box and designs, I’d love to find this under my tree or in my stocking.

Another gorgeous Gift Set this year, and also priced at only £10 (see, I told you how well priced the Skinnydip gifts were!) is the Good As Gold Body Care Trio. Packaged in a lovely gift box, you wouldn’t even need to wrap this one if you didn’t want to! This one has Body Lotion, Body Wash and a Body Mist in a yummy raspberry fragrance and the theme of the packaging is gold – so it looks great, smells yummy and has practical products included. This one is a no-brainer for gift shopping.

Good As Gold Body Care Trio.

Skinnydip Good As Gold Body Care Trio.

The Big Squeeze Bath Syrup Trio is another gorgeous little set and his one is £12.50 for three of the Skinnydip bath Syrups. In the three themes, there’s one of each: Solid gold, Huh Honey and Shell Yeah. These look so retro and cool, and perfect for popping in the bath and the scents are tropical, sweet raspberry and honey-scented: so a great mix of scent varieties, no matter whether you’re a floral or musky kinda gal.

The Big Squeeze Bath Syrup Trio

Skinnydip The Big Squeeze Bath Syrup Trio

A very practical gift set is the Shells Angels Hand Wash & Hand Cream set which is also £12.50. The duo features shell shaped bottles containing matching Hand Wash and Hand cream and they’re refillable too so they last longer than one use. One pink and one white they’ll look pretty around and hand basin this Christmas.

Skinydip Shells Angels Hand Wash & Hand Cream

When it comes to talking about whole products ranges, I always like to finish with a blow-the-budget option. But the whole collection from Skinnydip is such good value and super affordable that there’s no ‘top price’ gift. There is a ‘top level’ gift set and it’s an absolute keeper, but even that won’t break the bank at £18! The I Want It All Bath & Body Kit features a Body Wash, a Body Lotion, a Body Polish, a Body Mist and a Bath Soak! So it’s a really comprehensive set featuring everything you need for squeaky clean bath and shower times and they all smell yummy. I love the packaging on this one and any girly girl would love it too!

Skinnydip I Want It All Bath & Body Kit

Make Up

Okay, I was seriously excited when I saw this collection had make up goodies! The Lip Kits weren’t enough and Skinnydip have PALETTES in their Christmas range – and it’s all still included in the Boots 3-for-2 Gift Selection as well. The first palette is a highlight palette called On A High and it’s actually a gorgeous selection of four shades. I was expecting more of a galactic shade range, which are gorgeous but not always the best for every day, but these shades are really wearable and versatile too! There’s a burnt pink tone for the blush and a more tanned bronze for the contour as well as two lovely and natural looking tones for the cheekbones/brow bone etc. The pigmentation is really lovely too and the payoff is lovely – I was surprised with just how lovely these were too! And it’s only £14 so it’s a great addition to make up collections.

On A High Palette

Skinnydip On A High

The other palette in their Christmas range is the Solid Gold Baby palette, which again is a very reasonable precept only £12.50. Plus for that you get 12 shades, which is amazing value! The shades again are all really wearable and have a lovely pigmentation. I loved that the palette had a mix of warm golds and burnt oranges but some pink tones too – so it’s a good palette to allow people to play around with looks. I think younger girls and newer make up lovers would love this because it’s going to give them so many everyday shades to work with!

Skinnydip Solid Gold Baby Palette

Skinnydip Solid Gold Baby Palette

So that’s the whole Christmas Collection from Skinnydip and it’s an absolute beauty of a range, isn’t it? So pretty, cute and a great price point!

What products stand out in this collection for you?

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Skinnydip Christmas

**This post contains gifted items but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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  1. Boxnip says:

    They have some lovely items don’t they, I have a few from Skinnydip in my guide too when I’m well enough to post it! 🙂

    Sarah x

  2. Mel says:

    These gifts are gorgeous. I love the three for two offers.
    The packaging is fab!

  3. That eyeshadow palette is so beautiful!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  4. Heather Nixon says:

    I didn’t know they made beauty products /m- love that packaging x

  5. Erin says:

    I only really think of them as phone cases but this all looks so cute! My baby cuz would love it! 🙂

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  6. All this packaging is gorgeous. I particularly love the shell hand washes!

  7. terriheckley says:

    Ah the packaging is so fun! These would make fantastic gifts x

  8. Sarah says:

    Omg I need the shell hand set xx

  9. Alice Anne says:

    The bath syrups look so fab, I’m gonna have to keep an eye out! xx

  10. jess says:

    I am loving skinnydip’s christmas collection is is so fun and that honey bath bomb is amazing x

  11. their range looks amazing

  12. All the packaging on this brand is amazing! I love the milk carton of bubble bath!
    Em x

  13. beffshuff says:

    Love these photos!! They’re gorgeous! We stock this range at work so may treat myself with my discount!

  14. Laura Owen says:

    These look so pretty! I love the look of the bath bits!

  15. I love the look of the Bath Fizzers and Syrup!

  16. I adore the Skinny-dip brand! I always buy this for my cousin!

  17. SkinnyDip’s packaging is just always on point! xx

  18. aliciamode20 says:

    Ohhh I had no idea skinny dip did beauty! The packaging is soooo pretty!

    Alicia Xo

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