September 4, 2018

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes – My Top Three To Transition From Summer To Autumn

The Top Three Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes To Transition From Summer To Autumn

When it comes to Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes, they have a special place in my heart. Mostly because as a teenager who finally drifted from drugstore brands with her pocket money – over to premium brands with her Saturday job wages, it’s the Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes that I first splurged on. And from there they became a staple in my make up routine – and have remained ever since. Always holding firm in their position in my make up collection, like the good and trusty aunt who’s always your favourite even if you don’t see her all that often. Because you just know she’ll always be there for you. Well that’s how I feel about my Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes.

That said, nowadays they blow me away even more than they did back then. Make up has changed a LOT since my teens – it’s themed, fun, edgy and innovative. And I find Urban Decay are one of those brands at the front of trying new things. Case and point when the Naked Heat launched last year, it was the first palette of it’s kind to cause such a cult rush to snap it up. (You can also read my review of the Naked Heat here as I was one of the first in the UK to get it and the pin is still viral on Pinterest!) And really in the last few years they have continued to deliver palette after palette of amazing eyeshadow goodness. There hasn’t been one that didn’t really excite me, and I’ve picked nearly all of them up. (If you read my blog then you know that I’m a hoarder of eyeshadow palettes!)

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes - The Best For Autumn

So seeing as we’re in between the seasons – in that weird stage between the mass heatwave that lasted all summer – and the autumn months when everything gets crisp-air-and-cosy, I thought it would be great to show you guys which palettes I’ll be reaching for during this time. My friends at Fabled by Marie Claire stock so many of the amazing Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes so I recommend picking these items up from there – they allow you to book your delivery slot in a chosen hour, much like when you do your food shopping! So it’s really convenient and you also get a free copy of Marie Claire with every order, so you get magazine and new make up time too.

That said, the first Urban Decay eyeshadow palette that I recommend to transition from summer to autumn is…

Urban Decay Naked Heat 2 (£39.50)

This was the second palette in the Naked series to deliver it’s nude tones which suited everybody, everyday. I have repurchased this palette so many times that I’ve lost count. It’s one of those that just nail the nude tones perfectly and because it’s on the golden and taupe colour-side of the spectrum it means that they’ve always suited my skin tone. I have a lot of friends who swear by this one as the best in the Naked series as well, so I know it’s not just me who feels like this! The reason I like this one for transitioning into the autumn months is because it offers those exact nude tones that will allow you to create perfect and natural looking smokey eyes as well as creating some subtle barely-there styles too. The colours lend themselves to everyday at the office because you can mix the mattes and shimmer finishes to create a classy smoke and add shimmer on the lid for a pop of glam if you want to. For years I wore this to work and I still reach for it time and time again. For those autumnal smokey eyes to get you through every day, this palette is perfect, mostly because it’s so versatile that you’ll want it in your collection for every season. I class this palette as a make up investment – because it’s got the shades you’ll rely on and reach for far more than you ever expect. This is why the Urban Decay Naked 2 is the top of my list for your autumnal collection.

Urban Decay Naked Heat 2

Urban Decay Naked Heat 2

Urban Decay Beached Palette (£28)

Now this one might surprise you for being what I’ve called a ‘great autumnal palette’, but this one is perfect for the transitional phase of this time of year. The Beached Palette makes an appearance on my list because I’ve really loved using it since is arrived. It was inspired by beaches in California, and you get that vibe from the shades – so it’s going to give you all the lovely summer memories and vibes every time you open it. Six of the eight shades are on the warm toned brown/gold spectrum so again, the colours are perfect for the autumn and match the colour that the leaves go when they begin to fall. I’m excited to create some autumn looks with these shades especially, and match with a deep plum lip – it’s going to be autumn embodied! Designed as a beach palette, this does also have two brighter colours that you could reach for everyday if you want your lids to pop – Plunge and Double Dip are blues with turquoise hues. These remind me of swimming on holiday and are great for the days when the sun is still shining brightly and it’s more of a late-summer day than an early-autumn one. Which is why it’s actually the perfect palette for this transitional period. Plus you will always needs brighter colours to spice up an evening outfit and also on days when you just want an all-out glam look. Plus I have to say this: the pigmentation of the eyeshadows in the Beached Palette is amazing – such a bold and rich colour payoff. It blew me away when I first swatched it! Another great of the Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes.

Urban Decay Beached Palette

Urban Decay Beached Palette Review

Urban Decay Beached Palette Review & Swatches

Urban Decay Beached Palette Swatches

Urban Decay Beached Palette Swatches – No Flash or Filter

Urban Decay Born To Run (£39.50)

No autumnal eyeshadow post would be complete without the newest addition to the UD family: Born To Run. This travel inspired palette  gave me all the feels when I first saw it’s leaked photo’s online, and I knew I’d be snapping it up as soon as I could. Featuring a massive 21 different shades, this is a great value palette from Urban Decay, so if you needed to justify the purchase – there you have it! Not only that but the colour mix is really impressive and perfect for the autumn eye looks you’re going to want to create. From golden and warm hues to purples, blues and greens – this palette has it all. But nicely there’s a consistency in the tone of the colours – slightly moody and darker tones of the colours themselves. Like an Instagram filter on the way they look. So because of this it gives you the pop-of-colour that you want to avoid this beain a repeat of other palettes in your collection, but while also maintaining an air of mystery in the way the colours swatch. Which means you’re going to be able to create the most amazing smokey eye looks with it. Plus the mix of mattes and shimmers mean you can keep things simple or really glitz things up. I really like the style of this palette and the travel theme too, plus the shades are perfect for me this autumn because I live with a smokey eye on my lids, and I’m excited to experiment with the greens in this especially. As normal, the pigmentation is great in these and the shimmers especially are rich in payoff. Top marks for blendability also. Born To Run gets a big thumbs up from me, and I recommend it for your transitional autumn make up.

Urban Decay Born To Run

Urban Decay Born To Run Review

Urban Decay Born To Run Review

Urban Decay Born To Run Swatches

Urban Decay Born To Run Swatches – No flash or filter

So there you have it, those are my top three Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes to transition from warmer summer days to the crisp-air autumnal ones. You’re going to have all of your eyeshadow bases covered between these three palettes as the colour and finishes between them really does give you the perfect mix for the season. Not to mention the quality you get from Urban Decay isn’t going to disappoint. An Urban Decay eyeshadow palette is an investment, and well worth treating yourself to from Fabled.

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Top 3 Urban Decay PalettesThis post contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer page for more details.
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20 responses to “Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palettes – My Top Three To Transition From Summer To Autumn”

  1. Those palettes are absolutely beautiful!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  2. Boxnip says:

    I think my favourite out of those would have to be the Naked 2 one – it’s just perfect for my blue eyes. I don’t know what it is about the Born to Run palette but I’m just not that excited about it.Don’t get me wrong there are some gorgeous colours in it but I don’t think I would use enough of them to justify buying it. Though, in saying that, your swatches are more likely to persuade me to get it than anything else as they look better swatched than in the palette to me – does that make me weird; probably 😀 lol

  3. I love their eyeshadows. My fave is the naked 2 xx

  4. ofbeautyand says:

    I love my Naked 2 palette but I haven’t used it for ages – I need to x

  5. I’m such a sucker for palettes and I need ALL of these! xxx

  6. Erin says:

    I really want the born to run palette it is SO nice! My favourite will always be the OG – even with it being discontinuted!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  7. Naked2 is still my go-to UD palette. I do love the basics palettes though 🙂

    Sincerely, Sarah xx

  8. ive never tried any urban decay palettes, but after this post, and Alice Spake’s post on the Born To Run palette, i think i need it

  9. terriheckley says:

    I think the Naked 2 has to be my all time fave! x

  10. ive been desperate to get my hands on some urban decay eyeshadows, that born to run pallete looks amazing! i may grab myself one on pay day

  11. I honestly just use the same shadows all year round and I rarely ever buy any new ones. The beached palette looks stunning x

  12. You won’t believe, but I have never tried an UD Eyeshadow Palette!

  13. shaunaclairegg says:

    I love Urban Decay products so so much! Some palettes here I’ve yet to try!

  14. shelley says:

    I think they have the best pigments!

  15. Alicia Rae says:

    i really want to try the born to run palette! looks stunning. – Alicia XO

  16. happywiseowl says:

    I love Naked 2! The other palettes are pretty fab too. You can’t go wrong with UD really
    Em x

  17. I love an Urban Decay palette! Always amazing quality.

  18. katiemiddleton94 says:

    I love Urban Decay palettes, the quality is always top and you can’t beat the pigment. The born to run palette looks beaut and the Naked palettes are always a firm fave/classic <3

    Katie x

  19. B says:

    I desperately regret not picking up the Beached palette last time I went shopping it looks gorgeous and these swatches have just confirmed it for me! Plus I need Naked 2, it looks like the perfect every day palette. x

  20. Jess want says:

    Love these palettes and that beach on looks amazing love the blues x

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