August 13, 2018

Upping My Brow Game

I’m so late to the brow party that it’s practically packing-down and home time. Somehow out of nowhere, the need to have a strong brow game has become integral in the beauty world over recent years. Which completely bypassed me as someone who has always naturally had a good shaped brow and really not been that fussed about theirs. Until recently when I started to notice that mine were thinning out and looking patchy. So I knew it was time I upped my brow game.

I don’t know if it’s my age or the fact that I now spend more time having my make up done for shoots etc, but for whatever reason, this year I’ve started to notice my brows a lot more. And in noticing them, also noticing all the things I don’t like about them. Which is when I started playing around with all the different tools and techniques you can use to improve the way yours look. I tried some good products but like any part of your make up regime: it takes practice and time to perfect the technique that works for you.

I recently tried out the newly relaunched Eyeconic Collection from BBB London (previously known as Blink Brow Bar) which is a pretty comprehensive range of products designed to help you achieve the perfect brow for you. Integrating Korean beauty technology into the products, you’ll find tools to help you define the actual shape of your brows as well as the products to help you make the most of them and maximise their appearance.

Originally a brow bar, BBB London offers actual in-depth knowledge about shaping and showing off great brows. I tend to find I have a lot more confidence in the products from brands who actually first practiced in the field they then produce products for. So knowing that they still run and operate brow bars across London even now, 14 years later, gave me a lot of confidence in their ranges. Plus it gave me hope that I could up my brow game enough to look like I’d just visited a beautician – without ever needing to leave home.

I started with the Super Grip Tweezers. Which may surprise you – no-one really talks about tweezers anymore, do they? They’re like the taboo of the brow world. But I use tweezers a lot to shape the under and over brow area – not so much the actual brow. The odd straggler needs removing from everyone’s brow arches so having a good pair of tweezers is essential brow etiquette. These super grip tweezers are slanted perfectly to create a precision grip, meaning it makes upkeep quick and precise as well as easy to maintain. I keep my tweezers in my handbag at all times and these are great for on-the-go maintenance, should I ever need it. Shaping the natural brow is the first step in upping your brow game.

Then moving on to the Brow Build Gel is where the fun starts. This creme-gel formula allows you to thicken and fill out the brows with a few slight coatings. Combed through the brows in the same way you would with your mascara on your lashes, this allows the brows to thicken and build in volume. I have mine in shade Indian Chocolate which is a dark brown shade and it really helps to give my brows that more fashionable fluffy and full look. The creme-gel sticks to each strand of hair to create the fuller overall appearance. I use this for my evenings, shoot days and special occasions. Basically any time I want maximum level brows.

The Ultra Slim Brow Definer, is now my go-to brow pencil. This product I use daily and I love it. Whereas the Brow Build Gel creates volume, the Ultra Slim Brow Definer gives me that little bit more control over the coverage. This tiny nibbed pencil means I can get into even the tiniest of gaps in my brows and because it’s got such a fine point, I can really create precise lines as I define the daily shape I want my brows to have. Plus the texture is really unique for a brow product – it’s quite creamy and has a good payoff which I love because I’ve tried other brands and the product has been a really dry formula which gives little payoff. This on the other hand is so creamy that it fills my sparse areas instantly. Plus it blends well once applied too. I tend to outline my brows with this and fill in the gaps for those quick-and-easy make up days, and then add the Brow Build Gel on top for those maximum brow times. I tend to find that having two different types of brow-days has really helped me up my overall brow game as I get used to two different application techniques.

Finally I’ve upped my brow game by using the Blink Brow Bar Conceal & Lift Matte Light. This product impressed me more than I expected it to. It’s a cream highlighter designed to be used around the brow shape to help create more definition. I can’t tell you enough how much I rely on this now. Not only does it cover up smudges or mistakes I may make with the pencil (everyone gets trigger happy once in a while when drawing their brows on right?!) but the way it defines my brow arch has really emphasised the whole shape of my brow area. It allows me to carve out the style I want perfectly and create those sharp points around the eye that really do give me fuller and professional looking brows.

Considering I’m still newish to the brow party I am really happy with the overall look I’m now able to achieve myself on a daily basis. These products have helped me practice my shaping and as a result I now ‘do‘ my brows everyday as standard – which I never used to. And I honestly think it’s because I’ve found a great little collection of products that have made the whole practicing period easy. Now I’ve perfected my technique it takes me far less time to get them right, but most importantly it’s also giving me back the confidence I’d lost in the brow area.

So if your a brow novice too, or if you’re experienced in the eyebrow arena then make sure you check out the Eyeconic Collection from BBB London.

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**This is a sponsored post in collaboration with BBB London but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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3 responses to “Upping My Brow Game”

  1. Alicia says:

    I need to give that brow gel a try, my brows are so sparse so it might me a good addition for when I’m having a no makeup day.

    Alicia x

  2. terriheckley says:

    Brow goals! These look like some fab products!x

  3. Jess want says:

    These look good, will have to give the a try. I love Korean beauty and anything that trays to implement their way of creating beauty. X

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