August 26, 2018

My Colourpop Haul & Review (Including THAT No Filter Range)

Colourpop Review - No Filter Collection

Okay so it’s no secret that I’m a big Colourpop fan. I like to share all my beauty hauls with you guys so you can see what I stock up with each time I order. And I’ve learned what products work for me and what don’t, as well as which I really rate and which I don’t think are worth splurging on. (Especially when we here in the UK have to pay those ridiculously high customs on every order.) So today I’m going to share with you my latest haul. With a Colourpop review every item – including the much hyped No Filter range.

The products I rate most highly from Colourpop are their eyeshadows and their Lippie Stix. I’ll happily re-buy these again and again. So naturally when I made this haul, it included some new shadows. Which admittedly I didn’t need, but hey, I’m a sucker for their shadow formula. I swear by their palettes but already have pretty much 75% of their entire collection, so this time I went for the Walk The Vine foursome set. Which is a cute boxed set of four super shock shadows. I picked this set above others because the colours are golden, earth tones and although the website says they’re perfect for spring, I actually think these tones are better for going into the autumn because they’re more on the cool side. As always with any Colourpop review post, I’ve got swatches for you guys below but suffice to say I have yet to find a disappointing shadow from them.  Their formula is second-to-none with a payoff that is unparalleled. It’s rich and pigmented with deep colour from only one swipe. Buttery and creamy and gorgeously blendable, I don’t have a bad word to say about their shadows. Which is why I also picked up their seasonal limited edition birthday shadow too.

Colourpop Walk The Vine Review

Colourpop Walk The Vine Review and Swatches

Colourpop Walk The Vine Swatches

Next up in today’s haul and Coloupop review are the lip goodies. I stocked up pretty well on my favourite Lippie Stix last time I ordered so I went in for the new Shayla x Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip. This lipgloss is peach toned with champagne coloured glitter giving it a real boost of shimmer when it’s on the lips. I do love glossy lip finishes, and for only $6 this is a great addition to the collection. It looks really pretty when worn alone but I love it over the top of matte lipsticks as more of a topper because the tone is very gentle.

I also used this order as the opportunity to finally try the Blotted Lip products. I’d been curious about these for a little while – mostly because they sound quite different to other lipstick finishes. Supposed to look diffused on the lips, like you’ve blotted, it sounds in effect, to be a great everyday slick-on-and-go product. I went for the shades Love Bite and Slide. Both pink tones – my colours – and I assumed, enough to get a nice colour payoff still.

Shayla x Colourpop Ultra Glossy LiP

Being totally honest though, these are really not my thing. I found them iffy at best. I like the idea of an everyday subtle finish but these were so meh. There’s no real colour payoff. The texture is thick enough but the formula just doesn’t provide…anything. It’s exactly like you’ve blotted your lipstick – but the product settles into the lines in your lips more than creating a cover. So it just doesn’t look great. In fact it looks like you’ve got through to mid-morning without reapplying your normal lipstick. It’s patchy and just meh. So that’s a big ole nope. Sad times.


Then it’s time for the big boys: The No Filter range. I knew as soon as this came out that I’d be trying it. Because any matte and oil free coverage products call my name. I’m an oily skinned gal, with huge pores and I love full coverage foundation. So The No Filter Foundation, designed to give buildable coverage and flawless skin, had my name all over it. I loved the sound of it from the get-go because it also claims to feature blurring particles to help create that ‘filter’ look that it’s named after. I went for shade Fair 25 and credit where it’s due – the shade range is quite good. There’s lots of fair tones on the spectrum and it matched pretty nicely, in fact was probably slightly paler than I needed – which is rare for me as I’m so fair I never usually say that!

The coverage it gives was surprising. At first I liked it – a liquid formula, it comes with a pump to apply. But there’s no lid. Which is my first red cross for this product. With no lid, it’s left to roam your make up bag and it can get messy. But for a $12 foundation I tried not to be too critical. The coverage when it applies at first is light, the texture of the foundation goes on like water but it does give some coverage. Buildable is exactly right – one layer is light coverage but you can build up to quite full all-over coverage if you want to. (I also found this applied better with a sponge.)

Colourpop No Filter Foundation Review

But how does it last? Sadly not as long as I’d like. This is far from a bad foundation, but it’s nothing I’ll write-home about. Nor will I repurchase. And in all honesty past a week of trialling it, I haven’t used it since and nor will I. It’s just nothing special in the foundation stakes sadly. Maybe I expected too much for a $12 foundation, or maybe it’s because it’s from Colourpop who are usually so on-it with their formula’s, but either way it just isn’t all that. Buildable coverage? Yes. Does it last ages? Not particularly. Considering it’s designed for those with oily skin, it disappears from around the nose within hours and didn’t keep my oil levels at bay at all, and I found I actually needed to blot a bit more than normal. The colour selection and colour payoff is good, so it does have some pro points. If you’re a drugstore foundation kinda gal you’ll probably get on better with this than I did. I am very fussy with foundations and am used to paying more for the ones that really give me the best results. But if you’re looking for a new drugstore version to try then by all means add it to your next order – but my warning is you may be disappointed if your expectation is anything past ‘average’.

Colourpop No Filter Pressed Powder Review

Colourpop No Filter Loose Powder Review

I also picked up the matching No Filter Sheer Matte Pressed Powder and the Loose Setting Powder. I don’t often used pressed powder but to get my spend up to the free shipping level of $50, I added this anyway. It’s an okay enough pressed powder but it does sink into lines. If you want something to set your foundation then go for the Loose Setting Powder and pass on the pressed. The Loose Setting Powder redeems the No Filter range for me. I spend a fortune on the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder, but this $9 pot is a great drugstore dupe. I love it! If you’re looking for a Colourpop review on the No Filter Loose Setting Powder then this is all you need to know: it’s feather soft, blurs lines and adds a setting filter/layer over your foundation that keeps things looking matte for much longer. It’s everything you would want in an setting powder and much cheaper than a lot of top-end alternatives. So if you get one thing from the No Filter range, it should be this.

So there you have it, my haul and Colourpop review. It’s a bit of a mismatched one this time, with some stand out goodness and some disappointing wastes. But I always try to be honest, and while not all of these products have worked for me, I’ve made sure to list who they may work better for. What do you guys think? Are you going to be trying any of these next time your order from Colourpop?

Colourpop Haul and Review

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25 responses to “My Colourpop Haul & Review (Including THAT No Filter Range)”

  1. I really respect the honesty, I find it super weird the foundation doesn’t have a lid? lol I’m not sure I’ll be trying the foundation or powder but I am a sucker for Colourpop lipsticks!

    Alicia Xo

  2. Tasha says:

    It’s such a shame about the foundation. Having a similar skin type to yourself, I’m always on the lookout for affordable foundations that have the coverage and long lasting ability. I really want to try their eyeshadows though, I’ve seen them so much on your blog! Xx

  3. Heather says:

    A foundation without a lid? That does sound strange! Think I’ll pass on this foundation now but I do love the sound of the loose powder! I really need to get an order in with Colourpop soon, I love their liquid lipsticks but really want to try their eyeshadows and lippie stix.

    Heather | x Highland Beauty

  4. I’ve never used Colourpop before but those eye shadows look like great shades, definitely all shades I’d use! xxx

  5. I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about the foundation! The lipsticks are always gorgeous!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  6. Erin says:

    I think I am the only person left who hasn’t tried Color Pop yet! I really want to try the supershock shadows and the lippie sticks! But the setting powder sounds so good!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  7. Not tried this brand before. But weird the foundation didn’t have a lid! Like the look of the eyeshadows xx

  8. I love the lippie sticks and liquid lipsticks. I am also a fan of their highlighters.

  9. I need to try colourpop shadows! i have heard so many wonderful things about them and this has just made me want to get some next time i go shopping

  10. B says:

    I absolutely love colourpop and their super shock eyeshadows and these shades are absolutely gorgeous. I was curious about the foundation and think if I lived in the US I’d go for it but since it’s not totally amazing I’ll give it a miss! x

  11. I’m so glad you’ve been honest and said that some of these products are a bit meh!
    Em x

  12. ofbeautyand says:

    I’ve only tried their lip colours – I need to try more x

  13. Boxnip says:

    I love Colourpop too, I have far too many of their palettes and lippies! Not so keen on the custom fees though, I get hit every time for around £18 on an order with a value of around £40-50. I’ve read a few reviews of their new foundation and I decided not to try it, after reading yours now too, I’m glad I didn’t purchase it. I’m not a fan of foundation at the best of times if I can get away without wearing it, I will x

  14. I haven’t tried Colour Pop before, but now I need too! xx

  15. Ive still not tried ColourPop! Arghh. I desperately need to.

    Sincerely, Sarah xx

  16. terriheckley says:

    I haven’t placed a Colourpop order in such a long time! It’s such a shame about the foundation x

  17. shelley says:

    I blooming love the photography on this

  18. katiemiddleton94 says:

    Ah no that’s such a shame! I absolutely love Colourpop and was debating whether to get the no filter range but I think I might pass now. The photos though are stunning!

    Katie x

  19. Jess want says:

    I really want to pick up some colour pop products but it’s the shipping that scares me off a bit. I’m still waiting to see if a UK brand like Beauty Bay or Cult Beauty start to stock it haha x

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