August 8, 2018

Creating My Own Nudestix Pick A Palette

When it comes to Nudestix, they have a soft place in my heart. Before they got BIG here in the UK, I’d already been a loyal user of their pencils for years – because I picked some up from the States and never looked back. So now I see their counter in Harvey Nichols, and how loved they’re becoming in the UK, I’m even happier that they’re getting the recognition they deserve here too. And plus, it makes it so much easier to add to my Nudestix collection now too!

The Nudestix pop-up counter in Harvey Nichols recently launched and you can create your very own Pick A Palette featuring six of your chosen pencils. These can be a mix of lip/cheeks and eyes. Making it completely bespoke to you. The Pick A Palette retails for £68 but the value is £120, so it’s well worth doing and totally justifiable for a new make up splurge. 

The Pick A Palette comes housed in one of the larger trademark Nudestix tins, and to me this just makes it even more special. From picking your shades to creating the palette – it’s all such a lovely twist on buying everyday staple make up products.

I kept things pretty neutral for my Nudestix selection. No surprises that being a nude/rose lip kinda gal, all my lip shades were these kind of tones. Plus I kept it neutral for the eyes too. I find that this is the colour spectrum that most of the Nudestix products are on anyway, which is another reason I love them as a brand. Their shades are understated but everyday essentials that you find yourself reaching for again and again.

In my Pick A Palette I went for two Intense Lip & Cheek Pencils in the shades Kiss and Purity. I then went for three Magnetic Eye Colour Pencils in the shades Angel, Rustique, Nudity and Fig. See swatches below for all six.

Nudestix Swatches: Purity, Kiss, Angel, Nudity, Rustique, Fig

For me the best thing about Nudestix products is the formula. It’s creamy TO THE MAX. You’re going to struggle to find another product that compares in creaminess (is that even a word?!) to these. They really do melt onto the skin and blend with ease, making them a great colour payoff that doesn’t feel drying at all. Even the matte pencils don’t have any hint of drying or tightness, and still have a creamy payoff that dries down to a matte.

The formula and the easy to apply pencil shape means that Nudestix are those products you keep in your handbag all the time. They’re like the trusty friend in your life – you may forget they’re there when things get busy but they’ll always get you out of a tight spot when they’re needed and outperform so many others. They become the staples you rely on between meetings and as the lip pick-me-up after your morning coffee.

For the value of £120, paying £68 for six products is great for such a premium brand. And I’m a  sucker for creating your own palettes anyway, so the Nudestix Pick A Palette gets a big thumbs up from me.

Get yours from Harvey Nichols.

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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