July 6, 2018

My Journey To Straight Teeth – The Half Way Point

As you guys will know, a few months back I started my teeth straightening treatment with Your Smile Direct. If you missed all the videos and chats I did about this, let me just quickly fill you in – I have always hated my teeth. In fact, hate isn’t the right word…I’ve always been ashamed of them. And I honestly think that is worse. You’ll never see me smile in photo’s with my teeth showing – ever. And I have always been painfully embarrassed of them. I think I should have had a brace back when I was a young girl, but for whatever reason, it never happened. As a result my teeth are crooked on the top and bottom and my biggest problem was my ‘fangs.’ (the side ones that hang down) but mine are also protruding and I just hate them so much. They’ve caused me a lot of insecurity growing up. And if you have any type of body hang-up, you’ll know how truly rubbish that feels.

So fast forward to this year – I finally decided it was time to take control. I’m getting married next year and I don’t want to be half-smiling in the photo’s because I’m too ashamed to grin like the happy loon I know I will be. I decided it was time to stop letting my teeth hold me back. I’d looked at various treatments – including full-on veneers, but to be honest if you’re not a celeb, or a millionaire then there’s no way the average Joe would be ale to afford them without a hefty loan. It’s a hella lot of money. Everything I looked at was too pricey and I did start to get really disheartened.

So that’s when Your Smile Direct changed everything for me. They fix your teeth rather than covering them up with veneers. Which is obviously by far the better option. Plus their treatment doesn’t break the bank – like so many others do….

Who are they?

Basically, Your Smile Direct are an at-home teeth straightening brand. (That’s the best way I can describe them.) You can see a dentist in person, but if you wouldn’t want to or don’t have time to, then you can do everything from home yourself, with all of their support via the website, email etc. (Even if you decide to do it yourself at home, there’s so much help that you know you’re not alone on your journey.) You take impressions of your teeth in order for the professionals to create a treatment plan revolving around completely clear retainers, which you change every other week for the duration of your treatment time. Gradually these straighten your teeth until the end of your treatment when you should have the perfect smile. And because they’re clear, they aren’t noticeable when worn.

Starting the process

At first you have to request an At Home Smile Kit or visit the team at one of their Smile Clinics. I wasn’t local, and to be honest wanted to get going as fast as possible, so I went for the Home Kit. This costs £99 and is the first step in your treatment plan. (Use code HSCHLOE50 for 50% off the Home Kit)

The Home Smile Kit

You’ll have seen me use the Home Smile Kit on Instagram. Complete with everything you need to take impressions of your teeth, you take multiple impressions of both your top and bottom teeth by creating a putty-like mold – everything you need is included, along with a very easy to follow step-by-step guide on what to do. My process took under one hour in total and with that, my impressions were done. You then send the kit back to Your Smile Direct, along with an email showing close-up shots of your teeth from different angles. The team then asses your impressions and create your personalised treatment plan. The plan is then emailed to you – along with a fully interactive diagram of what your teeth will look like every two weeks throughout your process. The interactive diagram also shows you the finished way your teeth will look. It’s then up to you whether you go ahead with the plan or not.

My Treatment Plan

Not that I had any reservations, but seeing my personal interactive diagram and sliding through it to see what my teeth would look like…well, it made me cry. I could actually see my horrible and crooked teeth at the start, gradually, week by week getting straighter. And the final diagram hit me – I could actually achieve the perfect smile. Me! ME WITH THE HORRIBLE CROOKED TEETH WAS GOING TO HAVE STRAIGHT PEARLY WHITES! Seeing this, I was completely and utterly desperate to get started, and it was just a case of waiting for my treatment plan with my retainers to arrive.


Mine arrived about three weeks after I sent off my impressions – so it was a really speedy process, which is perfect because when you’ve decided to go for it, there’s no waiting around! The average duration of treatment at Your Smile Direct is 20 weeks. So bi-weekly retainers for 20 weeks, means you’ll get approximately 10 different retainers to go through. All are marked in a sealed bag so you know which set to put in and when. You can start as soon as they arrive and just mark in your calendar which day you need to change it, and that’s pretty much you on your way to a perfect smile!

My experience

So far I’m roughly half-way through my treatment and I’ve learned a lot that I want to share with you, especially if you’re considering the process for yourself. Firstly I am going to say that I am THRILLED with how my journey is going. In the last month I have REALLY started to see the difference in my teeth. Everyone has – and I’m getting comments from all my friends and family about how good my teeth are looking. Since I’ve been documenting my journey on social media, I’ve had a lot of questions from you guys about various things, so I’m going to do a quick Q&A here to cover my experience so far and hopefully answer the main questions:

Are the retainers noticeable when worn?

No! Everyone I know is always shocked when I say I’m wearing ‘braces’ because you literally can’t see them at all. When I take them out to eat people literally say that they never even realised I had them in. Likewise, on all my Insta Stories for the past few months, I’ve been wearing them and you’d never tell. They are completely clear, so you don’t need to worry about anyone noticing.

How do you eat and drink?

You must take them out to eat and drink, but replace them right away. Hot food and drinks especially would damage the retainers, so it’s a big no-no. I whip mine out for meal times and try to stick to water which is the only thing you can drink without having to remove them. Naturally because you forget they’re there, sometimes I’ve totally forgotten and been sipping away on a Diet Coke or something, and panicked. The only thing I’ve noticed after this is that the retainers change colour and I had to scrub them to get them clean. So ALWAYS take them out for food and drink.

Do you get a lisp?

Hmmm, at first a couple of the retainers have given me a very slight lisp – the first set more than any others. But this disappeared after a maximum of two days. I think it takes a while for your tongue to get used to them, but once it does you’ll not notice it other than at first with the odd new set of retainers.

Do they hurt?

This was a question I had at the beginning and I was told no. I was advised I might feel some slight discomfort and a couple of painkillers would be fine to manage it. But I’m going to be honest guys – there is some pain involved in the process. But really, you’d be kidding yourself if you didn’t expect this – no pain, no gain right? With each new set of retainers I do feel a lot of pain for probably 12-48 hours (it varies each time.) I’ve found that changing my retainers to the new set works best before bed, when I’ll take some painkillers at the same time. Naturally your teeth are being physically moved so of course it’s going to hurt somewhat, but as soon as they adjust to the new retainer, the pain literally disappears. I’ve spoken to a lot of friends who’ve had similar treatments and they’ve all said the same, so I wanted to be honest with you. There is pain but it’s very brief and only at the first stages of a new retainer so there’s nothing to be worried about. And even knowing it now I would still have my retainers no questions asked. The pain isn’t remotely enough to put you off.

How much do they cost?

Straightening your teeth isn’t a cheap option, some of the options I looked at were well over £5k!! But not with Your Smile Direct. So the Home Smile Kit is £99 and you need that to start the process and make sure you’re eligible (which most people are!) Remember that you can get it with 50% off using code HSCHLOE50. After this the full treatment plan will cost you £1,399 for BOTH the top and bottom teeth. FAR cheaper than any other option you’ll find. Plus you can pay in monthly installments if you don’t have the full amount upfront. So really, Your Smile Direct have made the journey to a perfect smile, possible for everyone. And it’s one of the many reasons I love them. 

Half Way Point Summary

So, I’m waiting until my final blog post when I can show you before and afters because you’re going to be amazed. But for now I’ll leave you with this, in the last few weeks for the first time ever I’ve been able to take photographs of myself with my teeth on show. Something I’ve never done before. I already feel so much more confident about them, and I’m only half way through my treatment so I can’t wait to get to the end and see the final results.

Check you’re eligable and get your Home Smile Kit here.

Half way point through my Your Smile Direct Treatment. Teeth are a MILLION times straighter already, and I haven’t had a photograph taken like this in years. Also – wearing my retainers, you can’t even tell!


This posts contains reference to treatment that has been gifted to me, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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