July 4, 2018

Laura Lee Nudie Patootie Full Review & Swatches

A palette that recently caught my magpie eye for makeup, was the Laura Lee Nudie Patootie. I’ll be honest, I didn’t NEED another nude palette. In fact, far from it – I have so many that I barely use the ones I have. So buying another was something that wasn’t even on my radar…However when I saw the picture of the colours, I just melted into a pile of make-up loving blubber. There’s no denying Nudie Patootie is a stunning looking palette. But I know a lot of people have been on the fence about it, so I wanted to write up my review to help you decide whether to make the splurge or save your pennies…

A good nude palette has to have three things in my opinion:

1. A mix of finishes between matte, satin and metallic

2. Some natural and barely-there skin tone shades

3. A good selection of deeper, more pigmented colours

So even from the get-go, Nudie Patootie had ticked these boxes for me. Obviously, I was making this assumption just from looking at the pictures. But when we in the UK lack make up mecca’s to physically shop in (bring Sephora here please!) we have no choice but to base our buying decisions on pictures and reviews etc. So for me, the pictures were enough to convince me to invest. From then it was a case of waiting for it to arrive to decide if it was going to be a hit or miss…

At £38, it’s by no means a cheap palette. It’s not an ‘affordable’ beauty buy that would fall in the budget category for me. It’s the best part of £40 when you’ve paid for shipping too. However most of my palettes do fall around this price point and I’m happy to pay it for palettes that truly perform. Value-for-money-wise, there’s 14 shades for the £38. In comparison, the Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes also have 14 shadows and retail for £43 and the Urban Decay Naked palettes have 12 shades for £39.50. So Laura really went in at the premium end of the price spectrum. But hey, it didn’t put me off – as long as the quality measured up.

Of the 14 shades there’s 8 mattes, 4 shimmers and 2 foiled shadows. The selection is perfect for me because my daily eye looks tend to compile of 2-3 matte shades in the crease, as my transition shades and then a foil or metallic across the lid, blended in with darker mattes in the corner. An everyday smokey look in no time. So for me the selection of finishes was good, and well worth investment.

The first major reaction I had to the palette when it arrived – (after being blown away by how stunning the shades were up-close), was how big the palette was! And each pan looks HUGE. So instantly I felt like I’d got value for money in product terms – which is of course what you pay for. The palette is cased in a pale pink and nude-toned package and it looks simple but elegant.

But when you get to the shadows themselves, it’s then that you get a real feel for Laura’s brand. The shadows actually really surprised me. I expected good from her, but not quite this good. As I generally find with most palettes, the matte finishes are often the ones that don’t have as much of a kick. I think that’s just matte for you to be honest. You’ll need a few layers to get a deep colour payoff, and the Nudie Patootie mattes are no different. The matte shades are delicate but pretty and somehow Laura has captured the pretty sides of nude tones within this palette – which is rare. There’s something so girlie about the whole palette, and it makes me want to pick it up and use it above many of my other nude palettes.

So the mattes do need an extra layer but then they go on to show good payoff, and they work well with primers too. But the metallic and foils – oh sweet make up heavens. I swoon, and I swoon hard over these. Not quite as creamy as I hoped, more buttery in texture, you’ll need to use your finger to apply them as you just won’t get the same level of magic with a brush. These two finishes require very little product to see the full pay off. They truly pop and I don’t think you’d even need a primer if you didn’t want one. You’d still get an excellent payoff without.

Laura Lee Nudie Patootie Full Review & Swatches In Natural Light, No Flash, No Filter

When applying there’s also very little kick-back. I hate eyeshadow kick-back, it’s the one thing that puts me off a palette. Thanks to these having a buttery texture, you don’t have that problem with these at all, so that’s another sign of good quality and value.

Several people said that with Laura’s first palette, The Cats Pyjammas, the shadows didn’t last very long when worn. This had worried me a bit, because no matter how pretty a palette is, if the shadow disappears from your face by lunch time, then what’s the point? I have to admit that the mattes do require primer to stick around for most of the day, as without this they probably would have a disappointing duration. But seeing as I rarely don’t use a primer (I’m in the concealer-primer fan club) I find that as long as you do that, you’ll get the normal amount of wear that you get from eyeshadows. The foils and metallics also last very well, only sliding into creases from mid afternoon onward.

So for me, the Nudie Patootie palette was a bit of an impulse buy and more of a research purchase (the beauty blogger in me is always wanting to review things for you guys!) But all-in-all it’s a lovely nude palette. Does it offer a shade selection we’ve not seen before? Admittedly, no. But what it does do, is take the normal nude tones and make them just that tiny bit more feminine and girlie. Maybe it’s more of a pink theme, very slightly – who knows? But something about the shades appeals to my inner girlie-girl more than other nude palette in my collection.

There’s also the good selection of finishes and a good-normal level of lasting power (when used with a primer.) So I can hand-on-heart say that it was worth the splurge for me. I definitely reach for this more than my other nude shadow palettes now. So if you’re in the market for a new nude selection then 100% pick this up. And if you’re not, then maybe wait until you fancy a treat. Get Nudie Patootie here.

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