July 18, 2018

How I’m Getting More Body Confident With Upbra

Today I’m going to blog about something that you’ll have never seen me talk about here before. I’m an open book when it comes to pretty much everything, and I’ve blogged about even some of the hardest topics in my life. But one thing I’ve never written about is something that has always been a big issue for me and given me a lot of body hang-ups: my breasts. Or should I honestly say, my lack of them.

You have no idea how hard it is for me to talk about this. As a woman we’re expected to have boobs – it’s what defines our shape, what makes us womanly. Right? So what about the women among us who don’t have any? I’m not talking, small, I’m talking virtually non-existent. I’m talking most-shops-don’t-even-stock-a-bra-that-will-fit small. It’s embarrassing, it’s dictated every single clothing choice I’ve ever made and going on holiday could give me a panic attack at the thought of wearing a bikini in public. If you’ve ever had a body hang up, you’ll know the feeling. 

As a teenager I waited patiently for something, anything to happen in the chest area. But it didn’t. 

My Mum was the same. She used to be the butt of every joke in our family for being flat chested (I hate that term) and then when I was old enough, I became the centre of the jokes instead. My late teens and early twenties were tough. Nights out were the obvious weekend activity but all the dresses my friends wore weren’t suitable and didn’t fit me at the top. I tried everything, every type of bra going and sometimes I managed to fake a good enough cleavage, but mostly I didn’t. I gradually got used to it and as much as I’ve never stopped hating my chest size, I have just accepted it.

I could have spent thousands on plastic surgery – and very nearly did. But having children changes your priorities and for me, I’d never be able to justify thousands of pounds on something like that when I have children to provide for. The last time I looked it was over £5,000 and that’s a life changing amount for a family like mine. So I just never went ahead with it. Instead I accepted my shape, and enjoyed two pregnancies that finally gave me a decent pair – even if only for nine months at a time!

I’m now 30 and the embarrassment is still there. It’s far less prominent – probably because I feel slightly less self conscious about it now. My partner is amazing, and when I say I feel worried or out of place, he’s so reassuring. But it doesn’t change the facts – I am a very small chested woman. And it tugs at my heart strings that on my wedding day I’ll likely not be able to wear the type of dress I want to.

Recently Upbra reached out to me and offered to send me some of their shaping bras. Because I’m so paranoid about my chest, I scanned my social media instantly to see if I’d said anything in a comment to trigger such an email. How did they know to contact me? Of all the bloggers? But it was actually a total coincidence, and a lucky one at that. After browsing their website, I felt this little glimmer of hope. A glimmer I had lost…maybe I would finally find a solution that would give me some sort of cleavage and make me feel more womanly about my shape.

Upbra are different to other cleavage enhancing underwear brands (and trust me, I’ve tried them all.) because the bra stays in the same place while the cups move thanks to the Cleavage Control Straps. So you have full control over the level of boost and cleavage you create. The Cleavage Control Straps are two straps underneath the bra, which you hook into your desired position and this pushes the cup together – without moving the bra. Previously you’d always rely on the bra straps to tighten in order to really pull your breasts upwards and together – often wearing your bra so tight, the straps would dig into your shoulders. But not any more because Upbra moves the cups from within – and it means you can finally wear a strapless bra as a woman with a small cup size – FINALLY!

Pic: Upbra

Pic: Upbra

The unique Cleavage Control Straps give an increase of up to two whole cup sizes – which is a huge difference. But most importantly – it’s comfortable when worn. Usually cleavage enhancing bras are solid, hard and uncomfy. They don’t sit well because they’re having to work so hard to create lift. But these are actually really comfortable to wear and there’s not many bras that boost by this much while also offering comfort.

As well as the comfort, I’d been worried about how well the cleavage would stay in place. Because yes, when worn, cleavage enhancing bras will slowly slip down and you’ll constantly need to re-jig. But the Upbra has vinyl hearts imprinted inside the cup that create extra grip and support. So I think with this and the comfortable material, I can honestly say the Upbra is one of the best cleavage enhancing bras I’ve tried.

The Upbra selection contains strapless, t shirt and multi-way bras in a variety of everyday colours as well as a new swimwear range which really has given me a boost of confidence for my upcoming holiday. While I can’t change the fact that I am small busted, Upbra is helping me increase my confidence in that area by giving me a physical boost and I can say with certainty that it’s one of the better bras I’ve tried for this. And you can’t put a price on a confidence boost.

Check out the Upbra website here.

**This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Up Bra but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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