July 3, 2018

2 Minute Beauty Time – How To Get Happy Summer Feet

During the summer there is often one area that we forget about… When it comes to summer preparations we’ll moisturise and exfoliate, use lip balms for nourishment and apply SPF as often as it’s needed. But quite often we forget about a really key area – our feet. Suddenly we go from boots, socks and wellies in the winter – to flip flops. And our poor feet don’t often know how to adapt. more than that, our feet are like any other area of our bodies – they require regular TLC!

I hate feet. I’m one of those people. I hate my boyfriend’s feet touching me in bed and the only tootsies I don’t dislike are my baby boy’s. After that, they’re a no go for me. And I know lots of other people who feel like that. But just because we don’t like them, it’s no reason to neglect them. In fact, a few minutes a week and your feet will look and feel better – and summer ready in no time.

Buffing Time

Essentially the way your foot sits will depend on how much hard skin your have underneath. But in summer the open shoes we wear encourage the fat pad on our soles to spread outwards – creating more space for the cracking and dry skin. Therefore it’s so essential in summer to buff regularly. Nope, no-one likes talking about it but I can 100% vouch for just how much better your feet look afterwards. I use the Soap & Glory Heel Deal Foot File which has multiple types of files for each section of your feet. Five minutes max and you’ll be done and the results are quite long lasting.

Foot Nutrition 

After buffing, apply a good amount of the Natural Spa Factory’s Sole Food. A thick and nourishing treatment that’s designed for the feet, this will work to soften the skin and enrich it with the nutrients it lacks. Designed to help with dry and cracked heels, this will leave skin feeling a whole lot healthier. Think of it as a smoothie…for your feet!

Sleep Masks

You use sleep masks and night creams, so why shouldn’t your feet enjoy the same intense benefits?! Using the Soap & Glory Heel Deal Snooze Socks and Amazing Foot Cream Marvel will give your feet that face mask feeling. Apply the cream before bed, and slip the Snooze Socks over the top and off to bed. The intense hydration levels will ensure that in the morning your feet feel soft, smooth and moisturised to the max. I love face masks and so giving my feet a matching pamper is a fab idea.

Daily Moisture

Once you’ve rescued your feet from their winter hell with the above steps, then it’s time to continue their skincare plan with just an everyday moisturiser. The Sol de Janeiro Samba Foot Fetish Cream is a great everyday foot cream and it smells just as divine as the original Bum Bum cream. This one contains high levels of hyper hydrating acas and coconut oil – both of which are proven to nourish deeply. But I love that this is non greasy and not slippery because no-one has time to wait for a foot cream to dry everyday!

So after you’ve got your feet happy and ready for the summer you’re good to go. Sport those sexy sandals and slingback without your feet holding you back. And here’s just a few more simple foot-care tips to help this summer:

*Avoid tight materials on new sandals. Go for smooth and soft leather type materials that won’t need ‘breaking’ in and you’ll avoid blisters.

*Pick flip flops with a thicker base in order to provide more support in the long run.

*Avoid going shoeless too often. It can be tempting in summer when by the pool etc but remember that’s where you can pick up everyday feet nasties.

*Get regular pedicures – not just because they look great but it keeps things healthy.

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