June 27, 2018

Ten Things To Pack In Your Holiday Handbag

When it comes to packing for our holidays, we all focus on the suitcase right? We sort our swimwear out, pack our night-out dresses and force in way more shoes than is necessary. (Just me?) But one thing I always neglect and I’m very guilty of, is leaving my holiday handbag packing to the last minute and then having a mad dash round the house literally when I should have been in the car five minutes ago. So to make things easier, I’ve created a little list of the things that we should all remember to pack in our holiday handbag.


 Okay so this is the obvious one right? I think my worst fear is forgetting my passport. From the time I book my holiday I become obsessed with my passport and must know where it is at all times. I get paranoid I’m going to forget it or lose it – probably because five years ago I did just that. Less than a week before I was due to fly to Portugal I realised that between my daily checking that it was still in it’e normal place, that somehow I’d lost it. The panic set in and having to fast-track a new passport in time was the most stressful thing. For this reason I never take for granted the fact that I’ll always know where it is, or remember to pack it!

Cash Passport

Who carries cash any more? I don’t. I barely manage to find a quid for the trolley at the supermarket these days! Plus I don’t feel safe carrying large amounts of foreign currency either. So I use a Cash Passport when I travel and it’s basically like a pay-as-you-go bank card that holds your currency for you to use on holiday. It works the same way as a debit card so you can use it in shops and in cash machines etc. To be honest I’d never take more than a small amount of cash now when travelling, so remembering to pack the Cash Passport.


If you take regular medication then you should pack it in your hand luggage, in a clear bag with the prescription sticker on show. It needs to show the dosage and the name of the recipient (you.) So always remember to pack it in your holiday handbag like I do. (General medical supplies like paracetamol, anti-sickness sachets etc are fine in the hold of the plane etc.)


This might sound silly but I always pack two DVD’s in my handbag. Not for the journey but for when we are away. Lots of modern hotels have TV’s with built in DVD players these days, so we take one or two films with us. When we’re waiting around for the other person to get ready, chilling in the room out of the sun etc, we like to carry on a good box set while we’re away or watch a film we’ve been saving. HMV have a fabulous choice at the moment. One I’m taking this year is Beauty & The Beast and probably The Greatest Showman!


Ever my mother’s daughter, I always have anti-bac/hand sanitizer with me in my handbag. I take cute mini bottles with me in my handbag for holidays, so always sticking below the liquid limit for the airport. But there’s just enough for travelling and arriving at your destination. A quick squeeze and you’re germ free. 


If you ever had the perfect excuse for eating lots of sweeties, it’s going on holiday. When you jet off, the most annoying part of flying is that horrible ear popping you get, right? It really annoys me, especially on the descent because that seems to last longer. So always have some hard boiled sweets to suck on and it helps to get your ears to pop and avoid that foggy head feeling.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream

One beauty product I have in my handbag at all times is the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. It’s also the perfect pick-up for travelling because it moisturises as well as gives coverage without being too heavy or cakey. I find this is perfect for putting on before landing at your holiday destination. Nice colour coverage, healthy glow and ready for the vacay!

Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm

Speaking of beauty products, a flying essential is a good lip balm. The air conditioning on a plane is a nightmare for skin and lips, mine get so dry and feel awful, so always remember to pack a good quality lip balm or treatment. I like the Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm because it’s created to be extremely hydrating and replace lost moisture in the lips. I touch up with this throughout the flight and my lips feel soft and nourished on landing.

Sun Cream

One thing I always used to get cut short on was arriving at my holiday destination and having packed my sun lotion in the suitcase. If you’re landing somewhere hot during daytime, you’ll need some sun cream as you travel to your accomodation etc. The sun can burn your skin in a very short space of time, so I make sure I carry a small tube with me in my handbag. I find the Tropic Skincare Mini Skin Shade is perfect for this. SPF 30 and a cute 100ml size which fits perfectly in your handbag.

Make Up Mini’s

If you’re anything like me, you pack a lot of beauty products (it’s the beauty blogger in me!) But I can’t split it up and like to pack it altogether so when I travel I like to make a pit-stop at World Duty Free and pick up some cute mini’s and Benefit have some seriously fabulous Mini Make Up Sets. I love these because they have small versions of all the things you’d reach for on holiday and there’s different variations to pick from too. (Okay, so not necessarily a ‘pre-pack’ item but more a ‘pick up when you’re travelling’ item!)

So those are my top ten things to pack in your holiday handbag, now you have no reason to forget anything, right?!

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