June 19, 2018

Sunless Tanning – How To Get The Perfect Natural Looking Tan

As someone with very fair skin, I’ve tried a lot of products to help me achieve that all over bronzed look that is usually only achievable with a week of sunbathing on an exotic holiday. Over the years I’ve gone from tanning a lovely golden brown to not tanning at all. Maybe it’s the hormone changes after having children – who knows? But for some reason, once I got past my teens, I stopped tanning – and when on holiday I usually went straight to the red stage. The dangerous stage. 

It’s because of this that I now seek alternatives to get that natural looking bronze colour that I love. (I just feel so much better with a tan, who doesn’t?) Plus I find home tanning is so much easier – no risks, no sun worshipping and if you find the right product, no streaks either! I’ve tried a lot of fake tans, tan accelerators and in-shower tan products in my time. You name it, I’ve probably tried it at some point. But very rarely do I find something that ticks all the boxes for me….

The product

My friends over at Tropic Skincare had just released their new Sun Drench Overnight Tanning Mousse when I was starting to look for a new product to help me get a natural looking colour (the previous brand I tried was way too dark for me – eek!) Having fallen in love with their Sun Drops for a facial tan, I was more than encouraged to try the newest product in their tanning range. And I’ll admit that I had high hopes – based on just how good the Sun Drops are. 

The pre-tan routine

While I was waiting for my Sun Drench Overnight Tanning Mousse to arrive, I got down to pre-tan business: exfoliating. This is the key to a natural looking tan folks – no-one likes the build-up you can get around the wrists, elbows etc. It’s a pain, and more than a tad embarrassing. So a proper exfoliating mitt is essential to achieving the perfect looking and natural tan. Tropic’s own Exfoliating Mitt is only £5 and I have a quick go with this all over before having a shower, and wham, done. So quick and easy. And it’s not harsh on the skin, which is great for the more sensitive areas. After using this, a pre-tan moisturising session is all you need and you’re good to go. (Recommended to do this the day/night before your tan time.) This is all the preparation you need – it’s quick, easy and you’re good to go, no-one likes long and drawn out processes, right?

The application 

After prepping my skin, and my Sun Drench arriving, I was ready to tan. Included with the mousse is its own application mitt. Which makes things even easier and it comes with a pump dispenser to apply to the mitt, ready to rub on gently in simple and circular motions. I recommend that you start from the feet upwards, it’s just easier that way.

 The first thing I noticed was that you could actually see where you were applying the product – which sounds silly but so many tanning products are clear to the eye before they develop. This one has caramel extract to act as a guide and has just enough colour to see where you’ve applied it, and therefore notice if you’ve missed any spots. Again, another reason that it gives the perfect looking and natural tan – no white bits peeking through! The second thing I noticed was how speedy the mousse was to dry. I can’t stand the sticky feeling some products leave behind – but this was non-sticky and dried within a good few minutes. I just pottered around my bedroom going through my bedtime routine as normal while it dried so it really added no time to my normal evening.

When I went to bed that first night after applying, I was completely confident that I’d be waking up with a lovely coloured tan. I trust the Tropic Tanning Range – which isn’t something I say about a lot of tanning products, but my experiences with the Tropic Tanning products had always been so good that I went to sleep excited to see the morning glow! (And I had the added knowledge of knowing it’s been created to avoid transfer to the bed sheets too, which is lucky because mine are white!)

The science

So while you’re sleeping, the mousse does it’s magic. As with all of Tropic’s products, they’re made with all naturally derived ingredients. (And they’re freshly made and vegan friendly.) The knowledge of the science behind the sunless tanning is the reason I had full confidence in waking up with the perfect and even tan was because Sun Drench contains plant allo-melanin which basically works to mimic your skins natural melanin colour. It also contains chlorophyll which works to remove any orange tones, so no need to worry about waking up looking like a dorito!

The results

Waking up in the morning I felt like I’d gone the perfect colour for me – after just the one application. As someone who lives a very hectic life, I need tanning products that produce results within one application – I don’t have time to dedicate a whole week to building up the coverage. The Sun Drench Overnight Tanning Mousse had taken me to a healthy post-holiday bronze in just 8 hours. It wasn’t dark and overbearing but subtle and gentle. I felt like I looked healthy and radiant without being a totally different colour. You’d mistake me for having been on a holiday overnight! The tan was glowing and not a matte sort of colour, so it had dimension in it which is probably why it looked so natural. So many tanning products come up so dark and matte that they look fake instantly, this was completely natural looking and full of healthy glow. AND there was no overbuild on the tricky areas – hurray!

Post-tan time

Sun Drench contains coconut water which helps to encourage hydration levels, so it’s non-drying. But to maximise your tan, moisturise every day, especially after bathing or showering. This keeps things healthy and happy and will encourage the tan to last as long as possible. Five days after applying just one application of Sun Drench and my tan was still going strong. I found when it did start to wear off by the 6th day, it was evenly wearing – none of that annoying giraffe looking patterning. So all I did was fully exfoliate with the mitt, and start the process again.

Another big tip for post-tan time is to grab the Tropic Summer Goddess Shimmering Body Oil. As you’ll see, the oil just looks like liquid gold – and it is! It’s a pure liquid bronze with a lovely shimmer that instantly ups the level of colour on your skin. It’s got added bronze to give the bronzed colour and the shimmer makes the skin look radiant. It’s like giving yourself the post-holiday glow…without the holiday. I find that using this daily on top of my tan, gives it a much deeper colour but also keeps things look shimmery. Or you could always use it alone for a bit of dimension on your normal skin.


For me Tropic’s Sun Drench Overnight Tanning Mousse has ticked all my boxes…

*Its plant derived and natural, so absolutely no nasties to worry about. This always gives me added confidence and I know I can recommend it to all my friends and family because it’s cruelty free and vegan friendly.

*Totally easy process. Even if you’ve never tanned before, this process is one of the most simple and anyone can follow it. Exfoliate first, apply in circular motions and off to bed. Wake up tanned. Voila.

*It’s so quick. Pre-tan time can be done during normal shower time. Application takes roughly ten minutes – take your time, it’s worth it. After this, off to bed and you’re done. So really it’s an extra ten minutes on your bedtime routine one evening for approx 5/6 days of tan.

*The colour is so natural. It’s not dorito-orange. It’s not matte and flat. It’s healthy and radiant – but not only that, it works with your skins own melanin to create the perfect shade for you. So everyone can have full confidence in the colour they’ll be able to wake up with.

So discover the perfect natural looking tan for you, with Tropic.

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**This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Tropic Skincare but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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