June 15, 2018

Summer Scents – Matching Your Perfume To Your Home Fragrance

When it comes to fragrance we all have scents that evoke memories and transport us to another place for a moment or two. Whether it’s the aftershave your first boyfriend used to wear, or the perfume your Nanna used to always buy you at Christmas while you were growing up…no matter what the memory is, scent has a way of allowing us to time travel, even if just for a moment.

It’s not just perfume allowing us to time travel, but scented candles can do a pretty good job too. As a self-confessed scented candle addict, I’m a person who always has a scented candle on the go. I love my house to smell nice, and I use different candles to bring different fragrances into our home. I’m a sucker for good candles that smell great! So when different fragrance brands started to create candles to match your favourite perfumes, I was one very happy lady.

But Acqua di Parma have gone one step further and nailed both elements. They’ve already established their Blu Mediterraneo fragrance collection, which is a stunning range of perfumes and shower gels, all based on capturing the essence of  some of Italy’s best loved cities and destinations. Each fragrance in the collection is created to match the vibe of it’s chosen name-sake. For example Arancia di Capri is every bit as beautiful as the island. They’re known for their oranges so the perfume has a heavy element of citrus with it’s lemon, mandarin and orange essential oils. The combination of which is fruity and fresh, but then there is the heady musk that you’ll notice with all Acqua di Parma scents. They make them smell exclusive and romantic, even the floral tones – which is something I love.

Within the collection you’ll find some of Italy’s most notable destinations as scents, and for anyone who has ever been to Italy – one moment immersed in the scent and you’re suddenly back living your holiday memories all over again. The great thing about all of the fragrances in the collection is that there are three sizes to pick from – 30ml is £38, 75ml is £66 and 150ml is £98. So not only can you pick your favourite Italian spot, but you can pick whichever size suits. However, Acqua di Parma have gone one step further for us and created their La Collezione which is a boxed set of three Blu Mediterraneo fragrances of your choice. You get to pick your three favourites, all in 30ml and they’ll come to you gift boxed as a cute little custom collection. Meaning you can reminisce of all your favourite Italian hideouts in one, and the trio you pick is completely your choice.

As if custom creating your own fragrance set wasn’t special enough, you can also match your perfume to your home fragrance and really bring those holiday memories back to life, with the Blu Mediterraneo Candle Collection. With three of the matching fragrances in candle form, you’ll get up to 10 hours burn time from each mini candle, and the scent level is exactly the same as the perfumes. Gentle and subtle, like the slow and steady winner, you’ll gradually find your home become more and more scented without being overwhelming. It’s quietly confident in it’s scent depth and you’d never think a perfume could smell as good as it does on you, in the home too.

I didn’t know how much I’d love perfume fragrance candles until I started using them, and now I can’t understand why brands didn’t introduce them sooner! If it’s your favourite fragrance then match your home scent to it and you’ll be able to walk around in a little bubble of scent-filled appreciation – and relive those favourite holiday moments.

Shop the Blu Mediterraneo collection here.

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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