June 3, 2018

May Favourites & New In Beauty

Where is this year going? Because all of a sudden we’re in summer, it’s June and holiday season, summer term breaks and cute sundresses are upon us. I love the warm weather, and summer just makes me feel better in every way. Something about blue skies and sunshine just has that effect right? But with another month arriving, it gives me the opportunity to showcase some of my monthly favourites and also talk to you about what’s been new-in this month. May has been a great month, but I feel like I say that every time I write these posts – probably because they’re some of my favourites to write! but genuinely, this could be *possibly* my favourite month for writing this post!

So let’s have a looksie at what’s been a May Favourite and what’s been new in beauty this past month!

Essie Spring Collection 

What more could you want from a spring nail collection than pastels and nautical Mediterranean shades? This spring collection is probably one of the prettiest and on-trend nail polish ranges that I’ve seen this season. There’s a gorgeous warm toned coral which reminds me of terracotta, and a gorgeous combination of teal blue shades and muted mint. I’m not one for wearing different colours on each nail but the way these tones blend and work so well together means you could sport three or more at one time and look fab. They look like they were meant to be worn together. I love the way Essie have created a range for warmer weather without it being the overload of neon and bright tones that flood the beauty shops at this time of year. They’ve done something different with this collection and it’s paid off because it could be my favourite collection from them to date. Grab the polishes from Boots for £7.99 each or Ocado for £6.99 each with your food shopping.

Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask

You’ll likely have seen this all over Instagram and if like me, you have really wanted to try it, then you’ll be so excited to hear that it’s quite a cool face mask. I know everyone raves about it, but as someone who breaks out after using new face masks, I was curious to see how this performed. When using the Pink Clay I was so happy with the texture, I love the tightening feeling you get from clay and mud masks, it’s just my personal preference. As someone who hit 30 this year and has noticed the odd wrinkle begin to form, the fact that this stimulates collagen is a major win for me and I can wholeheartedly say it did a great job at brightening my skin. I had a small break out after the first few uses but as my skin got used to it, this diminished and I’ve not been using this regularly and am loving the results. If you’re a face mask regular like me, this is one you’ll absolutely want to try. Grab it here.

Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Exfoliating Treatment

Now this is one product I LOVE. Anything that’s designed to create more of a matte finish to the skin is a sure-fire winner with me. Designed to be used as a mask as well, this one is fabulous and I’ve become obsessed with it in recent weeks. Creating an exfoliating as magnifying feeling, this mask is vegan free, paragon free and cruelty free – so there’s not a single person who wouldn’t be able to use it. It removes oil and toxins as well as any build up from pollution or make up, so it really cleans out the pores and as it absorbs the oil, your skin looks more matte. I’ve been using this every few days and my skin looks far less shiny than before. So far the Sand & Sky goodies are getting a thumbs up from me.

Mane n Tail Color Protect Shampoo & Conditioner

A haircare brand I’d wanted to try for ages, was Mane N Tail. I’ve been using their Color Protect Shampoo & Conditioner for over a month now and I’m really loving how silky it’s made my hair. When I use it my hair instantly feels softer under the water and I’ve found that once dry, my hair is more shiny and looks and feels softer to the touch. Overall this is making my locks feel healthier, which is great for someone like me who has had a lot of bleach on their tresses. I also really love the smell of this and for a brand that looks so elite, your can pick them up from ASOS for £6.99 each – add them to your next order for lovely feeling hair!

Practk Power Blender

My lovely friends at Sigma have just launched new brand, Practk with some gorgeous and bright beauty sponges. The Practk Power Blender’s arrived recently on my doorstep as a lovely surprise and I am so in love with their colours. Bright tones, these well shaped sponges are latex free and perfect for everyday use. I love the straight edges for getting that girlie contour under the eyes just perfect. And for only $9 each, these don’t break the bank and feel top quality too – as you’d expect from make up tool experts, Sigma. Grab the the Practk Power Blender here.

Beauty & Go Bioactive Beauty Drinks

I recently received a gorgeous selection of drinks from Beauty & Go and they looked and sounded gorgeous. Upon closer inspection I realised they are beauty drinks! Like skincare in a drink. Yes, that’s actually a thing apparently! So these drinks are like giving your body a skincare hit because they contain unique anti-oxidents as well as things called Macro-antioxidents which are more powerful versions of the anti-oxidents that our bodies extract from food. So it’s like a shot of goodness which each drink. Each of the flavours has a different focus, which include a collagen focused drinks and a hyaluronic acid version. If you believe skin looks good from within, then you’ll love these drinks.

Primark Glitter Obsessed Palette

I was recently making a flying visit through Primark and they had some of these palettes by the till. Naturally the magpie in me got excited and added it to my basket without paying much attention…The palette cost me £4 and has a HUGE amount of different colours from bright festival colours to everyday nude tones – and they’re all creamy based glitters. A clear cream holds the glitter, so when applied to the lids, the cream texture sticks them to the lid to showcase the glitter. For £4 the payoff is really, really good. I love glitter on my lids and these apply so easily with no problems and they look fabulous. As you’d expect with a cream glitter, it does fall into the creases after a few hours, but for the price I don’t think you would expect it not to. For the sheer amount of colours, how well performing the pigment is and simply how good overall it is, this is by far one of my best buys of the month!

So let me know which of these goodies will be falling in to your shopping baskets this month!

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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