June 7, 2018

Getting In Shape for Summer

When I first heard about So Shape, I didn’t really pay much attention, but the more I heard and saw, the more intrigued I became. Slowly I began to start wondering if something like So Shape could work for me? I’ve always been a bit cynical of fads and weight loss programs, probably because in all honesty, I hadn’t felt like I needed them before. I’ve always had a high metabolism so if anything, I spent years struggling to put weight on. But that changed for me when I had my second child.

I didn’t put much weight on during my pregnancy, so it wasn’t a case that I had baby weight to ditch, but more than that, my shape just changed completely. My mid-section widened with the birth and…never really went back. So I’ve suddenly had a change in shape that’s actually been quite transformative. Putting on and losing weight is tricky, but a complete change in shape meant that for me, I had no clothes that fit and it’s a nightmare to find the right style to fit my new body shape…

Not just that, but since having Hayden last year, and working from home, I now eat a lot more. I’m a graze eater anyway but now I’m at home, it makes it 10x worse. Plus the foods I like are always on hand – and always from the ‘naughty’ cupboard…

I’m proud that my increased weight and changed shape is like a war-wound from childbirth – isn’t it amazing what the body can do? But each to their own – I’m not the happiest with my own body right now. If you’re not comfortable in your own skin, it makes no difference what anyone says or does. And for me this is the heaviest I’ve ever been. So trying So Shape didn’t seem like the worst thing in the world – especially with the summer coming up and a holiday planned.

So Shape is basically a meal replacement plan. What’s recommended is that you replace two of your daily meals with one of the So Shape ‘Smart Meals’ and then have one (preferably lunch) normal and rule-free meal. You can buy the So Shape plans in 5,14 or 28 day blocks, and I decided to give their two week plan a try.

The Plans themselves include your choice of  ‘Smart Meals’ in the right quantity to cover the duration you pick. There’s 22 variations to pick from which cover everything from breakfast essentials, to soups and flavored meals as well as my personal favourites – the sweet versions!

The ‘Smart Meals’ are safe to use as a full meal replacement because they deliver all the nutrients needed to keep your energy levels up and your body looked after. They’re always high in protein to help with your daily energy levels and usually low in sugar and there’s even vegan friendly varieties available now too.

I started my plan on a week day, which worked best for me because the weekends are when I tend to go silly with treats. So I decided to start on a day that would be easier – a week day as I was anticipating a few days to adjust to things. I wanted to have my ‘Smart Meals’ for breakfast and lunch and then a normal meal with my family at dinner time. In an ideal world this would have been great but I found the hunger those first few days was overwhelming! The shakes do fill you up for quite a while but not having solid food until dinner time was slightly too much for me, especially at the beginning of the plan. So after two days I switched to having shakes for breakfast and dinner and a normal lunch. I found this worked a lot better for me, and I remained on that pattern for the duration of my plan.

The shakes themselves are super easy to mix up and I’d picked a good variety of flavours to ensure I would like them – if the shake is all you’re having, make sure you go for the flavours that appeal to you. I wouldn’t recommend being adventurous with your choices – stick to what you know and limit the potential adapting problems. 

I can’t say there was one of the flavours I actively disliked, although I did play it safe. The soups – especially the tomato flavour – were lovely and really filling. I loved them in the evenings but my favourites were the Brownie Shakes and Choco Coco Shakes – my inner chocolate lover was in heaven and they just tasted like chocolate milkshakes.

I must admit that I found the weekends hard. Being around my friends and family and sticking to the plan was tough – but I’m rubbish with food temptation anyway. I implored myself to carry on, telling myself to think of the bikini bod I wanted. Any longer than 2 weeks and I might have given up, but I pushed through with only the odd moment of falling off the wagon. (Because yes, that happens and anyone who tells you it doesn’t is fibbing!)

So how did I find the results? Drumroll….overall I lost 5lbs. Which I was happy with. Previously when I’ve cut down on things I’ve lost 3lbs in a week myself but never sustained it for more than one week at a time, so 5lbs was a good weight for me. The biggest point I will make though was how good I felt. Not just happy because I persevered, but the detox of cutting out pizzas for lunch or pastries for breakfast, actually really made a difference to how my body felt

For me I’d class my two week plan as more of a detox than a weightloss plan, but then again I don’t have the most weight to loose. I’d recommend this to people who want to shift weight in a slow and steady and most importantly – healthy – way in time for the summer. No matter how much weight you loose on the plan, the feel-god factor kicks in as you’re body feels better for a good detox.

Have a look at So Shape and sign up for your plan and use code: CUSTOMLADY to get 2x the amount of flavours with your plan!

**This is a sponsored post in collaboration with So Shape but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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