Five Happy Things About The GlamGlow x My Little Pony Collection

If you’ve read my blog or seen my Instagram before, you’ll know that one of my favourite face mask brands is GlamGlow. I’ve got a healthy collection of their mud masks and they’re one brand I turn to weekly without fail for skin TLC. I was so excited when they started to introduce ‘normal’ daily skincare into their existing product catalogue because it finally meant I could use GlamGlow on a daily basis. I rate their masks so highly that I knew I’d love the skincare, and I did. (Check out my thoughts on X and X.)

But back to the originals and the true loves of any GlamGlow fan: their face masks. You can’t beat theirs and I recommend them right, left and centre. And then their newest launch dropped and my love for their products increased ten-fold. Because quite frankly, a collaborative range between your favourite face mask brand and one of your childhood favourites was always going to give you the feels…and when I say ‘you’, I naturally mean ‘me’!

Yep, the GlamGlow x My Little Pony collection dropped and girls everywhere squealed with skincare delight. Me very much included. The collection includes three versions of the original Gravity Mud (you can read my original thoughts on that here) but in all of it’s own My Little Pony glory. So let’s get down to the fun, here’s five happy things about the GlamGlow x My Little Pony Collection…

1. It’s Pink

Okay, well one is pink. Then there’s a black and a purple version. But you’ll have seen my Instagram and how much this girl loves pink, so naturally, that’s my FAVOURITE! A PINK FACE MASK! Let’s be honest, it’s a total novelty but if you’re already on board with the masks then this is just another girly reason to adore them. 

2. It’s Glittery

A twist on the original Gravity Mud, this one has glitter in the product itself, meaning when you put it on, you’ll sparkle like your inner-goddess. #GlitterMask means that the mask is very magical, and what more could you want?!

3. It’s My Little Pony

If you grew up in the late 80’s and 90’s then you’ll know that the original My Little Pony range was a staple of your childhood. It was for mine anyway. I’m a sucker for all things novelty and the fact that Hasbro have teamed up for this #MagicandMasking collaboration means we can all live our childhood dreams all over again but with the adult twist we need to make it acceptable. 

4. It’s Peel Off

As with the original Gravity Mud, this mask is applied with a brush-like applicator and left to dry. The nifty thing about it is that when your time is up and it’s time to take it off, you just peel it away. I’ve come to love the peel off masks because there’s zero mess, which means you can get your skincare hit even when you’re in a rush. No fuss, lots of pink and glitter and you can do it in 15 minutes flat. Winner.

5. It’s Not Just Novelty, It’s Actually Good For The Skin

As with any GlamGlow product, these face masks deliver a substantial amount of skincare goodness. With TeaTox and Marshmallow, the mask works to firm and tighten without any pain or discomfort. I find that my skin looks smoother after use and feels more supple, which as I’ve started to show fine lines as the first sign of ageing – is actually a lifesaver. I enjoy GlamGlow masks at least once a week because I can’t get regular facials (That Mum life yo) and have found that if I take care of my skin on the daily, as well as investing in regular use of good quality face masks like these, then my skin can look just as fresh as post-facial.

So if you want to feel totally girly while you face mask, re-live your childhood and get a healthy skincare hit, then treat’yo’self to one (or all three) of the masks on the GlamGlow website.

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