June 26, 2018

Eyeshadow – The Glitter Edit

Are you a festival lover? Off on a girls holiday? Or even just a make-up junkie who hasn’t missed the huge rise of popularity for glitter eye looks? I’ve never been to a festival and rather than a fun girls holiday, I’m off on a much-needed quiet break to Greece next month. But that doesn’t mean I’ve missed the glitter-boat, or that I can’t love the trend as much as the next girl. No, if you think you’re too old, too ‘safe’ in your style for Glitter Eyes, then my friends you are WRONG!

Anyone and everyone can enjoy and rock a good glittery eye. If you’re feeling brave you can go beyond just the eye and add to the face, and then even the body too. Gone are the days of glitter being for special FX and the likes. Nowdays glitter has made it’s comeback, marked it’s territory and much like contouring – it’s stopped being a seasonal trend and become a make up style staple. Glitter is here for the long-haul folks. And I for one couldn’t be happier.

One thing I will say is that for ages the thought of glitter terrified me. I get really irritated when I use glitter products and get fallout all over my face. That tiny spot of glitter that sits on your cheek and you can’t get off, is the sole reason I kept putting off making my way into the glitter arena. But Anoushka at Anoushka Loves sold me. She’s always showing her gorgeous collection of Glitter Eyes glitters and the looks she creates with them are outstanding. So I finally felt confident enough in their products to not just dip my toe in the glitter water, but full-on swim in it….

I say this because I didn’t just go for one or two colours, I feel down the rabbit hole of their gorgeous website and by the end of it, my wish-list was as long as my arm. Literally. So I went all out and picked their Build Your Own Palette and selected my colours for the perfect glitter palette – custom to moi.

I then had to narrow down my choice of shades – which was tough because I wanted pretty much every available colour. I decided to stick with warm tones, golds and rose gold hues as those are the shades I wear the most when I want a glittery eye.

I picked nine Pressed Glitter Shadows and this is where it got fun! When they arrived I couldn’t believe how glittery they were – I know that sounds silly, but the shadows are just pure glitter. Not like an eyeshadow base with a bit of glitter, these are all pure glitter. So the eye looks you can create with them will be every bit as sparkly as the ones you see the celebs don.

The texture is also quite cool – there’s very little fall out because each pressed shadow just glides on like a cream. Meaning none of those annoying cheek particles you can’t get off. The creamy like ability to apply them, means that they stay in place really well, even without an eyeshadow primer – although I always advise using concealer as the best primer to give your shadows something to stick to. If you don’t want to go for a primer with these, you’re fine to go without.

Lasting ability was another little treat, I didn’t find that these came off ‘when dry’ and they sat very nicely in place all day. There was a small amount of leaking into the fine lines towards the end of the day, but I’ve yet to find any non-powder shadow that doesn’t do this at some point. Overall the lasting power was super impressive.

Each of the individual Pressed Glitter Shadows is £3.99 so you can afford to splurge on your favourite shades and build an enviable glitter collection. For me these have given me the perfect introduction into pressed glitter eyeshadow and I can see now why everyone raves about them. Now I’ve got them, you’ll be seeing a lot more glittery eye looks from me over on Instagram.

Make sure you check out the Glitter Eyes website for a huge range of colours, not just in the Pressed Glitters, but loose glitters, palettes, highlighters and many more. Basically they’ve got all your glitter make up needs covered!

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