Clarins Summer 2018 Collection

When it comes to seasonal make up, there’s few brands who nail a summer launch like Clarins do. Every year I find myself getting just that little bit excited ahead of the summer because I know whatever they have in store for us, will be wonderful. And the Clarins Summer 2018 Collection did not disappoint.

As mentioned, I wait with excited expectation for the release. But so do many, many others. Which is why the collection is always so popular and the annual bronzer compact is proof of this – it sells out so darn fast! If there’s one cult product that the Clarins Summer Collection is renound for – it’s that compact…

This year the compact itself, the Summer Bronzing & Blush Compact was every single bit as amazing as I hoped. The relaunched version sees a mixture of three tones on the bronze and peach spectrum, all pressed in the compact and – PRAISE THE MAKE UP GODS – it’s a matte version! I love shimmer and highlight but I prefer my cheek products to be matte and then I can decided if and where I want my shimmer. So this is without a doubt my favourite of the entire range. The bronzer gives just the right out of gentle coverage for swiping across the face and body, and I can not wait to take this on holiday and apply it over my tan. I can imagine this being my everyday bronzer when I’m away.

Because it’s Clarins, the quality is immense too – it’s gentle but not powdery. And not quite creamy either so it doesn’t encourage oil secretion. Basically it falls in the rare category of buttery and gentle – it’s still a powder texture to apply, but it sits on the skin with a high level of hold. There’s very little fall out, which means you get the right colour coverage exactly where you want it, giving you the full control. It’s basically just made me fall in love with it, and the pretty flamingo pattern on the outside is just too cute as well.

Sadly, it’s already sold out on the Clarins website *sobs* BUT if you browse your local department stores then you may be able to track one down, but one thing is for sure – if you do find one, don’t pass it by. Snap it up because you’ll not be getting second chances to get this one! 


Next up in the Clarins Summer 2018 Collection is the 4-Colour Pen, which gives me all the retro feels. I used to have one of these pens in my pencil case as a schoolgirl, so now Clarins have a make up version, I feel like I’m reliving my childhood dreams as an adult! The limited edition pen has four different colours to line your lips and eyes with.

There’s three to pick from based on your preferences and I went for the one with a nude lip liner and then a turquoise, black and brown eye liner. Used exactly like the old school pens, you click down for your chosen liner and click back up when your done. I think these are perfect for holidays because it saves you taken multiple pencils with you, and keeps them all in one place. A summer-bag essential.

Keeping up with the sun kissed theme, Clarins have added a bronzed version to their existing SOS Primer range. The 06 Bronze is a beautiful primer for the face that you use underneath make up. To be honest, I will be wearing this alone on days when I’m by the pool because it gives a lovely tint that’s subtle and sun kissed and it’s not too heavy on coverage. The SOS Primers are something I’ve used before and really rated, and I know lots of others do too. I’m so pleased that there’s now a bronzing version to pick from too, because it feels like their primer range is now full of every sort of primer a girl could want.

Not missing out a dedicated lip product, you’ll also find a brand new flavour in the best-selling Lip Comfort Oils, and this one is Blackberry. Perfect for the summer and it smells and tastes amazing! The Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil is a product I recommend for keeping in your bag everyday, you’ll be amazed at how often you reach for it. A nourishing lip oil that really creates a hydration barrier for the lips, it’s gentle to use and lightly scented too. I rate this above other products of this type because the shine/gloss it leaves you with is lovely but it’s completely non-sticky. (I hate sticky finishes on lip products!) It comes with it’s own sponge tip applicator for precision and it’s great for just whipping out during the day to keep lips looking and feeling nourished and hydrated as well as well covered with a nice shine finish. I have several of the Lip Oils and this one has been a welcome addition to my collection.

So there you have it! All the goodness from the favourite Clarins Summer 2018 Collection. The bronzing palette is by far my favouite but that’s because I feel like I wait all year for it! But I am actually in love with every item in the range because you really can’t go wrong with the summer essentials and they’re all perfect for keeping in your bag during warmer months and/or when you’re on holiday.

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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