May 1, 2018

Three Fragrances To Mix Up Your Perfume Collection

When it comes to perfume we all have our own tastes don’t we? We know what we like and rarely tend to step outside of our comfort zone with that – and to be honest, what’s wrong with that? No-one would realistically buy a perfume that they didn’t absolutely love, because if you don’t like it, you’re not going to wear it are you? But with so much choice it can sometimes be tricky to see the really good hidden treasures in the fragrance field. So I’ve put together a little list of three fragrance that you may not have considered before, but they’ll mix up your perfume collection in a really great way…

Shay & Blue Black Tulip

Hands down, this scent has absolutely blown me away. It’s the scent I didn’t know I’d been looking for. I’ve been on the never ending hunt for the perfect musky fragrance, and Black Tulip ticks every box. It’s feminine with a heavy musk level from its soft wood base note. It’s sultry and definitive with a really seductive edge. I’ve never tried a fragrance quite like this – and I adore it. It’s not one I’d have tried based on the name or anything, but that’s why I’m so excited about it – if you’d usually overlook this because it’s not found in your local department store, then you’re going to be as excited by it, as I am. Shay & Blue are a boutique perfumery – they know their stuff and their level of professionalism and experience comes through in their scents. It’s just on another level and will mix up your perfume collection for sure. In the very best way. You can get a 30ml or 50ml here.

L’Occitane Terre De Lumiere L’eau

When it comes to spring and summer, quite often we’ll pick the more fruity and fresh scented perfumes. The L’Occitane Terre De Lumiere L’eau is the perfect fresh scent for the warmer months. It’s one of those fragrances that’s light and dainty, very feminine and reminds me of an English Rose Garden. It’s floral and sweet but not overpowering, it’s the sort of fragrance you find yourself wearing a lot because it’s just so easy to wear and suits all occasions. The reason Terre De Lumiere L’eau will mix up your perfume collection is because it starts off light an dainty but evolves as you wear it to something with a tiny amount of warmth, so as the hours progress, you find the scent changing into something that reminds you of early evening while you’re on holiday. You won’t have a perfume like this in your collection and everyone needs light and breezy for the summer. Get it here from L’Occitane.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Twinkle

Not only will this scent mix up your fragrance collection, but the bottle is so unique that you’re unlikely to have anything like it on your vanity! Combining the typical scent of the Daisy fragrances, this one adds fruity and fun edginess. It’s got a palma violet side to it, mixed with a musky heart of jasmine and lots of floral notes too. This creates a wonderful and sensual take on the Daisy collection and brings something very new to the Daisy range – which I absolutely love. This one is light-hearted and for those who want something fun and flirty, without it being overbearing. I think women in their twenties and thirties alike can wear and enjoy this version of the Daisy classic.

So if like me, you like to mix up your fragrance collection for the season, then these are my top three fragrances for sprucing up your collection and bringing something new to your vanity.

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