The New Extra Firming Duo From Clarins

My mum has always sworn by Clarins. 

It was the first premium skincare brand she introduced me to as a teenager and she still to this day swears by them. Her dressing table is adorned with her trusty favourite products and although she tries new things once in a while, she will never stray far from her beloved Clarins. It’s one of the reasons I love the brand so much – if they’ve been good enough for my mum (and she looks fabulous at 52) then they’re good enough for me. 

I have loved trying out key lines across their makeup and skincare collections in the past couple of years. I’d used their Cleanser and Toner since my teens and toyed with some of their moisturisers too. And makeup wise, nothing beats a Clarins cheek palette. So when I heard about the new Extra Firming Day and Night creams, I was happy to give them a go – especially as I’m not as young as I used to be, and thanks to my two little angels/monsters I am seriously showing some appearance of lines under my eyes. 

So the brand new Extra-Firming Day Cream and the Extra Firming Night Cream are the combination duo of dreams for women over the age of thirty and up. Suitable for all skin types, they work together to give the skin it’s fullest moisturisation and work to firm too. Which is never a bad thing, right ladies?

The way in which the firming element works is by reducing the look of fine lines with a plumping effect that reduces the way wrinkles and lines lappear. The reduced appearance of these areas will give the skin a brighter appearance that instantly helps things look more youthful. Well, that’s what it says anyway, so how did it measure up?

I massively noticed that my skin felt softer and looked brighter after using the day cream. My whole face was a bit more radiant but mostly the biggest change was in how good my skin felt. Clean and soft, and just thoroughly nourished. Like my skin was working at it’s best possible level. I didn’t find that either the day or night versions were too heavy, which is something I usually dislike about face creams. These were light and very quickly and easily absorbed into the skin. They didn’t go greasy or oily, and just soaked in with ease. Products like this are the quiet ones – the warriors that you need on your vanity and no matter how many rivals you try here or there, you’ll always come back to this.

The Extra Firming Night Cream gave me the confidence that my skin was getting it’s nightly nourishment when I was sleeping. It smells the same as the Day cream and performs in the same way, I like to think it’s a slightly more concentrated version of it’s Daytime sister.

The duo together were a nice substitute for my normal moisturiser and I can’t say a bad word about either of them. As someone with only very minimal fine lines (I’m only thirty) I can’t say whether or not my face looked younger, as I like to think it already does! But the biggest difference was that my eye area felt tighter where the lines are forming, which is enough for me to be please with it’s results. Clarins have never let me down before and with this, they’ve made it clear that they’ve produced another winner to add to the list.

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