April 13, 2018

Two Minute Beauty Time – Filorga Time Flash Express Smoothing Active Primer

My new Two Minute Beauty Time series starts today – woohoo! Basically I’ve done a lot of reading recently on marketing, social media trends and things like that…yes, I’m that cool. And one of the main communication trends these days is that people want and need info in a fast and concise way. We log online or onto social media for what we’re looking for – whether it’s a browse, a catch up or a specific piece of content, but we want it delivered quickly. There’s so much choice out there these days and I wanted to work on a new mini-series of weekly posts where I’ll be focusing on ONE beauty product that’s blown me away. It will be quick, punchy and informative. (I hope!)

So drumroll please…the first product in my Two Minute Beauty Time series is…the Filgora Time Flash Express Smoothing Active Primer. Filgora are a brand that you may have overlooked before, I’ll be honest – I did too. However I’ve been trying several of their products recently and I am so impressed! 

The Time Flash Express Smoothing Active Primer is basically a tube of magic. 

Actual make-up magic

After your daily skincare application, apply this all over as your daily primer. It smooths lines and wrinkles to the point where make up goes on seamlessly. I’ve been noticing that the lines around my eyes especially are becoming more defined *sobs* but this has really helped to fill them back in on a daily basis. What’s more is that the magic blurring effect it also creates can be used over the top of make up too. So during the day, when make up may no longer be looking it’s best, you can apply this and give yourself a magic touch up. It’s insanely good for those of us with oily skin – trust me, I’m using this daily and I love it.

As if applying your make up like a smooth canvas wasn’t enough, here’s what else you need to know about this weeks beauty time babe…

* The ingredients within the primer are inspired by actual aesthetic medicine – so you can trust the technology behind your touch ups.

*Contains Hexapeptide which is the magic ingredient to give a a botox-like effect that relaxes expression lines.

*Works to blur pores, lines and wrinkles.

*Tightens as it’s applied which is the method behind filling those lines.

*Contains wonder ingredient Hyaloronic Acid (Must be a winner!)

*Also contains collagen to improve skin elasticity and tone.

…So while yes, it’s predominantly a primer, this wonder product works to do the same thing as botox, combat the signs of ageing as well as lines and large pores AND it does it all without stinging or any sensation whatsover…See why I’m raving about it? I take this everywhere with me now and for a brand I overlooked before, these guys are getting major love from me right now for this.

Get the Filgora Time Flash Express Smoothing Active Primer here. 

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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