April 18, 2018

Twenty Second Tan – With Tropic Skincare


Cue everyone swarming to beer gardens, wearing strappy tops and flip flops. When spring finally arrives in the UK, we embrace it like a long lost relative – grateful that Uncle Winter has gone for another year. For me that means one thing – it’s time for the tan to come out. I naturally don’t tan, I burn. Which is really annoying, so I have to rely on the fake-it-til-you-make-it method and use some form of fake tan. I’ve tried so many over the years, literally hundreds and some have been pretty good. But what I’ve never, and I mean never found, is a good facial tan. Multiple times last year I tweeted asking for good ones to try and each time I found moderate or badly performing versions. I usually just use a standard fake tan on my face, but it’s so bad for the skin and wears off unevenly with the use of daily skincare. I really thought there was no wonder product out there to help give me a tan on my face…

So when I first tried the Tropic Skincare Sun Drops, I was hoping for big things but prepared for anything. I can tell you from the get-go, these drops are by far the best facial tan product I’ve ever used. Bar none.

I recently started using mine with the Tropic Skincare Skin Revive Nourishing Skin Concentrate. I apply two pups of the concentrate and mix in the drops of facial tan, then apply all over my face and neck. I tend to stick to about 4 drops of the gradual tanner because I find that this gives the best, even colouring for me. (I’m uber pale!) Once I’ve mixed and massaged into my skin I leave it to settle while I dry my hair or what-not and then apply my daily make-up and think nothing more of it. Over the day I will notice that my skin gradually develops in colour – even after just one use. And After 2-3 days I’ll usually have the right colour of tan for me. That’s how quickly it works. Once I’ve reached this colour, I then only apply the tan once every few days as a maintenance application. Provided I exfoliate thoroughly once a week then I find I don’t get noticeable wearing either. So there’s none of the patchy giraffe looking tan after a while either – praise the tan gods!

Because you mix the tan drops with either a moisturiser or something similar to the lovely Nourishing Skin Concentrate, you can see where it’s applied, because the drops will turn the product mixture brown. I find this makes it so easy and quick for me to apply. A quick rub all over the face, neck and chest and I’m good to go. Twenty seconds max. So it’s great for those of us with busy lives.

The magic behind the Sun Drops is that they contain plant allo-melanin, which basically helps to mimic the colour of skin. Because like all of Tropic Skincare products, they’re naturally derived. So pretty much everyone can use and enjoy their products, regardless of what your stance is on beauty products. It’s always nice to find brands that create things that work for everyone and actually provide great results.

I can’t recommend the Sun Drops highly enough. I’ve been looking for a facial tan that doesn’t streak, and will last through my daily skincare regime. Most I’ve tried disappear after my evening routine because I’m quite thorough with my skincare. But these Sun Drops last and endure the process, and the gentle nature of them means they don’t encourage breakouts either – which is another common trait with facial tan products. This one is durable, gentle and easy to use. It gives full control over the colour because once you’re there, just tone down the usage to maintain it. Plus it’s only £22, which for a product that actually works, is worth every penny.

I happen to absolutely love the Skin Revive Nourishing Concentrate too, I’ve found it really nourishes my skin and works to create more of a radiant glow, which combined with my tan has made my face look really healthy: like I’ve caught the sun and my skin is happy. It mimics a natural looking tan and I can’t tell you how happy I am to FINALLY have a facial tan that works for me.

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