April 23, 2018

There’s A New Beauty Sponge In Town

When it comes to make-up tools, we all have our trusty favourites. We’ll likely try new brands, new products and special tools for specific roles, but how often do we completely abandon our fail safe brands in replace of another? For me to replace a trusty product – whether a make-up applicator or product itself, it has to be outstanding. I’ve used a lot of amazing products over the years, but to push previous Holy Grail’s aside and replace them, something has to truly shine and do it’s job to an outstanding level.

When I first discovered Bliss Beauty International or BBi as it’s better known, it was their make up sponges that caught my attention. Where pretty much every other beauty sponge I’ve tried has a one-size-fits-all mentality, these don’t. There’s different sponges for different things – which I really like because quite frankly I have learnt that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to make up application. The BBi blenders come in multiple sizes and shapes and are each designed to do specific jobs. Far from being over-priced because they’re more ‘precise’ as you’d expect, these retail between £7.95 and £9.95 each. Which sits in a good position in the middle of the price spectrum for make up sponges.

I’ve got the Precision Blender, the Contour Blender and the Dual Perfect Blender. Let’s start with the…

Dual Perfect Blender

This sponge is amazing, one of the very best I’ve tried – and that’s saying something. It’s dual purposed you see, but not in the sense that it will do two things with the same texture – this sponge actually has two completely different textures at each end. The black end is heavier with a more dense type of sponge, and is completely curved in a soft ball shape. This is the part you use for the larger sections of your face – cheeks, forehead etc. With the traditional blotting method you use when applying make up with a sponge, I noticed significantly less blotchiness than I have noticed from some other sponge brands.  Then there’s the noticeably softer and more flexible grey end with a finer point. The softer material of this end means it’s much better for around the eyes and nose – the areas you need to be more delicate with. Plus the shape means it gives a really precise coverage option as you can get into those smaller spaces. What I love about all of the make up sponges from BBi is that they’re designed to not absorb the make up. So it holds your product on top without absorbing it – even when it’s not damp! Hallelujah. I sometimes struggle getting just the right level of damp with make up sponges, so applying dry is perfect and you don’t find that the majority is soaked up by the sponge. Like I said, there’s a reason I’m raving about these, and this is it. Plus for £9.95 the Dual Perfect Blender is worth every penny.

Contour Blender

I’ve only been able to find a few make up sponges that are specifically designed for contouring, so I was excited to give this one a whirl too. I am a brush contour kinda gal, but that may quite possibly be because I’ve never found the right sponge to get the same chiseled look. The BBi Contour Blender is quite uniquely shaped for a make up sponge, it’s rounded at the bottom but with sharp lines to help create that definition. There’s also a flat edge at the top which helps to do those smaller patches of contour with. Plus it’s great for powders as well as creams and liquid products too. This one also has the same dense texture as the bottom half of the Dual Perfect Blender. Only £7.95, the Contour Blender is a pro make up sponge for a very pretty price.

Precision Blender

More of the traditional egg shaped make up sponge that you expect, the Precision Blender is your go-to-gal for everyday. Traditionally I’d have used this one the most, always relying on the normal egg shape style. But that’s before I found the Dual Perfect Blender (which yes, I know I’m going on about, but seriously it’s an amazing sponge!) This one is great for powdering and baking I find. I love that I can apply my setting powder as well as my finishing powder and bake with it too. It’s easy to use, trusty and reliable, so if you’re making an order from BBi then it’s worth investing in one of these Precision Blenders too.

Silicone Duo Blender

Now this one had me worried because the bad beauty blogger that I am, had never tried the silicone blenders that people have been using the past year or so. I’ve been intrigued but if I’m honest, a bit scared of using them. I couldn’t get my head round the thought of them…the only type of texture I could associate them with, was the type of…ahem…chicken fillet style enhancers you’d put in your bra for a bit of extra lift now and again! But I was very pleasantly surprised to find this was a very soft and flexible type of material – and totally not what I expected. The super soft and gentle material is the perfect alternative if you’ve not mastered a sponge because these mean there is zero product wastage – so your favourite bottle of foundation is going to last longer. I’m still working on my method of application with this, but so far I’m more impressed with it than I expected to be. And it doesn’t resemble a chicken fillet at all! Have a better look here.

Having found such a fab range of sponges, I wasn’t expecting BBi to offer some great brushes too. And yet alas, they do. Seriously this brand is one of those that once you know about, you’ll swear by because their products are not just affordable but professional level, so you know that you can trust and rely on them. I think my favourite brush from them is the Powder Brush which is the softest powder brush I’ve ever felt, and it applies my setting powder like a dream. It’s lightweight in the bristle with enough weight in the handle to perfectly allow you to position your hand for an even and generous coverage. It just feels like you’ve got a top level brush in your hand when you’re using it. Not just the Powder Brush though, they also have Kabuki and Buffing brushes too, so you can top up your everyday make-up brushes while your shopping too.

One thing I need to mention to you all is the range of lashes that BBi also have – see what I mean about them being one of those brands you’ll swear by for everything?! (P.S they’re going to be at the IMATS this year so stop by their stand and pick these up!) But yes, they have a wonderful selection of lashes too, and I’ve got a couple which I’ve been loving. If you’ve been following me on Insta Stories and Instagram recently then you’ll known that I live in false lashes these days. I just much prefer the way they look and my pet hate is mascara under the eyes, so falsies are my go-to. BBi have a big selection of lashes in both delicately sultry styles and the full-on glam ones. So you can pick which works best for your style. They’re easy to trim, perfectly styled and they last me ages without needed to say goodbye and replace with a new pair. Have a look at the range here.

So as you’ll see, BBi are a brand that you may not have heard of before now, but you’re going to be glad you have done. They don’t just do amazing sponges but some fabulous and essential everyday make-up tools for everything you could think of. Some brands deserve way more recognition, and for me BBi is one of them. If you buy one thing make sure it’s the Dual Perfect Blender – and then pick up the others as a bonus too. And don’t forget to visit them at the IMATS 2018!

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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