April 30, 2018

Six Reasons To Try SBC Gels Collagen Body Polish

You’ll remember that a few months ago, I spoke to you guys about why now is the right time to introduce collagen into your skincare routine. Since then I’ve been a fond fan of the SBC Gels range of products and have extended my collection two fold. QVC favourites, SBC have proved time and time again that their products perform and offer a high intensity type of skin and body care. So when I heard that my original favourite collection, the Collagen range, was being extended to include the brand new Collagen Body Polish, it was a total no-brainer that I’d be giving it a go. 

So let’s talk facts, let’s talk about why the Body Polish is going to perform just as well as it’s sisters in the range, and why you’ll want to try it..

We asked – they delivered

Speaking to my friends at SBC, they told me that their much valued customers had asked for a slightly more gentle scrub – which is why they created the new Body Polish. A brand who listens to their customers needs recognition in my books. So many brands just whack out products for a purely monitisation reason, but SBC have created this because their customers asked for it.

The texture

Guys seriously. I can not put into words how this texture feels. At first it’s a bit scary! Whoever heard of a Body Polish that’s got a mousse texture? (I hadn’t!) And at first, I was so unsure how something would polish and cleanse with such a light and fluffy texture – it literally looks like whipped cream. But it works, and it’s different, and I kinda like things that are a bit different, because sometimes skincare can get a bit samey.

Contains Pumice

Despite it having a mousse-like texture, it polishes really gently because within the product is pumice – which is what creates the gentle exfoliation process when using it. The pumice feels like very fine sand, so gentle to use and there’s just the right amount inside. Basically, some exfoliation and polishing products will be overloaded with pumice and sugar etc. Sure they exfoliate your skin well, but if you’re anything like me, you put off doing it as much as you should because it’s actually quite uncomfortable and can leave skin red raw. The genius thing about the new Collagen Body Polish, is that it’s not overloaded with pumice particles, but has just the right amount to gently buff away dirt and dead skin cells, to perfectly polish the top layer of skin. Gentle exfoliation that’s none abrasive and at it’s finest.

Marine Collagen 

As with the other products in the range, the key ingredient is the Marine Collagen. Which let’s be honest, we could all benefit from. The greatest benefits of Marine Collagen are that it not only encourages hydration levels, but it’s a key anti-ageing component. (Remind yourself why you would want to introduce collagen into your skincare now, if you haven’t already.) And heck, I need all the help I can get thanks to two kids! It also contains wonder ingredient Vitamin E to brighten tired skin and give it back some youthful glow.

Suitable for all skin types

When it comes to body care lots of products say they’re suitable for everyone. But the Collagen Body Polish actually is. It’s gentle enough to be used by even the most sensitive of skin types and it performs enough to provide results too. Sensitive or mature skin doesn’t always appreciate exfoliation, but with this you’ll be able to buff away those tough areas on the wrists and elbows etc without leaving skin red raw from scrubbing. Hurrah for exfoliation that doesn’t hurt or cause discomfort!

The scent

From the Passion Flower Seed Oil, this smells divine. And I’m talking, seriously nice. It’s gentle fragrance is lovely and non-offensive and it smells fruity and fresh without being overpowering. Once used it leaves the skin retaining some of that lovely scent afterwards too, so my body feels softer and smells great too.

SBC recommend using the Collagen Body Polish twice a week, in doing so your skin will respond happily to it’s gentle exfoliation and refresh session. It will look and feel softer, show radiance and smoothness that will give the appearance of younger skin and of course, everyone should add some collagen into their skincare regime.

Get the Collagen Body Polish today.

**This is a sponsored post in collaboration with SBC Gels but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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