April 26, 2018

How To Texture Your Hair For Summer

If there’s one look I love for summer, it’s textured, beach waves. I have the finest hair known to man,  it’s thin but long (ish) and I have to wash it almost everyday because as fine-haired girls know, the flat head look on day two post-wash, is not a good look for anyone… When it comes to creating texture in the hair, I’ve become a pro at finding the best (and worst) products to help. I like to think I’ve got a good stack of products that work for me, depending on what style I’m going for – one thing is for sure, all products do not work for all styles. So it’s important to pick hair care products that will perform for your chosen style, otherwise you’re likely to be disappointed. 

The elusive beach waves look easy, carefree and natural don’t they? When in reality, for 99% of us, it’s taken ages to achieve. My hairdresser once told me that beach waves are one of the hardest type of curls to achieve on your own. (Which made me feel better because I was pretty pants at achieving them then!) However there have been some new products to hit the UK hair market recently, and wonderfully they’ve been perfect at helping me texture the look of my hair – and get those gorgeous beach waves we all live for in the summer.

IGK are a hair brand that are well known in the States but only launched here recently. If you’ve got fine hair like me, or you just want something to give you some oomph, then check their goodies out. They scream beach and surfer girl with a Californian vibe that filled me with confidence for getting me some gooood beach waves. So let’s talk about how they’re helping to texture my hair for the summer…

Starting with their Call Time Styling Primer, this is like the foundation primer you build your make up upon – but in hair version. A mist infused with coconut water (the Holy Grail ingredient these days) this smooths the hair and protects it throughout the day. It basically takes care of your hair for pre-styling. Which seems like the most normal thing in the world now I’ve been using it, so why I didn’t primer my hair before, I’ll never know! Because of the coconut water, it helps to keep hair hydrated so it’s good for the summer, hurray! So between prepping the hair for styling and protecting it throughout the day, there isn’t a better base to have for your locks.

For styling I then use the IGK Beach Club Volumizing Texture Spray – which is basically my version of hair heaven in a can. This styling spray basically textures your hair – without salt – so it’s not heavy or weighed down. It gives the effect of beach blown hair, without the salt to weigh it down and dry it out. It’s sprays like a hairspray and it’s very light and buildable so if you find during styling that you need more lift, just add a bit more. Like I said, it’s magic because it doesn’t weigh hair down.

I apply the Call Time Primer first and then after blow drying, if I’m styling for those waves, I apply the Beach Club Spray as I go and voila, cute and simple – lightweight – beach waves. They make it so much easier to achieve the beach look, even if your styling tool method isn’t quite there yet.

As someone with coloured hair, I need products that won’t damage the colour or cause it to fade early. Neither of these do that and I love that they’re formulated with natural ingredients so they’re cruelty free and vegan friendly. Basically the magic cans of hair goodness are also actually good inside too. Who knew natural hair products could perform so well? 

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