March 14, 2018

How To Take A Great Selfie (And An Extra Special Competition!)

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When it comes to taking a selfie I am actually really shy. Scream, horror, yes, I know. A blogger who hates having their photograph taken! Eek, I just broke the mould didn’t I?! However this year has been the year I decided to start changing my self-conscious issues, pull out some confidence and embrace my ability to stand in front of a camera. Short of paying someone to follow me around all day and take my picture, it’s up to me to take Insta-worthy selfie’s that I like, and will make me feel more confident about having my photo taken. With that said, there’s some really simple tips that help with capturing the best possible selfie. So even if you don’t feel confident, you can look it!

1. Embrace your ‘best side’ 

We all have a ‘side’ we prefer and that photographs better – or so we think. But ultimately you’ve got to like your selfie before you put it out there. So work to your best side – if you’re happy with your angle, you’ll be happy with your selfie.

2. Work on your position

Simple things like your position and body language make a huge difference in a photo. If you’re not comfortable then you’re going to look it. Find out what position captures your best side but is also comfortable – for example, laying down vs standing up. Everything works differently for each person.

3. Relax!

Being rigid in a photo shows, relax, breathe and take your time. If you’re uptight, it will show in your pics.

4. Tilt your chin down and hold the camera up

A tip from selfie queen Kim Kardashian is to always shoot from above pointing down. Necks aren’t easy to photograph well when you’re holding a camera/phone yourself. So try to avoid those double chin situations by holding the camera up and pointing down.

5. Lighting is your best friend

Shadows don’t work well on the face – unless you’re going for a moody and sultry kinda selfie! And lighting is the biggest key tip in taking a great selfie – you need a great light source. Face the light, a natural source is great but also, a light up phone case like the LuMee (endorsed by Kim Kardashian herself!) is the very best for taking great selfie’s! They light up the face perfectly and can be brightened or dimmed to find the perfect light coverage. Plus if you go for the Duo version you can also  have a light source on the back of the case as well as the front for when you hold the phone and take a picture of your friends. You can win one below too!

6. Smile naturally

The duck-pout is so overdone. We want to see smiles! Smile naturally and embrace showing some of that smile through your eyes. The eyes never lie after all.

7. Find the right editing app and filter and stick with it

Where a lot of selfie’s can fall down, is the editing. With so many great apps and options available to touch up our selfie’s with the touch of a button, well, suddenly we’re over editing to the max. And ruining great selfie’s in the process! Find an app, a filter and a small system of editing that works for you and stick to it. It will create that perfect ‘theme’ that looks great and consistent throughout your Instagram grid.

selfie tips, LuMee, light up phone case

8. Enjoy!

Finally, enjoy the process, snap away and take loads of pics. Selfie’s are a part of everyday life nowadays, so there’s nothing to feel embarrassed about. We all have parts of ourselves we don’t like as much, but that’s the same for everyone. Just work on all of the above, take lots of pics and you’re going to find some great shots on your min-selfie-shoot!

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Selfie, LuMee, light up phone case, photography tips

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Nakturnal but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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