March 5, 2018

Five Reasons Why You Need Marc Jacobs Decadence

When it comes to perfume, Marc Jacobs rarely get it wrong. Their perfume has cult status and it’s easy to see why. Never far from the perfect mix of glamour and sophistication, Marc Jacobs get it right every single time. Decadence is the fragrance that everyone’s been raving about this past year or so and once you’ve tried it, you’ll see why. But if you’re not sure why you need this fragrance in your life, here’s five reasons why you need Marc Jacobs Decadence…

1. The scent

The main reason that anyone gets a perfume is always the scent. The other reasons are a bonus, but you’ve got to like the scent, or what’s the point? I have yet to meet a single person who dislikes Decadence because it’s got such an air of versatility about it’s fragrance. It’s light and airy with a hidden kick of feminine tones in the sensual plum and iris top notes. With liquid amber and vetiver as the base notes it really kicks up a woody and musky blend that screams ‘sexy’ without being overbearing. It’s basically a subtle and flirty way of grabbing attention – like a coy look across a crowded room, Decadence demands attention in a sultry way.

2. The brand

Every girl needs Marc Jacobs on her vanity, as I’ve said many times before. Recognised for class and sophistication, the brand itself is so well regarded, like the trustworthy role model in our lives. The one who never lets us down, always hits the mark and inspires us. That’s what a bottle of Marc Jacobs fragrance is like.

3. The bottle design

Inspired by one of Marc Jacobs very famous and much coveted handbags, I’ve never seen a bottle design quite like this. It’s unique and outstanding! In emerald green it’s got a faux python top and chain handle with tassle to really make it look like a designer bag. So basically girls, if you’ve dreamed of owning a gorgeous Marc Jacobs bag but can’t quite afford it, then this is the next best thing!

4. It lasts

I love testing perfumes and fragrances out. But no matter how great something may smell, if it doesn’t last very long then it won’t get good marks from me. No-one wants a perfume that smells great but wears off after an hour, do they? Us girls want fragrance that’s still there hours later, doing it’s thing and smelling great. And a quick pick-me-up-spritz at lunch time should be all you need for the day. Decadence offers fabulous staying power that sticks to the skin and is long wearing, so you don’t need to worry about covering yourself, a few sprays and you’re good to go!

5. It’s got cult status in the making

Much like the range of Daisy fragrances, Decadence has cult status in the making stamped all over it. If it’s not the unique bag design that does it, it’s the versatility of the fragrance itself and how it will adapt to anyone who wears it. I can see Decadence becoming one of those fragrances that mothers and daughters both love and wear for totally different reasons. One that’s passed down over the years but never actually gets old. Like I said – cult status in the making.

So if you want to be part of cult-status perfume, a fragrance that’s sultry, seductive and sophisticated all in one, then I highly recommend you check out Decadence from Marc Jacobs.

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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