25 Things You Can Buy Instead Of An Eyeshadow Palette

As a make up hoarder, my favourite type of make-up is an eyeshadow palette. I have more than I can count but I love them all and adore them with equal love. Although eyeshadow palettes are my favourite, I have a hefty and constantly growing collection of every other type of make-up too. In fact, my current lipstick collection is getting quite out of hand now. Especially since I had to buy a whole extra set of make-up drawers just to house them all. When I think about the value of my make up collection, I’m quite ashamed to say it’s almost the same as my engagement ring…the one my partner had custom made for me. Yes, my make up collection is huge, ever growing and a slight obsession.

And you know what? I’m okay with that! We all have hobbies, loves and interests. Make up is mine. After all, make up blogging is my job too, so I feel like it’s justified. In fact, not just justified, but essential to keep at the top of my game! But make-up can be pricey, hella pricey actually, especially with the everyday costs that can’t be forgotten. And the one off scary bills that suddenly appear with no warning. So, let’s talk about eyeshadow palettes. The average premium eyeshadow palette will range between £39 and and £52 each. Some more, some less. But a good ball park figure for fun’s sake would be £43. What else can you get with £43?

1. Three bozes of Krispy Kreme premium doughnuts – with enough change left over for a coffee too.

2. A month long membership to your local gym – for two people. No point looking fab with the palette if you don’t feel fab inside too!

3. Almost a full weekly food shop. With the average weekly food shop costing £53.20, you’ll have to cut down on the goodies, but you’ll *almost* feed a family for a week.

4. 61 cans of Diet Coke. ‘Nuff said.

5. Buy yourself and six members of your family a monthly subscription to Netflix. (Cus seriously, Netflix has changed my life.)

6. My monthly line rental costs £42 – so if you’re the same, you could pay that. With a pound left over to spend on buying some coins or currency for your favourite game or app.

7. You can pay your monthly water bill – the average costs £33.75 so you’ll have enough left over to indulge in daily bubble baths for the month. 

8. Keep up with the biggest millennial food trend – you can get 51 medium avocados from Tesco.

9. Five medical prescriptions.

10. Nine jumbo packs of Asda Little Angels nappies (the best nappies by far.)

11. Two large Mighty Meaty Pizza’s from Dominos with enough change for a mini garlic bread. Winner.

12. A last minute bottle of perfume for the birthday you totally didn’t forget… (you did)

13. Enough electricity to pay your bill for the month and keep the heating on.

14. A train ticket from Peterborough to London – with tube access too.

15. 43 pairs of Primark false lashes.

16. A filling at the dentist .(NHS.)

17. Over three months worth of essentially sanitary items (tampons, pads etc)

18. A whole 66 first class stamps. Yes, people still send letters!

19. Seventeen copies of The Big Issue.

20. Four dupes of the original eyeshadow palette from eBay.

21. Sponsor two deprived children through Action Aid for a whole month.

22. Front wheel realignment on your car.

23. 14 pairs of plimsolls to replace the ones your child lost at school.

24. A one hour counselling session.

25. 86 packs of chewing gum for minty fresh breath for the foreseeable future.

Although some of these are tongue in cheek – when you think about what you can buy with the same money as an eyeshadow palette, it puts things into perspective doesn’t it? There’s been so many times where I’ve had unexpected bills on my car or for my home, and when I’ve needed medical or dental treatment that I hadn’t anticipated. And you know what, some months things just get really expensive through no fault of our own. If you need money fast from a reputable and well established lender, then visit cash lady for a quick loan.

**This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Cash Lady but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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