February 21, 2018

The Tri-Active Facial At Clarins Spa

Recently on Instagram you guys will have seen me take you through my trip to the Clarins Spa in John Lewis, Cambridge. I had the most amazing morning getting pampered, and I felt so incredibly relaxed and refreshed when I came out. Being full-on with the blog these days is really taking it’s toll, so I was in huge need of a pamper, and the newly revamped Clarins Spa was perfect for this!

I’m a lover of Clarins skincare and have been since I was a teenager. My Mum has used their products for years, and it was the first premium skincare she got for me as a youngster. And since then I’ve never been without some of their goodies on my bathroom shelf. When people ask about skincare brands, Clarins will forever be one I recommend – they’re a Holy Grail, a fail-safe and in my opinion they can’t do much wrong!

When I went to the spa, I was hugely impressed at how sleek it was. I’ve walked past a few times over the years, but going in this time was amazing because the new revamp has really given it an edge. The decor was relaxing and yet sophisticated, and they had a full display of their skincare products on show – it was a skincare lovers dream!

Upon arrival all the girls were so lovely and helpful, and the therapist who was looking after me was absolutely lovely! I think it’s so important that beauty therapists are likable and polite in these situations, because it puts you at ease. And for me, I felt like I’d known her for years as we chatted away and she talked me through the treatment in our own private room.

The treatment I was having, was the signature Tri-Active Facial. Let me start by saying that without doubt, this was THE best facial I’ve ever had. Ever.

The Tri-Active Facial is highly recommended because it’s tailor made to your skin by your therapist. When you arrive she’ll talk to you about your skin, your skincare concerns, your daily regime etc and from there she will make a decision on which of the five treatments to perform. Mine was based around boosting my skin’s natural radiance because my main concern on the day was a mix between my breakouts and my uneven and dull looking skin tone. After talking about this, I was talked through the steps she was taking and given time to undress and prepare.

The 1 hour and 45 minute Tri-Active Facial also includes either a 20 minute back massage or a 20 foot and scalp massage. I chose the back massage as these are my favourite! This was where we started and was incredibly relaxing, which prepared me for the facial. A good back massage can cure all things in my opinion, and I could have left a happy lady after that 20 minutes alone, but the facial part hadn’t even started yet. The whole treatment was a dream.

Once the back massage had finished we started working on the face. And there were lots of steps, each with either an arm or hand massage in between. Constantly working the products into the skin, my therapist was thorough at cleaning the skin after each step, but also really encouraging the products to work into the skin. I noticed a huge difference from the way she cleansed my face after each product – using a hot but not wet cloth to remove traces of excess product. This made my skin feel incredibly received and alive. It’s something I want to start doing at home because I really felt like it plumped my skin too.

For me, I’d say I felt the most improvement after certain aspects of the facial – the first noticeable one being after the facial exfoliation using the Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream. Massaged into my skin to remove impurities and to work to unclog my pores, this really made me feel refreshed. The product was fully massaged in and then when finished the excess was removed with the hot cloth. Together this cleaned the skin thoroughly for the next stages of the treatment.

The next step that really stood out for me was when the Double Serum was applied. This stage was when I asked what she was using because it felt so good – and smelt lovely too! Designed in two parts, the Double Serum firms and visibly reduces fine lines. I don’t have any wrinkles yet but I do have fine lines under my eyes thanks to a teething baby! This really smoothed them out and improved the appearance of the areas around my nose and mouth too.

Two other products we used and I am now using regularly since, are the new SOS Primer and the Multi-Active Jour. The SOS Primer was what we used last as preparation for the day ahead. A radiance boosting primer, I have never gone out shopping make-up free before, but thanks to this and the Tri-Active Treatment, as I left the spa, I felt so confident in my skin because it was absolutely glowing. I put a picture on my Instagram Stories and so many people messaged me saying how lovely my skin looked!

The other great product for everyday wear was the Multi-Active Jour which is an all day lotion. It targets the same fine lines that the serum does, but works all day as almost a moisturiser too. Suitable for all skin types, I find this works for me because it’s created for stressed and tired skin – which is me to a tea. And using this gives me confidence that even if I’m stressed, my skin doesn’t show it.

Coming out of the treatment I felt simply wonderful and I couldn’t recommend it more. The whole experience was absolutely lovely from start to finish and there wasn’t a single thing that I would change! I walked around the city in a relaxed and refreshed daze after my facial and my skin in the week since has felt fantastic. I’m still using the products which has helped to maintain that fresh canvas feel, and I will 100% be going back for another facial!

Find your nearest Clarins Spa.

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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