Styling Your Home To Match Your Personality

When it comes to my home, I’m quite restricted with how far I can go to making it cosy and homely – because we live in a rented house. I’m very happy in my current house and I’ve lived here for over five years, and we are currently saving for our own home. So until then we’re happy making this house our very much loved first family home. Fortunately my landlord is very flexible with decorating and home styling – so long as we put everything back to the old basic magnolia before we eventually leave. Even though he’s very understanding and happy for us to decorate, it’s still a little bit restrictive when you don’t own your own house. So styling my home has meant I’ve had to think carefully and wisely about how I do it and still make my mark.

I’m not the kind of person to like blank walls. 

I like pictures and decorations everywhere – I want my home to reflect my personality and be an extension of me. I have the sort of mentality that means I want people to come into my house and see it’s decor and know it’s so me. The best way I think anyone can do this is with wall art and wall decoration. You can pick the perfect selection of prints and artwork and really bring your home some personally with a few well chosen and placed pieces.

The key to creating great feature walls in any home is to layer them. Or so I think anyway! I love the style that layered artwork brings, and because I’m restricted by how much I can hang on my walls, I find it a really cool and contemporary way of displaying key pieces of art. I recommend that you have a few key focal prints and then some more basic patterns and images that will work as the ‘gap fillers’ – that way you can bring out so many colours and themes without it being overbearing. I can say this with confidence because I have feature walls in three rooms of my house, so I know this method of styling works best! Prints like Flare and Plant on Pink are great as feature pieces that you can style alongside other posters and prints. Framed in simple frames, I love these because they bring out the pale pink I love, as well as bringing my contemporary and yet girly sense of style.

As a beauty blogger, I love all things make-up and beauty. Considering blogging is my life as well as my full time job, I wanted to be able to bring this out in my home. After all, I’m never happier than when I’m surrounded by lipstick and lashes! So one of my favourite pieces is my Pink Lips Poster, which I have framed in a simple and retro frame. I love the way it’s got an artistic vibe to it, as well as focusing on the lipstick, so it really brings out my beauty blogging personality! Combined with the more general Flare and Plant on Pink posters, the pink lips really pop with colour.

Another key piece I have to bring out my personality is my framed Finger Poster! I adore this one, even though my Mum isn’t the biggest fan! Ha! But I feel like it brings out my Girl Boss attitude to life. I like to think I’m a rebel at heart – although I’m the most sensible person going these days! But this picture covers my attitude to lots of things and represents that I don’t care what others think. Isn’t it amazing that pieces of artwork can do this – reaffirm your personality with such strength?!

My other favourite key piece will forever be a good quote piece. I have a lot of quote pieces all over my house in different forms, but my current favourite is my Class poster which says “Be a girl with a mind, a woman with an attitude and a lady with class” and it pretty much sums up my ethos as a millennial woman. I think it’s important to be strong women in society, and show our capabilities and our ability to deliver things no-one would have dreamt of years ago. A good motivational quote really encourages me and as a sentimental person, I will always take time to re-read them and focus on their meaning. So a great way of bringing this out in my home, is to have key quotes all around me.

Desenio are by far one of the best brands for styling the walls of your home. They have such a huge amount of choice in their collection and you can pick from lots of different sizes on their prints and posters. Meaning you can create stunning and unique feature walls with ease, as well as buying one-off key pieces to display as you like. I found so many different pieces to really style my home to match my personality and you can too with a very special discount from me to you!

The code “ladywrites” gives 25% off posters* between 27th February – 1st March.

*Except for handpicked-/collaboration posters and frames.

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