February 9, 2018

My First YouTube Video!

So I finally did it! 

I finally jumped on the YouTube wagon and created my first proper video – and it went live today! I am so excited to be venturing into new pastures this year and dipping my toe in the YouTube water. I have high hopes for creating some really fun and useful content that you’ll love, so I hope you like it.

I initially tried YouTube three years back, so there’s a few…vintage videos of me in my bedroom on there, chatting away! So excuse the terrible audio and awful fake tan on those! 

You’ll be happy to hear that the new videos are MUCH better quality, and I really do hope you’ll enjoy them! I had so much fun filming the first one – a Q&A with questions sent in by YOU! I had so many questions that I’ll be doing a second Q&A soon, but for now, head to YouTube and get to know me a little better!

Oh, and please subscribe to my channel – it would mean the world to me!

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