February 21, 2018

Making Your Own Perfect Perfume For Mother’s Day

You guys know that I love perfume, in fact, I try so many of them out, and I love to tell you all about my favourites. I’ve really opened my eyes to fragrances since founding Lady Writes, and perfume has become so much more than just a smell. The right perfume can transform your mood, uplift your spirits and allow you to recall a distant memory in the blink of an eye (or rather, the spritz of the bottle!)

I’m always going to have my trusty perfume staples, the ones I will never be without. But I also realise how much bigger the perfume world is, now that I dare to step out of my comfort zone with it once in a while! I really enjoy more unique scents now, the ones that stick in your mind. But I’ve also learned more about what kind of fragrance I like and what kind I don’t. With this in mind I couldn’t think of a better idea than creating my very own perfume, with notes and tones all picked by me based on my tastes and preferences. I’d always thought that creating my own fragrance would be hideously expensive so I’d never given much thought to it. However that’s where The Perfume Studio really opened my eyes..

The Perfume Studio are a wonderful company who believe that everyone should be able to have their perfect perfume. They know that we’ll all have individual needs and tastes, so they allow everyone to custom make their own fragrance. And what’s more is that you can do this from home with their trusty collection kits or at one of their various Fragrance Experience events.

If you prefer to create your own blend at home, it couldn’t be easier! The Perfume Studio have a huge collection of Design Your Own Fragrance Gift Sets which you can pick from. These vary in theme from natural based scent selections, to exotic and fruity versions. So if you have a style of scent that you prefer, you can pick one of their ready-made sets. All of which contain 6 exclusive perfume blends for you to use. 

If you want something more bespoke to you, then I recommend their Bespoke Collection – which is what I have. This allows you to pick from their selection of scents and choose your own six blends for your kit. This means you have even more control over what you create. All Collections are priced at £49 whether you have the pre-made sets or the bespoke set. However use code: LADYWRITES for 10% off any of these (great for Mother’s Day gifts!)

Once you’ve chosen your Collection, wait on the postman and as soon as your kit arrives, you’ve got everything you need to get going. If you’re anything like me, you’ll dive in right away! I was so excited to create my own perfume, I’d barely unwrapped the box before I was getting everything out and blending my very own perfume! The kits themselves contain everything you need – you get the six blends of fragrances, your perfume bottle, droppers for moving the perfume around and scent cards to help you with the actual blending. Start by removing everything and laying it out in front of you. Next dip the scent sticks into each fragrance and get acquainted with each scent, and apply a dropper to each bottle. Then follow the instructions for how much of each blend to mix (some blends need more, some need less etc as some are base notes and some are top notes.) The accompanying instructions make the whole thing really simple to do. When your bottle is full, give it a sniff!

When I was creating mine, I was so excited to get everything in the bottle and finally take a sniff. And when I did, I was so happy with the final scent! I love musky, heavy fragrances with a touch of feminine tones. So for me I used a lot of Musk, Amber and floral tones – all mixed together. Which created a masculine style perfume that honestly is the perfume I feel like I’ve been searching for! I love it and creating it myself makes it that bit more special too. For this reason, with Mother’s Day coming up I can’t recommend these sets highly enough as a perfect gift option.

If you’re looking for one step further, and especially if you want to really spoil your Mum this Mother’s Day, then check out the amazing Afternoon Tea Fragrance Experiences on offer. These are an in-store experience that you pre-book where you can create your own blended perfume, perfect to your tastes – all with the gorgeous accompaniment of Afternoon Tea to celebrate the big day with your loved one. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect day out to take your Mother on: Afternoon Tea and coming away with her own perfect perfume sounds like the kind of thing any Mum or Mum-figure would love! And what a wonderful memory to make, both doing it together.

The Afternoon Tea and Experience Days are available at 25 locations nationwide, so there should be one near you, and these also offer an extra special and more in depth look at the blends of perfume available. Each Experience is led by a Perfume Stylist who will talk you through the blends and help you understand the way they work, so you can create a perfume that works for you, safe in the knowledge of an expert. And at the end of the experience, you get to keep your perfume forever. What more could you want for Mother’s Day!

And whichever way you decide to create your own fragrance – whether from home or at one of the beautiful Experience Days, once you’ve created your perfume, it’s yours forever. Creating an account on the website means you can record exactly the blend that’s in your perfume, so when you run out you can just reorder it! (Just registering gets you £5 worth of points!) Either the perfume comes blended already, or you can recreate it yourself. The choice is yours! But once you’ve found your favourite fragrance, you’ll never be without it again.

So from one perfume lover to another, if you’re forever searching for that perfect perfume that ticks all the boxes, and if you want to give you Mum the most wonderful gift this Mother’s Day, then give her the gift of creating her own perfume with The Perfume Studio.

Use code: LADYWRITES at the checkout for 10% off all kits.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with The Perfume Studio but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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