February 23, 2018

Give Fragrance Not Flowers This Mother’s Day

As a Mummy, Mother’s Day is a really special day for me. Having two boys, I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot as I adore being their Mummy. But I am also a daughter myself, so Mother’s Day is dual-sided for me. I like to make sure my Mum has a really special day, and knows how loved she is, while also enjoying the same feeling myself with my children. It’s definitely become more of a balancing act to fit both sides in, which is why the gifts we choose to give on Mother’s Day are so much more important for us.

I’m a traditional girl at heart, so a lovely bunch of flowers picked by my little men, along with their handmade cards, has always been more than enough for me. Obviously this has always been instigated by someone else on their behalf, as neither of them are big enough to do this themselves. But while they may not pay for their gifts or cards, they will actively be involved in selecting which flowers I’d receive. To me, the thought of this counts the most.

But as my seven year old realised last year – flowers don’t last long. In fact, usually on special occasions they last a few days at most. And with seven year old logic that surpasses that of grown men – he got sad because he wanted his gift to last forever – like his love for me. Awww!

So at Christmas, he asked his step-dad if he could pick something special, and all on his own, he came up with the idea of perfume. My partner took him shopping and they looked at hundreads of perfumes, and Josh took everything into consideration – packaging, smell, bottle shape etc. He finally settled on a fragrance that was shaped like a diamond, because he liked the idea of giving Mummy a diamond, like his stepdad did the month before when we got engaged… If ever there was proof that my son is the most thoughtful creature, that was it!

So when we started talking about Mother’s Day recently, it really wasn’t a surprise that he said he wanted to get me some perfume – or as he called it ” a new special smell”. Rather than delving out to the shops with a buggy in tow, we sat down with some snacks and started looking at Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and the huge amount of perfumes available. (My partner is really poorly at the moment, so he’s not able to do this with my son, hence why I’ve been involved in the process, but hey – a Mum’s gotta do, what a Mum’s gotta do!)

As we were looking through the pages and pages of wonderful fragrances available, I realised that my son was genuinely taking mental notes on each selection we looked at. I’d describe the smell to him, he’d read out the description to me (he’s still very early in reading) and we’d look at the bottle, the brand and everything else about it.

As most of you know, my name isn’t actually Lady Writes (sadly) but in fact, I’m Chloe! (Hi!) So when the Chloe Signature Eau de Parfum came up, Josh got very excited, thinking it was a perfume made especially for me because it had my name on it! We looked at the beautiful bottle design and he was so happy that the bottle, design and packaging was all very similar to my personal style. Within minutes he had declared that this was to be my Mother’s Day gift.

When the fragrance arrived, we got it out together and we tested the perfume. Josh said how nice it smelt and that it was the sort of smell that was “perfect for you Mummy.” He was so happy that he’d picked such a winner! You see, he loves to show me his devotion all year round, but at his age the novelty of a ‘special day’ to mark it, still excites him. He took the box upstairs, and has hidden it in the back of his sock drawer (typical man!) as if we never picked it out together. And no doubt he’ll ‘surprise’ me with it on Mother’s Day.

This is why giving fragrance not flowers this Mother’s Day is such a lovely idea. The sentiment of any gift is special and thoughtful, but fragrance can say something that flowers can’t. It says “Mummy, I love you” every day that you spray it on and it reminds us that we’re cherished as much as our children’s little hearts can bare. Flowers are lovely, but a fragrance is forever.

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This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Fragrance Direct  but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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