February 25, 2018

Getting Great Nails & Lashes On A Budget

I may be a high-end beauty addict, but one thing I love about blogging is that it’s really opened my eyes to the drugstore brands. The last few years has seen the rise of the drugstore ranges as they battle to recreate top-end products with a third of the price tag. I have so much fun trying out drugstore brands these days because the quality is far superior to back in my teenage days when they weren’t as good. Nowadays drugstore brands really do measure up, and not only that, but they also sometimes even exceed in quality. When this is the case, I’m the first person to shout about it, because to me, if you can pay less and get more, then there’s no need to splurge the extra cash.

Two areas that I’ve been looking at price alternatives are lashes and nails. I’ve really got into false lashes in recent months and nearly everyday will wear a set. I have always loved false lashes but found them tricky to apply, so saved them for special occasions. However the more I’ve practiced, the better I’ve got at applying them. This has given me more confidence in wearing them on a daily basis. Especially since I’ve found some great everyday styles.

Seeing as I’ve taken up wearing false lashes everyday, I’ve had to find a good and affordable way of keeping myself from going bankrupt! Strip lashes aren’t cheap and considering they last anywhere between one wear and a few weeks worth, you need to find the best possible quality for the price. I guess it’s about finding the right balance.

Getting Great Nails & Lashes On A Budget

Getting Great Nails & Lashes On A Budget

You’ll easily get a LOT of repeated wear out of designer lashes, but is £20 a set justifiable all the time? With two children and a wedding to pay for, I can’t spend that much. The big lash brands are without a doubt, fantastic at creating amazing styles, you really can’t go wrong with them and they’ll forever be my favourites – Huda for example being one. But price-wise I can’t spend that much every single time I need a new set, so I’ve been on the hunt for good and afforable alternatives…

Kiss lashes have come out as one of my top brands for daily wear lashes. At £5.99 a pack, they won’t break the bank and you might even grab a sneaky 3 for 2 offer from Boots or Superdrug once in a while too. But for me it’s not just that they’re affordable, it’s how well they last. I’m getting between 5-7 wears from each pair, which so far is the most I’ve had from any of the more affordable brands. I asked on Twitter recently how long people wear their lashes and it really does vary, and I don’t think I’d want to wear the same pair for ages, it just makes me feel icky…but for me 5-7 wears before they look too naff, is pretty good. That works out at approximately £1 per wear – which to me I’m happy with because I’ll allow myself a pair a week, and if the set I pick doesn’t make it to a full week then I just wear mascara on my natural lashes for the last day or so. It’s a great little system for me.

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Another part of my beauty regime that I’ve had to look for affordable alternatives, is my nails. I usually always get my nails done by my friend who owns her own salon. I get gels and they last a good three weeks for £20 ish. I find that is my favourite way to take care of my nails – they don’t chip or fade and once they’re done, I don’t need to worry about them. However I don’t have time to go and get them done right now, plus I am filming for YouTube a lot these days so I need to keep making sure I’m mixing up my nail designs…therefore I’ve started using artificial nails.

Having tried several brands recently, Kiss are again another way to get snazzy nails on a budget. Their packs of nails range in cost between £6 and £6.99 depending on style. But they also have a range called Kiss Impressions Gels – which are a more durable and design led version. These will cost between £7.99-£9.99 per pack. And these feature some seriously pretty designs with statement nails covered in glitter and patterns. They’re just like getting a high end nail art design!

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I really like these as well because they come with both glue and stickers as an adhesive method. The glue is seriously strong, and fantastic for making sure the nails don’t budge. However something that I like about false nails is the versatility of them – being able to switch them up! So the sticky pads they come with allow me an extra option, and because the bonding isn’t quite as strong, you can take them off a lot easier. I find the stickers the best for nights out and YouTube videos, I still have nice nails and they only last as long as I need them to.

For me, saving money where I can on my beauty regime is really important – I feel really happy that the Kiss brand have been able to offer me an affordable way of keeping my nails and lashes looking good and they won’t break the bank. I’m one very happy beauty addict!

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