February 4, 2018

Finding The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

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As you all know, I got engaged in November, and while we’re still deciding on the intricacies of our wedding (will we get married here or abroad?!) there is one thing that we have talked about more than anything – the honeymoon! My partner and I have very different holiday styles. He’s all for the natural outdoors, and I love cities. But we both love beaches. So we’re thinking about finding the perfect honeymoon destination that will tick all those boxes (or at least as many as possible!) 

American Road Trip

One thing I’ve always wanted to do is travel across America and see as many of the States as I can. So a road trip style honeymoon is definitely on our list. I’d never thought of Utah vacations before, but I got sucked into the world of imaginary honeymoon planning, and I was blown away with how stunning it is. When I started looking at the possibilities, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Luxury Retreats have lodges, houses and apartments available by the night, and the ones in Utah surpass any and every expectation. They’re like the destination of dreams. I frequently have a cheeky look at them again to remind myself of the honeymoon goal. The lodges and houses are pristine, decorated to suit a king (and queen!) and all have that picture-perfect style that you want from your honeymoon.

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Utah may not seem like the first place you’d pick for a honeymoon. But they have whole ranches available for rental – one I looked at has a kitchen that opens out onto an actual river. And another was exactly like the farmhouse style ranch you’d see in the movies. Then there were the townhouses with stunning and perfect white decor everywhere in sight… And who knew there was so much to do there too? There’s five national parks to see, Lower Calf Creek Falls which is a clear water stream that descends 126 feet into a pool, and traditional shooting star movie drive-ins where you can watch a film old-school-style from your vehicle. It really does sound like the perfect place to spend part of our American road trip.

Utah, visit Utah, Luxury Retreat Utah, Utah vacation

American road trip, utah vacation, american holiday, road trip honeymoon

We’ve also compiled a list of other places that we’d like to visit if we do this. And the list includes places like New Orleans, Nashville, California and Maine. So a real mixture of cultures, temperatures and scenery. It sounds like the perfect honeymoon trip.


One of my partners choices would be Italy. And I can’t say that I’m against it either because I’ve always wanted to go. It looks picture perfect, sounds romantic and of course, there’s tonnes of PIZZA! When we looked at Italy, the sort of destinations we liked were places on the Amalfi Coast and in Tuscany. These are rural parts of Italy, so lots of greenery and natural surroundings – which is exactly to my partner’s taste. If you time it right, you can get stunning Tuscan villas that are like something you could only dream of, and you’ll catch some gorgeous sunshine in the right months too. Italy sounds like a great destination for relaxing together and spending time one-on-one after the stress of wedding planning.


Friends of mine went on their honeymoon to Hawaii and they said it was absolutely perfect. I’ve loved the look of it for years, as it looks like actual heaven on earth. The beaches look like the thing of dreams, which is why we’re classing this as one of our beach destination to pick from. Maui in particular looks perfect with it’s gorgeous beaches and constant sunshine, but you’re also close enough to the city to keep busy and get your fix of vibrant Island life. And lots of yummy fruity cocktails I’m hoping! But if central Maui isn’t quite what we want everyday, we could head east to the rainforest because there’s apparently some stunning waterfalls and greenery to take in. Luxury Retreats have a whole host of absolutely beautiful houses and apartments for rental, they’ll blow you away. One I looked at had it’s own indoor waterfall plunging into the swimming pool – which was overlooking the sea. Dreamy right? And with it’s own private beach too. What more could a girl (I mean couple!) want?Another great all-rounder with the best of both – city and beaches.

hawaii, maui honeymoon, honeymoon, dream honeymoon


Now this had always been top of our list – until we started looking and leaning towards other destinations, especially the American Road Trip with a long stop in Utah. But Mexico itself has been visited by so many of our friends, who have all come back with exceptional reports of their trip. For us the Riviera Maya would be perfect because it’s got these gorgeous beaches and a touch (no, not a touch, a tonne!) of elegance. You can rent beachfront lodges where the whole front of the house opens up directly onto a private beach. Fully stocked, sleeping up to 20 (depending on the house size) there isn’t a beach lover who wouldn’t want this touch of paradise on their honeymoon. What we liked about the accommodation availabilities in the Riviera Maya was the variety. Some places are completely cultured, traditional in styling and design and also simplistic, while others are modern and elegant in an open-plan kind of way. There really is something for everyone. And if you went for the traditional two-weeks, there’s nothing stopping you staying in two or maybe three separate locations to get a good mix of them all.

bucket list honeymoon, honeymoon, dream honeymoon list

So those selections are where our thinking is currently taking us for the perfect honeymoon destination. If only we could visit them all! Where would your dream destination of choice be for a honeymoon or holiday?

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This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Luxury Retreats but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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