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It’s time for me to talk about Sigma again! I love working on content with Sigma goodies because they’re always so pretty. I first discovered the brand through their brushes – and was quickly captured. Their make-up brushes are used by artists all around the world and the quality is so high that you’ll no doubt hear great things about them… After a while of using their brushes, I realised they also had a make-up line too. And that was it, Sigma won the last little bit of my heart.

I’ve tried quite a lot of their make-up products over the last 2-3 years and feel like I’ve got a good grasp on what’s-what in the collection. The new releases that dropped just before Christmas had me drooling. Mostly because there were some seriously bright and bold colours that were popping before I even had them in my hands! 

My experience of Sigma make-up has always been a good one. Their eyeshadow palettes are really pigmented and I find their products to be top quality in the same way the brushes are. I swore by their eyeshadow primer for years – still do. And their lipsticks are lovely as well. So, let’s have a look at the new and fun bits in their make-up collection shall we?

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Sigma ChromaGlow Shimmer + Highlight Palette (£30)
I didn’t know which highlight palette to buy last year when my trusty one hit pan. I was torn between all the amazing ones available – and then the Chroma Glow Shimmer + Highlight Palette landed on my doorstep. And suddenly there was no question any more. Such a pretty highlight palette, I like this one because it’s got such a versatile array of colours and shades, which means it will work with all skin tones. I hadn’t actually tried a highlight product from Sigma until this, and now I have six shades to pick from – I’m a lucky girl!

The shades themselves are split in two – the bottom three are pink tones, so more like shimmery blush shades for the apples of the cheeks and the contour. Then the top three are your bright and light highlight, to go on the cheekbones. These ones are very shimmery and give an extreme highlight – I love them! I’ve also really enjoyed using these top three on my eyelids as shadows too. It’s because they’re so creamy in texture that they apply well on the lids, and also to the cheeks. Very buttery, they are highly pigmented and you don’t need much to get payoff. They also sit well on oily skin – I know because I am the most oily person going! The problem with oily skin and highlight is that some highlighters can look wet and oily, and not very pretty – but these don’t do that, they highlight without clogging my pores too much. So it’s a big thumbs up from me.

sigma, sigma palette, highlight palette, highlighter palette

Sigma review, palette, make up palette, highlight palette

Sigma Creme de Couture Liquid Lipstick (£12)
Liquid Lipsticks have become a staple in everyone’s make-up bags these days haven’t they? I have quite a few, but I do struggle to find ones that aren’t drying as it’s something I really dislike. If a liquid lipstick dries my lips, I’ll not wear it again. Fact. So I was really pleasantly surprise with the Creme de Couture Liquid Lipsticks because they aren’t drying at all and have a really nice texture when you apply. They’re very creamy and product rich when applied, and so they go on quite thickly – which means you will only need one coat to see the full colour. They dry down really fast too and look beautiful when fully dry on the lips. My favourite is New Mod which is a great everyday nude with mauve undertones. It’s really lovely for those quick application days. But being a bold colour theme, you must also check out Peach-Tini – cus a girls gotta love a hot pink lippie!

Sigma lipstick, sigma review, sigma lipstick review, liquid lipstick, hot pink lipstick

Sigma liquid lipstick, Sigma lipstick review, liquid lipstick review

Sigma Creme de Couture Pressed Colour Palette (£29.50)
Matching the bright and bold Liquid Lipsticks, the Creme de Couture Pressed Colour Palette is the eyshadow palette of colourful dreams! Containing 16 bright shades, the palette can help give the eyes a pop of colour to wake things up – but the formula can also be used all over the face too – hence why I’ll be using this for my Halloween looks this year.

All 16 shades are pressed powder, so the colour payoff is really intense, especially considering the bold shades are so striking anyway. With an eyeshadow primer, these really do come out as bright as they look – I can’t wait to feature some new looks on Instagram with these. Also, for 16 shades, I think the price is very reasonable and if there’s one thing every girl needs in her make-up collection, it’s a bright and bold palette for those colourful occasions.

Sigma eyeshadow, sigma eyeshadow palette, bright eyeshadow, bright eyeshadow palette

bright eyeshadow, bright eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow palette, sigma, sigma eyeshadow

Sigma Wildflower Eye & Cheek Palette (£29)
Without doubt, one of my favourites from the new collection is the Wildflower palette. I had seen this all over the Sigma Instagram page and had fallen in love with not only the shades, but the looks you can create with them. The palette is just so pretty – I think it’s most likely to be one of my Spring Favourites actually. There are four eyeshadows with a mix of shimmer and matte finishes, and the shades themselves lend to giving the perfect eye – there’s shades that can be mixed and matched for the creases, lids and edges too. Plus there’s a blush and a highlight within the palette too, which to me, means it’s a great everyday palette for popping in your handbag. As with all the powder products from Sigma, these are really pigmented and the eyshadows sit really well on the eyes with a primer, they won’t budge all day. The blush is a versatile everyday pink and the highlighter is universal too – so all skin tones can enjoy this one. I can’t recommend this one highly enough – and expect to see it a lot on my Instagram!

Wildflower palette, Wildflower, Sigma make-up, sigma palette, sigma review

Wildflower palette, Sigma Wildflower, Sigma Wildflower Palette

So those are the newbies from Sigma, and some absolute gems. I love the Creme de Couture range because it’s so different to everything else on the market right now – a good pop of colour is what we all need to get us through the winter months, right? Plus the Wildflower palette is an absolute essential. Which ones are taking your fancy?

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