February 20, 2018

5 I Won’t Rebuy

As a beauty blogger I am constantly trying new products out. I have Holy Grail products that I wouldn’t ever do without, a stash of things I love to use from time-to-time and also a box of things I won’t use often but can’t throw out. Having such a large make-up and beauty habit means that I also sometimes find things that don’t work for me, and I like to be honest about those products too. I’m not just going to chat about the good and the great, you’ll always find honest opinions on products from me – even when I feel they don’t measure up!

My last 5 I Won’t Rebuy piece got such a great response that I have tried to make it a semi-regular thing. Although I don’t often tend to buy things unless I’m confident in them working (at least to an average ability), I do obviously stumble upon the odd item that disappoints. For me something I won’t rebuy can be a product that doesn’t work for me as well as I hoped, something that doesn’t work enough to justify the price point – or for any other reason really. It’s not a case of something being rubbish, I’d never trash a product like that, it’s just my honest opinion and research on a product. So over the last few months, the stand-out products that I wouldn’t rebuy are:

Benefit Cheek Parade

This palette features five of Benefit’s face powders, all full size and worth £122. It costs £49.50, so to me it seemed like a bargain. Especially because when I got it, I had run out of Hoola and was interested to try the Hoola Lite, and I also needed a top up of Rockateur. Each of the Benefit powders will cost £24.50, so for the price of the two I wanted anyway, I’d get a palette with five. So despite £50 being a big splurge purchase, I ordered it and waited. I remember that the delivery was insanely long. I waited two weeks for it to be delivered, which was disappointing. And at first glance I was happy because it was a good sized palette with some versatile cheek colours. However the pretty packaging was where I leave my good vibes on this sadly. I don’t know if the products in this palette have been created with a different formula to the normal ones, or if the individual boxes themselves play a part, but the powders within this palette are chalky and dusty. There is far more fall out than actual product that goes on your brush. The dust goes everywhere with minimal product making it onto the brush itself. The powders seem especially dry and dusty and to be honest I gave up using it quickly because the mess was too great. I can’t say that I’ve noticed the powders be this fine in my individual boxes of the same products before. Perhaps the dipped product within a deep box means that stopping the fallout works best – I’m assuming so because I’ve never had a problem with any of my others – and I’ve had them all over the years. So sadly for me, Cheek Parade was a £50 splurge I wish I hadn’t made. Gutted.

KKW x Kylie Cosmetics Lip Set

Another pricey purchase was the KKW X Kylie Cosmetics collab. A four piece set featuring creme lipsticks, which were at the time, the first of their type from Kylie. I fell in love with the collection because the shades looked perfect for me. And despite not being a fan of liquid lipsticks that dry the lips, a creme or cream texture will always win my heart. So I was one of those people who waited online to order this before the rush. I got a set on my second attempt. I reviewed the set fully here with swatches, but suffice to say they don’t last on the lips very long and although they’re nice enough shades, it’s another almost £50 splurge I’ll keep to making just once and won’t be replacing. Especially because I haven’t worn them more than twice since I wrote about them.

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation
Don’t hate me on mass for this, but I just can’t get this to work for me. And it makes me so sad! I’ve not read any negative reviews on this so far, so when I purchased it, I didn’t expect it to not work for me. And I’m genuinely really upset that it doesn’t. Everyone always raves about this foundation, and I so, so wish that I could too because I love Urban Decay and nothing from them has ever disappointed me before. And credit where it’s due, I can totally see why people do love it! I think maybe because I’m so pale, this was worse for me but it’s true what they say about this – it oxidises so much. So much. I was warned about it before buying, and thought I’d air on the side of caution with my shade selection, and at first I thought I could live with it. But I was wishful thinking. It oxidised so many shades darker on my face that even my partner would laugh at how much different my skin tone looked. Perhaps naturally darker skin tones and those with more colour and tan naturally in their skin would find this not to be the problem, but with ivory coloured skin, anything that even is slightly off in colour shows up really badly. So for me, I can’t say that I’ll rebuy this. Even though my first impressions and wishful thinking meant that maybe I thought I could at first.

Cover FX Mattifying Setting Spray
Another product I wanted to love, and at first I felt like I did, was the cover FX Mattifying Setting Spray. Maybe I was wishful thinking again, but at first I really thought I liked it. But with time, I realised that actually I wasn’t seeing much of a difference when I used this. Certainly not enough to warrant a £23 spend each time it ran out. I think the nature of a mattifying spray is quite hard to meet. Sprays moisturise whereas mattifying is the opposite, so for me I have qualms about the nature of them. But there are a few that work better, sadly this one doesn’t mattify my make-up much. It takes a little while to dry when used too, which I always feel waters down my make up more than anything. So it’s a nice novelty and I’ll use up the bottle, but I won’t be rebuying for that reason.

Milani Powder Blush Rose
I have some staples in my collection from Milani, I’m a big fan of their range. They’re affordable and good quality, which is a great combination! And I’m going to start by saying that I love the shade of this blush – it’s my perfect everyday blush shade. However it’s got a required taste kinda scent. And for me, I don’t have that acquired taste. It’s not offensive, but the smell every time I open the compact is really noticeable and I really dislike it. It’s like a manufactured plastic kinda smell and it really puts me off. I used this for a while and put up with the scent but I just can’t rebuy it for this reason. Especially as it’s £12, so at the pricey end of drugstore anyway. Really sad about this one too!

So sadly those are five products I won’t be rebuying and I’m genuine gutted about most of them because I always have high hopes from these brands. But hey, hopefully if you’re thinking about buying any of them, it will help make a balanced decision!

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