January 31, 2018

January: New In Beauty & Monthly Favourites

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January. The never ending month. The month that has seen more meme’s created about it, than any other month of the year. And because January has been so damn long, we’ve all probably seen 2,567,434 of them in the past few weeks alone. But hurrah – the end is in sight! Which means many things… (payday included) but it also means that it’s monthly favourites time too!

This month I’ve decided I’m going to mix things up this year. Instead of doing my normal Monthly Favourites, I’ll be doing a few different things instead. All showcasing the best products and discoveries of the month, but seeing as things just get busier and busier over here in the land of Lady Writes, I’ll also be combining with New In beauty news. So you’ll find a mix of mini-reviews as well as mini news stories and products of interest. I hope you like it!

So let’s kick things off…

Madison Make-up Berry Bold Eyeshadow Palette (£19.95)

When Irish brand Madison Make-Up reached out recently, I couldn’t have been more excited. What could brighten up a dreary January more than their stunning Berry Bold palette? (Not a lot, let me tell you!) The palette itself is a mix of eyeshadow and highlighters, all in powder formula. The highlighter shades are versatile colours that will suit all skin tones and the ten eyeshadow are all on the red and warm toned spectrum. When I first saw this palette I was blown away – the pigmentation in the shimmers really catches the eye. And as someone who’s always been on the fence with the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette, this has bridged the empty gap in my collection! The shades are very similar but only half the price – AND you get the highlighters. So if you’re looking for a good value dupe, then Berry Bold is the one for you.

Madison Make-up 12 Piece Pro Brush Set (£39.95)

As if the stunning Berry Bold Palette wasn’t enough to bring joy to my January, there was also this stunning 12 piece brush set in my package from Madison Make-up. A make-up addict like me can never have too many brushes, and I hoard them them a hoarder with a hoarding problem… These happen to be super pretty and so photogenic – which means you’ll likely see mine on Instagram a LOT. White with a pink metallic top, the brushes themselves are so soft and gorgeous to use. The cheek brushes are the perfect texture for powder products and the eye brushes are great for blending. They’re absolutely one of my January Favourites.

Madison Make-up Pro Brush Set, Madison make-up, make-up brush set, make-up brushes review

Beauty Blvd Divine Hydra Gel Lip Mask (£7.50)

Another favourite of mine this month has been the Hydra Gel Lip Masks from Beauty Blvd. I get such dry and chapped lips in the winter, and January has seen the cold temperatures drop even further – meaning my lips have suffered. I’m now on my second pack of these because the first were so good that I placed an order for more straight after. The two pack of masks have peel off sheets that you stick over the lips and they hydrate and smooth. After use, my lips feel a lot softer and more nourished and the chapping feels less noticeable. If you’ve got mild to moderate chapped lips then you’ll enjoy these.

Beauty Blvd, Beauty Blvd Lip Mask, Lip mask, lip mask review

Palmers Skin Therapy Oil and Skin Therapy Face Oil – With Rosehip (Both £9.99) 

The Palmers Skin Therapy Oil has been a gorgeous product to trial this month. With Rosehip oil within, it’s been great at smoothing out the stubborn and dry areas of my skin – like my knees, elbows and knuckles. I wrap up so warm in winter because I always feel cold, but the problem is that this then makes the rough skin worse. This budget-friendly body oil is great at making pretty much everything a lot softer. Another new-in this month was the matching Face Oil. Again, this is only £9.99 too and a really budget friendly face-oil. The last Rosehip Face Oil I tried was £29.99, so this is a LOT happier on the bank balance. 

Palmers Rosehip oil, Palmers skincare, Palmers skincare review, review, skincare, drugstore skincare

Crystal Clear Contour It Kit (£39.99)

New in this month from Crystal Clear and available from Instant Beauty Fix, is the Crystal Clear Contour IT Kit. This is supposed to help you look contoured – without make-up! The wand vibrates the cream into the skin and works to tighten and firm areas of tissue either on the cheekbones or brow bones. Used in place of contour make-up, the Illuminate Moisturiser will highlight those top parts while the wand works it’s magic. I can see a lot of ladies going for this because so many people I speak to get worried about contouring because of the heavy tiger-stripe look you can sometimes end up with. To find something that will help create the same look but naturally, is a great option for those who like less make-up and the barely-there look. Get it from Instant Beauty Fix.

Crystal Clear Contour It Kit, Instant Beauty Fix, beauty tools, contour

Tarot Series Palette From Luminess Air ($15.99)

Another new-in beauty product for January is the gorgeous and seriously enchanting Tarot Series Palette from American brand, Luminess Air. These guys have several versions of the palette available and I got The World which has some gorgeous looking nude shades and a couple for a pop of colour. Cream shadows that are so fine they settle like powder, they have a shimmery finish and I genuinely can’t wait to swatch these for you guys! They look SO pigmented! A good mix of matte and shimmer, the palette opens outwards like a wardrobe and it’s just got such an edgy feel.

eyeshadow palette, cream eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow palette, make-up palette

Aquis Hair Towel (£30)

It might not look like much, but this is without doubt one of my monthly favourite discoveries. I am honestly in love with it. The Aquis Hair Towel is this genius towel designed for your hair…so no more using the bath towels, your hair can have it’s own! But this one is special because it reduces drying time by up to 50% and I can vouch for it – when I use mine, it takes me substantially less time to dry my hair with the dryer. I must admit I was dubious about it at first because it’s so thin for something that’s technically a towel, but it absorbs so much water – it’s small but mighty! The towel works to encourage keratin production, which is the thing that keeps hair looking and feeling healthy and mine absolutely feels healthier for using this. It’s funny how something you never knew you needed, actually becomes a fail safe in no time at all. 

Aquis Hair Towel review, Aquis Hair Towel, towel dry hair

So that’s it for my monthly favourites, January may have been never ending but it gave me the most brilliant opportunity to get stuck in to so many new and wonderful goodies! Which ones take your fancy the most?

This posts contains gifted items, but as ever all opinions are entirely my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more details.

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